Mar 24, 2011

Dirty Dairy Tricks - An Expose By the SSG Faculty of Thrift.

Have you popped round to the dairy cabinet for some yogurt in the last week or so?  Because if you have, you may have noticed that the yogurts appear to have been on a rapid detox and dropped a few dress sizes. 

May I draw your attention the SSG Faculty of Thrift's educational image above.  To the right we have the new size of the individual serves.  That's right, they look like the size of the dairy snacks and are probably the same basic carton.  I have included the yogurt I bought just last week to the left.

It gets sneakier.  It took me 5 minutes of searching to find the weight of the new cups.  Usually the 200g value is clearly written on the front side of the label.  Not anymore, you have to look hard at the nutritional information box. 

I'm pretty sure the price didn't reflect the downsize.  It's not just the Nestle diet brand, it's every single supermarket yogurt as well.  Why yogurt?  I thought the crusade of down sizing portions was for junk foods?  Perhaps it was inevitable.  We've had cardboard wrapped chocolate, air filled packets of chips and shrinking loaves of bread.

I am peeved for many reasons.  The brazen cheek!  No consultation, explanation or public education campaign (much like carbon pricing in fact) took place.  Nestle et al fully expected we, the savvy consumers to not notice (to be fair though, it's not like yogurt is an item we can get online from overseas).  They didn't even bother to disguise the shrinkage with packaging more similar to the old form.  I also suspect that the dairy farmers will benefit very little from this profit margin raising attempt.

The main reason I'm so upset about the decrease in size is that my Weetbix is going to get a whole lot soggier with the extra milk I'll have to use in lieu of my usual yogurt.  There, I got it all out.

So, I'm starting a grass roots revolt.  I've emailed Nestle and am planning my next step.  I think it will be the Minister of Fair Trade.  I may even send the department a link to this post.

Well, I'm so fired up about this, I really can't think of anything else to write about tonight.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Take care and look at your yoghurt cartons very, very closely the next time you're at the supermarket.


  1. I agree. They did this to crisps too (not the same nutritional value, but still...I like my comfort food to be rounded to the nearest hundred grams...185g lacks finesse).
    I usually buy good ol' Brownes 1kg tubs but sometimes sneak in a Dairy Farmers or King Island. I will check very carefully!
    Off topic, I bought Joanna Trollope's Friday Nights today on your recommendation. $10 from Big W :)

  2. And I agree too SSG... so often this happens and no explanation and you bet your bottom dollar that the price DOES NOT shrink... XX from Semi - Expat.

  3. Sometimes it is good to get it all out! I emailed Vodafone this week because I couldn't keep my disappointment (and other unprintable things) at their WOEFUL coverage pent up any longer. I will check the yoghurt in QLD and report back.


  4. Yeah I think this is happening here, too, so I've started to buy 500 ml cartons of youghurt instead - much cheaper! I've nominated you the Versatile Blogger Award by the way!

  5. Dear Sidney Shop Girl,
    the same happened first to the jam glasses of Bonne Maman (I noticed because I use them for my quince jelly), then the others followed -- tinier glasses, same price. Cheeky!

  6. Nestle are so dominant globally that they can & will continue to get away with their dirty little tricks. Check out the brands that are owned by Nestle - it will blow your mind!

    I regularly lament the shrinkage of the paddle pop and the wagon wheel.

    You know what else drives me nuts? When I discover an obscure new bickie hiding up high or down low on the supermarket shelf. Then #poof# bloody Arnott's have bought it out, put half the amount in the pack and doubled the price!

    OK enough of a rant from me. Am fascinated to see how you progress.......


  7. I love your crusade. And your humour. Crusades are often Too Serious.

    Lots of things are getting smaller, and we still pay the same price, and have to add MORE to our shopping trolleys to compensate. The Big Brands are conning us.

    I can think of chocolates, cordial (I know of a fallout with the new Cottees concentrate - hasn't affected me as I drink Bickfords), toothpaste, washing powder and biscuits.

    You need to take this blog post to the Fair Trade Minister, The Big Two Supermarkets, PM Julia G (with a link to the post about being her travel packing advisor - I would say she'd appoint you quick sticks) and also President Obama. And if there's life outside Earth, they need to know too.

    Things must change, and Sydney Shop Girl is the ideal initiator of this change.

  8. samstillreading: hope you enjoy Friday Nights.

    L: hope it's better news on the yougurt front in Queensland.

    Katie: I will join your disagreement with Arnott's. Personally, I now buy all my fancy bikkie needs from Ikea or Aldi.

    Britta: NOT Bon Maman. We have this in Australia too. I'm really hot and bothered now.

    My Favourite Things: thank you so much. I will get a response sorted this weekend.
    Carly: I will do so. Thank you for your faith.

    SSG xxx


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