Mar 10, 2011

Floating Along on Caffeine and A Cloud of Gucci's Flora.

Powered by an expertly done steak and an oven baked spud (thanks, Mr SSG), all those mountains in my life today seem more like (pesky) mole hills when I look back at them with my retrospecto-scope.

Whilst I can't explain the Labor Party's second go at a carbon tax or the conspiracy theory behind Pauline Hanson getting a dud spot on the ballot paper (apparently the LNP got the prime donkey voter position which I think is the first square on the left), I can talk about another issue close to the hearts of many adult Australians.

You know how I wear all sorts of things around my neck - bird cages, keys, flash drives (my last lost one ended up at the General Manager's office before getting back to me safely!?!), bent spoons and my Red Phoenix Emporium necklaces (so hanging out for A/W 2011, L&W)?  Well, let it be on the record that wearing a caffeine molecule around your neck is not the same as actually consuming your daily caffeine hit.

Necklace: esty, dress: Zambelli Donna. 

Just because you're wearing it, doesn't mean you're having it.   I'm sure that's open to all sorts of interpretations.   It's Thursday night, go nuts, get your freak on.

But this is what happened to me today.  I was running late after my billionth blood test and almost 2 hours on the road to work.  Which meant I had to hit the ground running at work with no time to have my eye opening cup of Moccona in front of the computer at work whilst I browsed my favourite blogs planned my working day.  Then there was no time to do our usual team coffee run at 10am.  And then I started feeling headachey,  a little twitchy and just a tad clammy.  And then I couldn't take it any longer.  Had to dash back to the office to get that coffee into me stat.

Caffeine withdrawal is discomfort no adult in Australia should have to inadvertently experience in 2011.  I've just had a coke zero just to make sure it never happens to me again.

Did anyone see this little article in this month's InStyle?  It the battle of the high end fashion house lippies.  Fought by Mrs Johnny Depp, Vanessa P for Chanel and the former other half of Mr D, Kate M for Dior.  The bottome line?  They have both only improved with age.

I know a weekly blood test is barely a blip on the world's pain scale but they're wearing me down.  The drive, the stab, waiting for the results.  It's been such a saga, the end of which I both cannot see nor get too optimistic about.  What does 'the end' mean, anyway? What will, or won't happen after 'the end'?  Here's hoping to more happy beginnings to follow.

Anyway.  There was a bright spot to the 2 hour commute this morning.  The lovely lady who always takes my blood.  She's ace at cross stitch as well as with needles in veins.  Anyway, we're now old friends.  I was wearing Gucci's Flora and she said 'That's a lovely perfume you're wearing.  It smells just how a perfume should.'  She made my day.

My little cloud of Flora carried me through to the late night shop.

Where things were going well until I discovered that Cotton On was closed until this weekend.  On the up side, there will be a Cotton On mega store now at Rhodes.  Even closer to Coles.  Now that's convenience.

Speaking of Coles....

How do you feel about the milk situation?  Coles and Woolworths are battling to the death to get down to the crazy price of $1 per litre for their in house brands of fresh milk.  That's less than 50% of the price of the non house brands.

I couldn't do it.  Those poor dairy farmers.  This price war is going to ruin many family businesses.  And for what?  I think bread was an earlier casualty of the supermarket duopoly.

The Good Wife is getting exciting.  It's their take on 'The Social Network'.  Is Mr SSG the only person asking when Alicia is going to start doing billable hours like 'in the real world'?


  1. Your dinner looks very satisfying SSG. Sorry to hear about the needles - you are brave.... I hate them and I hope that all will be well on that front very soon. Have been wondering/thinking about you recently - hoping you are feeling better.xx

  2. S: Oh thank you, sweetie! I'm getting better each day, in different ways. There is so much to get better, it seems.

    SSG xxx

  3. I had to pick up milk at coles yesterday and felt really bad. i have been buying organic from my green grocer,

    you are brave with your needles.

    happy friday, SSG

  4. Dinner looks delicious Mr SSG!

    The milk war is insane. Hope people think carefully about what they are buying.

    I love Flora and wear Gucci by Gucci in the cooler months.

    Keep on getting better xx

  5. I love flora, you have good taste!

    I feel the same about the milk situation, for me I would rather pay extra and support the dairy industry. I definitely dont agree with what coles and woolworths are doing but I can sympathise with people and families who buy it when every dollar counts.

  6. Blood tests just suck don't they? After four months of them you absolutely have my sympathies. Hopefully you'll be finished soon.

    Flora Gucci is one of my favourites as well. I love the citrusy floral notes. I have the full set - the perfume, the body lotion and the shower gel.

    I don't shop at Coles normally but I think what they are doing to farmers is criminal.

    K xx

  7. Take care of yourself SSG- those blood tests are a shocker- a friend used to buy herself a "prick present" after every one... sometimes something little like a chockie bar, s little bunch of flowers and sometimes something more for having endured a bunch of them. Look forward to the treat not the prick I say!! AND something to think about re the farmers- only about 10-15% of their income comes from milk prices- the rest comes from production of milk for yoghurt, cheese,ice cream and other dairy products- a lot comes from producing dried milk powder for export too. take care OZJANE xx

  8. Hang in there SSG, hope the last of the blood tests end soon. I'm hopeless at spoting celebrities and I often wonder if I've randomly walked passed you at Rhodes. I would be so star struck if I ever see you in real life. Mary

  9. The other day I stopped H from buying the 'cheap' milk. It came down the the farmers. Anonymous states that"only 10 - 15 % of their income comes from milk" that's still 10 - 15%. I guess I look after a LOT of farmers and I think of them, their families and know that they need our support - 100%.

    Have a lovely weekend SSG!!! ♥

  10. TDM: will have to look out for Gucci.

    Shannon: good point. Those of us that can stretch their budget to help the farmers should. Appreciate that larger households may not have this luxury.

    Mary: that is very kind of you. If we do cross paths, I will be notable for being the frazzled looking lady lugging around her body weight in Ikea or Cotton on....

    Merowyn: have a great weekend, chicky!

    SSG xxx

  11. I wouldn't be surprised if mini activists start twisting the caps of the cheap stuff, making it unsellable.

  12. You are too cute. New collection coming soon SSG :)

    I am sending postive vibes your way re: blood tests.



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