Mar 1, 2011

Glitches With Technology. More Power to My Parlux.

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning.

A woman on a mission.  I even wore a freshly ironed shirt dress in a precisely patterned fabric from Zambelli Donna circa 2008.  That's how fired up I was.  Even the belt was tied with conviction and did not come undone once during the day.

My main goal this morning was to address several technological disasters that chose to happen late on Monday (as they always do).  Firstly, I was to retrace my steps through work, every stairwell, computer and desk top in order to find my thumb drive.  Have you ever lost one?  It's like losing most of your brain.  It's only happened to me twice in my working life and each time, it drives me into blind panic and an anxiety attack.  Presentations, letters, tables, research materials.....  All lost. 

The second disaster was my Kindle losing it's 3G connection.  Somehow I then managed to reset it so that all my existing books were deleted too.  Customer service were requesting that I call them to try and fix things 'voice to voice to Kindle'.  Did I mention how much I hate calling Customer Service when an email or two should surely do the trick instead?

Time for a primal scream and a curl up in the foetal position, I think.  Coffee alone was not going to help.

It's been that kind of week in Australia.  The ASX shut down 2 hours early yesterday because their network crashed.  Then our favourite bank, Which Bank (heh heh, the CBA) had some weird situation today where you could withdraw as much money as you wanted from their ATMs.  Word got out and many were under police guard by this afternoon.  However, what one hand giveths, the other can take away.  The CBA knows which of us relies on direct funds transfers with pay and other incomings and will be sure to 'recoup any losses from responsible parties by any means necessary'.

It was a mixed outcome for me.

The thumb drive is lost for good.

Don't you worry - that's a clean specimen jar, top right.  Full of paperclips in case you were curious.

But, I did have time today to redo everything I lost.  And come up with the simple yet effective way to make sure I don't lose my new drive.  I should be able to hear it from a mile away if I drop it anywhere.  Unfortunately, the ring isn't large enough to be worn bracelet style.  And it's a bit big for an earring.  Perhaps I need a cow bell or two just to be sure.  Will look around this weekend.

I got my Kindle working again.  Don't know how but I'm not going to question it.  I've got all my old books back plus my new ones.  I've found a few lighter reads and am really looking forward to sharing them with you later.

If there's one piece of technology that rarely fails me, it is this.  My trusty, battered red Parlux hair dryer.  I've had it for years and it's seen me through all kinds of hair situations.

It's really loving my new short do.  It only takes minutes to blow dry my hair these days and that old volume at the roots trick actually works now without that heavy sheet of hair I've had for too long.  I'm not quite at my hairdresser's level (she goes over my whole head of hair with her flat iron after blow drying and still manages to preserve lift at the roots) but for a lazy girl whose limit is one electric hair appliance at a time, I've come along in leaps and bounds.

Well, I'm exhausted.  It's been a long day.  I'm going to curl up with something to read and turning in early tonight.

Talk soon.


  1. Oh no!! I thought I lost my kindle books last night but luckily Mr K came to the rescue. I hadn't lost it anything at all. Boo to losing your thumb drive though - I'm a chronic backerupperer after my computer died a few years ago. I hope you have everything backed up somewhere. I need to invest in a new hairdryer. Maybe the Parlux is for me?

  2. So sorry you have lost your thumb drive - very, very frustrating. And aren't Parli (plural of Parlux??!!) the best - got one recently don't know how I managed before!! And love shorter hair - much more bouncy! XX

  3. Right.

    That's it.

    I'm getting a Parlux.

    Enough is enough!

    Everyone praises the Parlux God's and I want to get on board too! :) :) :)

    I'd like to think that people did get away with the CBA error - I imagine the ATM's were pulling their own Robin Hood style uprising - secret ATM business. Viva La Revolution!!!

    I'm off to search for a Parlux online!

  4. I know how you feel - my camera is broken and our website is randomly not loading pictures! Technology can be so frustrating!


  5. I absolutely love technology-until something goes wrong of course! Then I loathe it! :P

  6. I had no idea that device was called a thumb drive! We call it "the stick thingy".

  7. Oh I can't stand loosing thumbdrives either SSG!!!

    I have resorted to attaching my thumbdrive to my house and car keychain. So I have stopped "misplacing" thumbrives. Plus it is a lot easier to rummage through the black hole that is my bag for car and house keys with attached thumbdrive than just for thumbdrive alone :p


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