Mar 31, 2011

The Great Yogurt Stealth Downsize Explained.

I got to the end of my $12 stash of bananas today.  Stash is a very generous word for 3 small pieces of fruit, but these are difficult times for the food industry.  I'll get back to this point a little later.

If I'm to maintain my extravagant fruit consumption, the budget is going to need some work.  Not too much though, I seem to have lost the will to shop online.  Unless it's for Kindle books or things from the iTunes store.

This little idea is sort of budget friendly.  Sorbolene pump pack  - cheap as chips.  Bottle of Coco Mademoiselle parfum - was expensive when I first bought it all those years ago.  I never quite get around to using 'dab on' bottles of perfume.  They're so fiddly and I often end up losing a fair amount to the carpet.  I decided to make my own 'fine fragrance' bodly lotion by tipping my parfum into the sorbolene.

Readers, we have an answer to the great Nestle Diet yogurt stealth downsize. 

Breakfast didn't seem to take as long to eat this morning thanks to there being less yogurt to get through.  Thanks, Nestle.

The customer service department sent me a very succinct email with a very detailed open letter attached.  So I wasn't the only eagle eyed shopper to have picked up on the downsize.  This is the executive summary.  Nestle Diet is the only Weight Watchers Points endorsed yogurt in Australia.  There has been a change to the points system and thus, in order to still be a '1 point' item, the yogurts had to be downsized.   Well, that sucks if you're on Weight Watchers.  Less food per point.

I was pretty impressed that 'rising food production and infrastructure costs'  were not mentioned once in the letter.

Well, real life experience about the rising cost of living, handy home hints and an expose.  It's almost an episode of A Current Affair.

I can't end without a feel good moment.  William and Kate are already hitched - in Legoland at least.

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Take care everyone.  Until the next post.


  1. Just loving the lego wedding.... Has made my day.

  2. I got a huge shock when I opened my emails tonight. My boy has been downloading games on his iPad. I received two iTunes invoices - $34.62 and $37.51. Yikes. He said 'the games are only $1.12'. Yes son, but when you buy oh about 1000 of them it adds up.

    No fruit for me for quite a while now.

    TDM xx

  3. The lotion+ drop of perfume sounds worthwhile trying! Thank you : )!!

  4. Oh my GOD I LOVE the Lego Will and Kate.

    When I was a kid I was OBSESSED with Lego, I had the girl's version FABULAND, it was the bomb! Ferris Wheels, little cats and mice, flowers and apple carts. I've got buckets of it at my dad's for my children.

  5. At least the youghurt question is sorted, then! I love your idea of making your own scented bodylotion, great tip!

  6. Ahh - the yoghurt mystery is solved! And a reasonable explanation for once!

    Scented body lotion is so expensive. I love your option of making you own. Very thrifty.

    The Lego Will and Kate is very cute. I can't believe the kerfuffle about him not wearing a wedding ring...

  7. I've been noticing the downsizing for about2 years now on my favourite products. It's annoying indeed! Same price but they chop off 20%! :(

  8. Liars! - as not only Nestle Diet has downsized! I'm pretty sure Mr C came home with some Yoplait that was 150g not 200g. Oh well, I buy Fruche so I'm still eating the same amount of yoghurt


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