Mar 13, 2011

Listography - My 5 Favourite Sweets From Childhood.

A topic very close to my heart.  This week, Kate from Kate Takes 5 is asking us to delve deep into our childhoods and list 5 favourite lollies from childhood.

I have to explain my list because it is a bit weird.  I went to a primary school where lollies, chips and soft drink were banned.  Being resourceful girls, we made the best with what was at hand.

1.  Butter Menthols

The only hard sweet available at the school canteen.  Always  a best seller even outside of the peak flu season.

2.  Apricot Slice

There's less apricot in them these days and the layer of dessicated coconut isn't as thick as it used to be but these were another favourite at school.

3.  Summer Rolls

I think these are meant to be carob coated so as this isn't exactly chocolate, we were allowed these.  But I think there was a restriction on the number of days that they were sold per week. We got more resourceful in year 10 when we discovered that the room housing the boarders' vending machines was sometimes left unlocked.  Enabling us to get that lunchtime packet of Twisties or a Kit Kat......

4.  Snakes

In my time, there were these.

The real deal with 100% synthetic non fruited based colours and flavours.  My favourites were red and orange.

Then, the nanny state version arrived on the scene.

Initially notable for the lack of red snakes and vivid colour to their products (wasn't that the appeal?).  But I notice they've recently relented on this issue and now have a raspberry flavour.

5.  Chocolate Eclairs

My mum and dad loved these too.  So many ways to eat them.  Chewing to mix the caramel and chocolate layers, just sucking them or getting to the chocolate first.

While I was on this trip down a candy coated memory lane, I tried to find my favourite after school snack.  Sara Lee's chocolate cake.

It used to be a dense (essence of) chocolate butter cake with a layer of Bettty Crocker like chocolate-ish frosting.  I loved the reassuring sweetness and the synthetic super fine texture of the cake.  It's gone all high art these days with a splattering of chocolate flakes for garnish.

How about you?  What were your childhood favourites?


  1. LOVE this post!
    May have to copy it.
    You know what Sara Lee cake I loved the most... their strawberry cheescake... eating it semi frozen was the BEST.

  2. My mom would get these cherry-flavored cough drops that were so good! I would pretend to have a sore throat just so I could get one, haha! In other words, I know what you mean.

    North Meets South

  3. Wah. We have different tastes.
    I think as a child my favourite treats were always more of a salty type.
    i loved salt n vinegar chips.
    i wasn't much into sweets.
    i loved Sunny Boy iceypoles though.
    On a hot lunch time they were always a hit.
    Too big to finish on a recess though.
    I remember we had "fruit tingles" as a sweet option at our canteen.
    they were 1cent each.
    bargain these days.
    they weren't the life saver type of fruit tingles though.
    they were like black fruit balls with coconut around it.
    i dunno how to explain it!

  4. Loved the Butter Menthols. I always remember that you felt sick from overdosing on menthol if you ate too many!

  5. I was thinking about this, whether I'd participate in this listography. And I decided against. I didn't eat lollies as a kid, and don't much now.
    I only like Chicos (chocolate jellybabies) and the Natural Sweet Company range. I also like Milkyways.
    As a kid, my parents and doctors didnt let me eat lollies or chocolate - only about twice a year. At easter I would get an LP record. I hate caramel. And also hate butter menthols and all forms of cough lollies.
    Well, this has been a rather negative comment for a very cheery post you wrote. Sorry.
    I do like good dark chocolate and cheese and cake.

  6. I always loved Summer Rolls and Chokitos. We used to go to the shop for 50c of mixed lollies and it would be a huge bag.

    TDM X

  7. OH! Thought of one!!!!!!!!
    Pollywaffles :)

  8. I was beginning to feel very sorry for you when I read the first 2 but thankfully the choices became more sugar rich after that! Thanks for joining in again. x

  9. I love those Sara Lee Chocolate Cakes. I haven't had one in years because I can't be trusted with them!!!!xx

  10. Mmmm love chocolate eclairs well still do

  11. yum I love sweets. I used to have carob lots when I was a child. You don't see it around much now.

  12. i've never heard of any of these ... but i wish i had! yum.


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