Mar 17, 2011

Flitting Between Topics, Punctuated By Hipstamatic Photographs, Thursdays Are Fun Again.

In the context of current world events, St Patricks Day has been a rather muted affair in Sydney today.

The skies were grey and there was a smattering of rain.  Whilst there wasn't any Guinness or leprechauns in the office, I did have my pot plants.  And they're all still green.

So there won't be any shamrockery (thanks to Maeve Binchy for introducing me to that word) in today's post.  

It's also Melbourne Fashion Week with lots of the major Australian designers showing at the moment.  Erm, not much high end fashion happening here at the moment.

But clothes and shopping.  I can do that.  Just bear with me.  I'm back into those long posts that flit between topics, punctuated by Hipsta photographs.  Did I ever leave this style behind?

Inspired by A Farmer's Wife and the miracles she worked with her stove top the other day, I've been taking Hipsta snaps of the work surfaces of my life.

Ah fashion and shops.

Christian Dior pioneered the New Look.   I've discovered the Clear Look.  I've finally made the connection between lens cleaners and my glasses.  After one smudgy eyed commute too many, I finally brought my lens cleaner to work today and the difference to my line of sight is as stark as those sleek curved silhouettes were in Dior's salon way back in 1947.

The Clear Look ensured that the rest of the day went by with precision, if not elegance.  There was a whole lot of clear eyed clicking and typing.  The only glitches were beyond my control (and possibly God's) - the work server randomly seizing up and various programmes crashing.

There are quite a few things wrong with this photo.  It could be the angle.  I look around 2 kilometres tall and extremely top heavy (I wish).

Thongs - Cotton On, Mulberry Bayswater in Oak, RPE necklace - the FF Leo, T - Target, skirt - Ralph Lauren (not entirely visible but yes, I was indeed wearing it).
No, the major error was getting too comfortable to do the weekly shop. 

Because when you wear thongs to stroll around Coles, you have all the time in the world to note that all the junk food items are on sale.

Even the semi healthy snacks.

Which means that the top layer of your trolley looks like this.  For a household of two.  That really does look bad.  In my defence, I was buying for next week's morning tea at work.  There are no scones nor sponge, I'm afraid.  If I'm organized next week, I plan to do a fresh food run for lamington bites and mini cup cakes (from the Coles bakery!!) to make my spread remotely civilized.

There's no need to get shocked or worried for my welfare.  This was what lay beneath the junk.  My real shopping.  A Farmers Wife - look at that packet of CWA scone mix.  I read your post and decided that city kitchens need more help in the scone department than those in the country.  All you need to do is add water for 'a dozen large scones'.  It's even got the recipes for flavoured varieties on the package.

Order  has been restored at Rhodes.  Cotton On has reopened.  As a super store.

Those super cheap and comfy ballet flats are back!  May they never be discontinued.

I'd better get some beauty sleep.  Carly Findlay is flying into Sydney tomorrow and we are meeting up for dinner.  I've sourced my outfit (with thanks to the new and improved Cotton On at Rhodes) and all we need are clear skies tomorrow night.


  1. Love some hipstamatic hipness in my domestic life...!

    Hope you have a fantastic dinner with Carly.

  2. I love your photos did you take them with an iPhone? one of my friends has been posting this syyle and im wondering if its to do with iPhone...
    Loved your post, wandering around the shop is a luxury now (even at coles) miss 3 and mr 2 kinda love me to hurry up these days..
    I started my blog up on monday, i guess i'll be finding my groove for a while yet. Following you now so hope to pop by often come by and check my blog out if you get a chance and tell me what you think :-)
    thanks, Courtney.

  3. Ha funny, I only just, after countless years of wearing glasses, took a glasses cloth into work as well! Amazing the difference clean lenses make to your day - who would have thought!

    Love the giant pic with the FF Leo necklace - bizarre!


  4. Courtney: yes, the photos are from my iPhone. The Hipstamatic app is available from iTunes and the best $1.69 I spent on an app. I use it alot.

    Your blog is great.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. Have a good dinner with Carly. I like the necklace photo too:).

  6. I have not visited your blog for some time, so sorry, especially when I get so inspired reading it.
    This time it is your groceries cart! Yes, there is a lot in it and it looks totally different from what we buy, or should I say, what my husband buys on his way home. But then you are a great cook and enjoy it!

  7. Love the groceries cart. I live vicariously through all your purchases, both big and small.

    I'm a huge fan of the lemonade scone. If you haven't had them yet you need to partake of this sweet treat. In fact I might just whip up a batch this weekend...

    Have a wonderful dinner tomorrow night!

    Kitty xx


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