Mar 20, 2011

A Colour Co-Ordinated Chain Of Events.

There's one word on everyone's minds here at the moment.  Rain.  Lots of it. 

It's giving the footpaths a sheen.

Everyone's wearing a few extra layers (the love of leopard print is ageless as far as I'm concerned) and the splash of colour from a bunch of Birds of Paradise cuts through the greyness of the day.  To me, orange is a colour that only looks more vivid when it is in a sea of grey.

My main purpose for bussing it to Town Hall yesterday was to do my early vote for the NSW State Election next weekend.

I wonder if the deck chairs were out as a statement?  As in how the decks are going to be cleared come March 26?

And wouldn't you know it?  More orange.  There was a sea of brightly coloured deck chairs in the adjacent courtyard.  Unfortunately, all empty due to the weather.

Not the most well constructed shot.  How did I manage to get both a bin and the toilet sign in the background?  I do like the steel scuplture though.  Never knew it existed before Saturday.

I finally found the pre-poll voting area round the other side of Town Hall.  This year more than for previous elections, I found myself reflecting and really appreciating my right to vote.  There are many countries around the world where, at best, voting is not compulsory and at worse, citizens pay for their vote with their lives or by being tortured.  In some countries, there isn't even a vote.  In others, your vote doesn't actually matter so entrenched are the dictatorships in power.  To be able to calmly walk into the polling area, be ticked off the register and to fill out the ballot papers with complete freedom is a privelege I hope I never take for granted.

Well, this weather is not letting up without a fight.  So I might as well stick around and finish this post.

Mai Tai's grande sized scarf ring in horn, belt and scarf - Hermes.

The good thing about this cooler weather is that I've been able to get out my scarves and use my scarf rings from Mai Tai.
Layered tank and long sleeved top - Cotton On.

I tried out the criss cross knot and traipsed around the city feeling very chic  - and down with the nannas.

But don't worry, orange was not far from my mind when I returned home.  Burdened with things from Kiehl's at DJs.  I always seem to leave the counter with enough travel samples to supply an entire plane full of business class seats.  Speaking of which, Malin + Goetz are the chosen brand for Qantas.  Along with Florence Broadhurst designs for the toiletry bags and Peter Morrissey pyjamas.  I just hope the PJs are flannel or at least have a large flying kangaroo motif across the front of the top.  I find out in May.  Expect photographs.

Back to the colour orange.  Curried pumpkin soup.  Using a wide variety of orange foods and some other things for taste and texture.

And look, blue and grey return with this cooking cream.  Very handy for soups actually because it doesn't curdle.

Okay, I'm going to just get moving and hope the rain gets bored of raining.  Things to do, places to be.

Take care everyone and stay dry.


  1. Love the scarf girl:)

    Have a great evening in Australia...

  2. I love orange. I actually wear it a bit. I have an orange scarf that I have already dragged out down here in Canberra-ville. Orange fills me with joy. So does your blog ;)
    (Thanks for the tip on the Phili cooking cream)
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  3. I am all up for colour-coordination!

    Those multi-coloured deck chairs look great!

    I love your blue Hermes scarf too, so many lovely shades - and it is tied beautifully - looks gorgeous!

    As for the business QF pyjamas, last I knew, they were grey minus a kangaroo, but you never know your luck!


  4. The scarf is gorgeous SSG!

    I am totally over the rain now. I wish it would just stop even if it were for just the one day. I miss the sunshine!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. The scarf looks beautiful.... I'm not sure if I'm ready to start rocking out silk scarves like that yet though.... Maybe this winter's the charm!

  6. Orange is so hot right now ;)
    It has started raining in Bris again. I think I will make soup today - thanks for the inspiration!


  7. Loved the pics and love the fact that the city's getting a bit chilly. There is something cosy about being inside, with a leopard print dress on drinking red wine whilst it rains outside :-)

  8. I have been decorating with orange around my house but I will never wear it. I'm a redhead and it looks ridiculous on me.
    The soup looks delicious. Will have to try the cooking cream. Thanks for the tip.

    TDM x

  9. TSSG: thanks for the heads up re PJs.

    TDM: a little orange in the house is even better than wearing it! Just wish I had an eye for interior design.

    SSG xxx

  10. ps you've just inspired me to do a post on orange xx

  11. Pretty geraniums... Glad you had a nice weekend.

  12. AFW: I'm so glad people like you make comments on my posts because I am so ignorant of species of flora.

    Thank you :-)

    SSG xxx

  13. Your scarf is so pretty...
    I see an Hermes belt too...
    Lucky you!

  14. Didn't you just have so much rain that a huge part of the country was flooded?
    It's raining her too and miserable.
    I need an hermes scarf like the one you are wearing to cheer me up!

  15. Orange is the best-good work with the Hermes scarf too. I have those scarf rings- aren't they great? With everything awful in the world it is nice to see some lovely happy images of pretty things. Loved your Blogging post and Carly visit post too xxxx

  16. Belle de Ville: I shouldn't complain too hard given what many other parts of the country have been enduring. The rain appears to be slowing down today.

    FF: loving my scarf rings. They have changed my life. I find myself buying fewer clothes beause the scarves make what I have more exciting. Hope all is well with you and bub :-)

    SSG xxx


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