Mar 11, 2011

FRIDAY. You Were So Anticipated This Week, You Had To Be Block Capital-ed. Oh Japan.

Hello, my fellow fatigued urban warriors.  Congratulations for surviving the traffic on the way home from work.

It wasn't just traffic this afternoon, we had the police, an ambulance and a fire engine sharing the road with us in the West.  Praying that it wasn't as serious as it looked.
So now we're all home and either settled in for the evening or else getting ready to head out for a big night out.  You can guess which camp I'm in this evening.  I'm exhausted.  Beat.  Stuffed. I've got a great weekend planned which involves doing all the 'normal' things I usually do but haven't quite gotten the chance to do for one reason or another over the last few weeks.  Can't wait.

Being Friday, some kind of slacker option for dinner was called for.  And for once, it didn't involve dialing for home delivery.

It was cheat's bruschetta for dinner.  How much easier can it be with pre chopped basil and garlic?

Which I bought the other week at the supermarket, mainly, I have to confess, for the free 4 Ingredient Recipe Book.  The allure of using all  those Gourmet Garden tubes to assemble a meal got the better (and Braver) of me.  I got tubes of the things I most hate chopping - garlic and ginger.

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Overseas readers may not be familiar with the phenomenon that is 4 Ingredients.  Rachael and Kim are 2 mums from Queensland who have created a cookbook empire based on only using 4 ingredients to make hundreds of healthy meals at home.  Okay, the purists may argue that recipe is a loose term but I do have soft spot for the girls.  They really do have some good budget friendly principles for feeding a household and I think more experienced cooks with more time and resources can jazz up their recipes as they see fit.  

There is a bruschetta recipe in the book but it involved brie, which I didn't have on hand. 

Pre cut bruschetta is available at most supermarkets these days and all you need to do is pre toast it for a few  minutes before adding your toppings and then grilling a little longer.

I spread a mix of basil and garlic over the base before adding tomatoes and cracked pepper over the top.  Drizzled with olive oil before placing back under the grill for 5 minutes.   Garnish with chopped parsley before eating straight away.

Definitely only a one glass a night kind of girl these days.

A glass of prosecco was the perfect thing to accompany the bruschetta.  The reason we were only having bruschetta for dinner?  Mr SSG had 2 lunches and so did I (my first lunch was a sensible felafel wrap and an orange and my second lunch was a large slice of lemon meringue pie) because it was Friday and we do things together but apart on Fridays. 

I got a little surprise with my fruit and vegetable delivery today.  A large container of banana chips (in lieu of fresh bananas which are right up their with gold in the price per gram stakes).  They were tucked in under the celery stalks.  It was a tough decision really, which to have as a Friday night snack.  It was with great regret that I wrapped up the celery and made it rest up over the weekend for a busy forthcoming working week.

I think God is really displeased with us at the moment.  Japan was rocked by a 7.9 earthquake today.  The bullet trains are not operational at the moment.

All I could see on the television this evening was smoke, water and fires where once there were perfectly sculptured trees, ornate street signs and sculptural store fronts.

There are already too many of these photos on my blog for this year and it's not even the end of March.

Image from
I couldn't watch the live news stream long enough to discover if there was any loss of life so far.  What can any one of us do in the areas so far unaffected by these devastating natural disasters?  To be content and grateful for what we have?

Take care, wherever you may be this evening.


  1. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend too, starting with dinner at my mom's tonight. DH is staying abroad for some time due to his health condition, so I'm free to join my own company. My plans for the weekend includes cleaning the house, do a little grocery shopping, blog and watch a movie, that's all. Have a restful weekend!

  2. Once again, I arrived home from work to find horror news on the tele. There have been reported deaths, and in a country as populated as Japan, I guess it can only get a lot worse.
    I love bruschetta and cheese boards etc for dinner. I would live on delicious snacks if I could.
    My job, with the government, has today become a permanent position so now I have to apply for my own job! Arrghhh I really hate this selection criteria process. I am working on it tonight and then shelving it for the rest of the weekend. There is a SingStar Championship to prepare for!

    Have a good weekend.

    TDM xx

  3. TDM: best of luck with the job application.

    SSG xxx

  4. The situation in Japan is horrible. So many natural disasters make even the most rational of us nervous.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Oooh - the little verification word thingy that just came up after my above comment was "sales". SSG - the shopping gods have sent us a message.

  6. I'm so blue about Japan... we were hoping to go this year, I hope we can still visit.

  7. The earthquake is such a watching TV as I type...tsunami warnings here on the coast.

  8. All of these natural disasters of's so terrible. All I can do is hope and pray that everyone stays safe and sound in Japan.
    Loving the brushetta for dinner - I'm also going Italian tonight with a home made bolognese. I can smell the sauce wafting through the air as I type.
    I'm not doing much this weekend as I am sick, so probably just snuggling down with Mr SE3 and the dog and watching some movies.

    Have a great weekend.


  9. I am so excited to rest up this long weekend :)
    Your bruschetta looks good - and so easy. I shall try.
    Enjoy your weekend xx

  10. Love your Friday night supper dish - those bruschetta thingies are great aren't they? What terrible news from Japan - I am so shocked by the television images. I have a friend working in Tokoyo at the moment - I spent all yesterday evening on skype with her - she really needed the contact and to feel she was alright. All mobiles and telephone coverage is out and she was so very frightened. Do you have loved ones in Japan? Do hope they are safe. XXX


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