Mar 26, 2011

Count Downs and Cheesecake.

Sometimes, it's the little things that get you through the daily grind.  I'm not usually a person with their finger on the pulse or happening iPhone apps, but during the week, I discovered Big Day.  It's basic a personalized count down for your iPhone.  Each page holds either your own photo or one from the stock range that comes with the app.  You then customize the event that you wish to count down to.  The large counter in this text box tells you how many days you have to wait until the hallowed day arrives.  It's just a little bit of fun to look at when you desperately need something to look forward to.

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There are a couple of things people in New South Wales are sort of counting down to today.  The first is Earth Hour.  At 8.30pm tonight, the lights are going down across the state or an hour in what is now a worldwide act designed to get us all thinking about what we can each do to help our planet by changing our lifestyles starting with even the smallest gesture.

We finally got rid of our dodgy energy guzzling down lights today.  In their place are these easy to care for lights which only need one energy saving bulb per fitting.  You have no idea how hard it was fiddling around with the bulbs for the older lights we had.

I've organized our candles for the big lights off tonight as well.

It's also sausage sizzle season Election Day in New South Wales today.  Reports in the paper today suggest that we all stopped listening to election campaigns several weeks ago and the intense campaigns of recent days have done little to reverse what will be a massive swing against Labor.  Which gives the Liberal Coalition a megaslide (as opposed to landslide) victory with many NSW residents being tipped to not vote Labor for the first time in their lives.  Some betting agencies actually paid out on the Liberal Coalition win a week ago.

But back to the sausage sizzle.  When Mr SSG went off to vote this morning, he stopped off at the primary school's sausage sizzle for brunch.  Apparently it was the mums of the school running the show and there wasn't a dad to be seen anywhere near the grills.

On the way  home, he stopped off at Cavalicious, a new cafe that's close to us and will probably be our new local.  They have a great range of baked goods including this passionfruit cheesecake.

Which we intend to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner this weekend.

Well, it looks like this is one countdown that's going to be over with very quickly tonight if the ABC seat counter is anything to go by.  With less than 1% of the vote counted, the Coalition are already pretty close to the 47 seats they need to win.  The word 'close' has been notably absent whilst 'record swing' has been mentioned numerous times.

Oh look, Kerry's come out of retirement to preside over the count.

I think he's going to have an early night.  The result is pretty much in and it's only an hour after polling closed.


  1. Hi SSG, Big Day is a great app isn't it?

    Not long until you sip lovely shots of juice, doning a lei, whilst checking in at The Royal...

    The passionfruit cheesecake looks amazing...I too am taking part in the breakfast, lunch, dinner same-same eating, but mine is hot cross buns!


  2. TSSG: Hope you're feeling better :-) Speaking of Hot Cross Buns, I have a recipe for Hot Cross Bun French Toast I intend to use for breakfasts over the Easter long break which is .... a mere 27 days away, according to my Big Day app.

    SSG xxx

  3. I wish I hadn't of seen that Cheesecake... dang it looks delicious!!


  4. Oh my STARS that passionfruit CHEESECAKE is all I want RIGHT now.


    I attempted to do Earth Hour but had to keep the dining room light on as I was sewing scatter cushions and couldn't stop... like a woman possessed I was! A woman POSSESSED!!!

  5. hahaha at 'sausage sizzle season'.

  6. I love how you've arranged your lanterns for Earth Hour! Winter made a comeback here with 12 inches of snow so tonight I'll have a fire in my fireplace and tons of candles:)

    I love cheesecake (although I try not to eat it too often), my speciality is a version with chocolate cookie crust and raspberry flavoured jelly, it's totally yummy for a chocoholic like myself! Have a great weekend!

  7. Dear Sidney Shop Girl,
    that cheesecake looks so delicious - mouthwatering - and now I know what I will bake next (not that mine look THAT perfect, but quite good for an amateur baker :-) Wish you a fine week-end!


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