Mar 16, 2011

The Face Of A Slacker. In Pursuit of A Leak Proof Coffee Cup.

There are those days (many of them if I have to be honest with you) where I look in the mirror before going to work and wonder where all the purported health benefits of all those hours of sleep, that exhilirating run and the invigorating hot shower went.  Wherever they are now, it's clear that none of it found its way to my morning face.  It's just plain selfish.  Not only do I have to battle the peak hour traffic, but I have to do it with occasional glimpses of my pasty face in the rear view mirror.

Which is why I found myself confronting my archive of high end blush. They are from my past life of obsessive make up purchasing.  Where countless pretty  compacts and tubes were 'collected' as opposed to being 'needed' or even 'frequently used'.

Has anyone else heard of the double life of blush?  It's not only good for creating cheekbones and flushed good health but also for adding some colour to the outer corner of your eyelids.  If a makeup artist at the Chanel counter says it is so, then it is so.  You can even use the same brush from your cheeks for your eyelids.  That's not only keeping it simple, it's keeping it lazy. 

So I gave it a go this week.  It works, with a few caveats.  Go easy on the eyelids if you happen to be doing your makeup under the soft light of pre dawn.  Because under the harsh fluorescence of office lighting, that upper eyelid glow can look down right mid 80s sharp.  Also, the browner / more natural blushes are better for this.

If 30 seconds can do so much for my face, imagine what another 30 seconds could do? 
MAC eyeshadows are still my favourite for colour pay off and colour range. 

I know, it was a hypothesis I would have been crazy not to investigate.  So I rummaged around for my eyeshadows and a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush that looked soft and incapable of depositing harsh lines of eyeshadow that would require time wasting blending.  Works well with glasses as there are no harsh lines and I'm sure I'll be fine when I test it out without my glasses (might even be more precise with the colour with the better focus my contacts will provide).

So, I think I've got my slacker's workday face sorted.  First, some tinted moisturizer or stick foundation.  Then a sweep of blush to the cheeks and the outer eyelids and a soft dusting of a neutral eyeshadow over the rest of the lid.  No mascara to poke myself in the eye with (or sneeze at and go all spider eyed with) or eyeliner to goof up.  I'm going to persist with the sleep, run and hot shower though.  No use looking human if you don't feel it on the inside.
Make up isn't the only thing I'm recycling at the moment. 

I'm still devoted to the cause of finding the perfect reusable coffee cup.  I know using a mug would be the logical solution but I like the excitment (I'm easily amused) of drinking out of something that looks disposable, but isn't.

I found these silicon cups at Moose General Store.  They are made by Hook Turn and I love the colour combination.  I tested mine out last night and it passed the shake and pour test. 

Which my current enviro mug does not.  It has an uncanny ability to randomly leak coffee. Down its sides and down my front.  Not good before the working day has even started.

Did anyone get to see Nigella Lawson today?  She was doing a book signing at David Jones on Elizabeth Street.  I was hoping to persuade Mr SSG to line up with my copy of Kitchen for an autograph or even if he could have asked Nigella to say something as Mr SSG camera phoned her.  Unfortunately, some people have to work.


  1. Love reading your blog. You should try a Keep Cup for reusable coffee cups they are fantastic.
    You can buy online at :)

  2. How rude! Does Mr SSG not understand the importance of the Nigella? I think Mr K might have done it, but then again I have a sneaking suspicion he might have a bit of a crush... But then again so do I so it's not unusual really.

    I had my morning make up routine down to 2 minutes, 30 seconds. Base, TM, concealer, powder, blush, 2 x eyeshadow, mascara and a quick brush of the eyebrows and I am good to go. Lippy on in the car and I'm set.

  3. I am going on line to buy one of those cups!! They look awesome. Will also check out the ones anonymous above speaks of ....
    Happy Wednesday SSG!

  4. I have seen those cups at a green store in Chadstone. The colours are so attractive, especially that fluro pink one. So glad you did the shake 'n' leak test though, I hate it when cups like that leak.

    I'm off to buy one STAT!

  5. Hmm I'm still trying to figure out how the blush on the eyes works. I'm always trying to figure out double lives for makeup products-it helps when travelling!

  6. Oh that Mr SSG. He really needs to get his priorities sorted.

    My mum gave me the Nude eyeshadows the other day. They look good and last all day. They are a little consuming to put on, simply because they're a loose powder and you need to shake it out. I usually just wear Nude powder and some mascara. 30 seconds is plenty of time for that!

    TDM x

  7. Thanks for the tip on morning make up routine! I'm so slow most mornings I really need to cut down on the time spent in the bathroom! I have a ligth bronzer/blush that's perfect to use as you describe, it's from Smashbox and is called Soft Lights, I love the colour Intermix. Enough about that - those coffe mugs are darling! Have a nice day!

  8. Anonymous: thank you for the suggestion. You know, the Keep Cup was next on my list. The website is great. So many colour choices.

    SSG xxx

  9. SSG,
    I am all too familiar with the "collecting" of make-up, specifically Chanel - those elegant containers are too hard to resist, more so at duty free prices!

    I am going to trial the eyelid suggestion tomorrow!

    I love the coffee cups, especially the first photo, although I was skeptical about the shake and leak concept. Thank you for doing the groundwork, much appreciated!


  10. Hi girl:)
    I am such a sucker for posts with coffee in them:)

    Lovely post as always, have a great day.

  11. The older I get, the more I appreciate make up!

    Take care.

  12. AWESOME post!! Starting using peach blush by Dior and it's sooo fab cause I'm really fair and it makes my skin glow (I think..hahaa)
    xoAdvice From a Caterpillar Store


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