Mar 2, 2011

Listography: 5 Pet Hates

This week, Kate has a very cathartic theme for the 'Take 5 List'.

I'm going to try and keep it clean and not too whiny whilst still trying to really get into the mood of things...

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This photo looks way more attractive than the pile of ironing waiting for me at home.

  1. Piles of ironing that remain next to the ironing board until next weekend.  I'm not a person who can iron as they go.  It all has to be done the day it comes off the line.  If I don't have time to iron, I will not get a load of shirts going in the front loader.  Far better to have the offending shirts hidden discretely in the laundry hamper than to have them washed and wrinkled in full view. 
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  3. In a similar vein (can you tell I'm just a little impatient and outcome driven?), not getting through everything I've planned for a day.  Even on weekends and holidays.  I have a 'To Do' list running in my mind as I go through the day and it pains me when I have to carry something over to the next day.
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  5. The sound of a leaking tap.  One of the rare things that will get me out of bed if I happen to hear the dripping overnight.
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  7. Being cold.  Can't function.  Get very, very testy.  Need to be fed warm drinks and foods for best results.
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  9. Torn packaging.  I've been known to trim down the flaps of the cardboard cartons that house coke zero cans, decant rice from plastic bags to sturdier plastic containers with flip top lids.....
Is that five already?  I was just getting warmed up!

Over to you.  What gets your goat?  Perhaps you'd like to join the great Listography rant over at Kate's blog....


  1. Nice rant SSG! I don't iron. So husband does his own. I hang out washing to dry, and bring it in quickly and perfectly in a way that doesn't require ironing (or minimal). But a big yes to lists ... lots of lists ... and leaky taps ....

  2. I am so with you on the dripping tap front! SO annoying! Also do not enjoy being cold one little bit, but I never manage to wear the right clothes to be warm?! Go figure.

  3. Dear Sidney Shop Girl,
    I do not love ironing very much - but do it. But I cannot - as a friend of mine, who adores ironing - do it while watching TV - I can do either one or the other :-) I have a whole chapter in my book on the theme of ironing, and was very glad when Son telephoned me and told me it worked for him.
    Lists give me energy!

  4. Totally agree on the dripping tap and being cold! And pantyhose - I hate wearing them and that's a problem because I love wearing skirts and dresses....and when they're sold out of totally normal food (like canned tomatoes or olives) at the supermarket! How on earth does any store get sold out of canned foods!? And people who jump the line - that is really rude! OK now that I've started I could probably go on but I won't. Have a nice day:)

  5. I am useless with the iron (really cannot do it!!) So every time I am wearing something that needs ironing, my other half have to do it for me... This has resulted in that we "forgot" our iron on the move from UK to Norway, and now just hang the shirts straight in to closet and close the door. Out of sight, out of mind :)

  6. Ohhhhh when I recommence blogging (maybe tomorrow, probably Saturday) I am going to do your listographies.

    SO many pet peeves.

  7. i cant remember the last thing i picked up an iron!?

  8. I told my husband I would iron his shirts if I could give up work. 2 years later and....well I did do it once..

  9. And why is it always me that hears the dripping tap? I'm sure it bothers my husband too and he is absolutely pretending to be asleep.

  10. Love this list!!!!

    I hate being cold and hate piles of ironing too (the devil's work).

    I like it how polar bears' tongues are black.

    I also am fond of a list of things to do. Being a person of action and all.

    I do wish you lived here- i'd make you meet me for coffee. x

  11. Hehe, I'm really not a fan of ironing either!

  12. Ha! This is a great list. I can't sleep unless the room is PITCH black and SILENT. No noise, the slightest noise and I can't sleep.

    I guess my biggest pet hate is when people don't acknowledge you on the road. You let someone into the lane, for example and they don't wave to acknowledge and say 'thank you'. I hate that. It's rude and not good roads-man-ship.

  13. I don't feel so alone (and petty) about my issues with the ironing! Or the selective deafness of others.

    FF: would love to meet up. How about coffee in Honolulu? A nice well appointed place for us both to fly to. I have a quota of Starbucks coffees at our hotel to get through. The weather would be very good for both yourself and Baby FF!

    In fact, Honolulu would be good for us all! Let's all lock it in for the first half of May!

    SSG xxx

  14. Well done leaving with just 5! I could probably pad out a list of 20 lol.

  15. Lovely list... you make me laugh though about the torn packaging!! XX

  16. I did one too -


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