Mar 27, 2011

Listography - Places I'd Like To Time Travel To.

Kate's Listography challenge this week is 'Places I'd Like to Time Travel To'

1.  1826, France.

This was the year Joseph Nicephore Niepce printed the first photograph using a pewter plate as a film with petroleum and bitumen applied to its surface.

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Despite the centuries that have passed since this first image was produced, the basic principles of refracting light to produce an image has remained.  Photographs still remain one of the most powerful inventions of human civilization.  It would have been a privilege to be amongst the first people to take a photograph.

2. Perth, 1988.

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To give my 13 year old, whiny teenage self a reality check.  And to remind her that hair scrunchies really shouldn't be worn outside the house.

3.  Sydney, 2016

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My life 5 years from now.  Am I making the right decisions for the future.  Who will be part of my life in 2016......

4.  Shanghai, 1940s.

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This period of China's history fascinates me.  The fusion of cultures, music and fashion against the backdrop of WWII.  As a child, I remember being very curious as to why my grandparents spoke little English yet wore immaculate 3 piece European suits and styled their hair in the 'Western style' of the 1940s.

5. 15th century Arabia.

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To be one of the first to partake of coffee made from roasted coffee beans.  Where would I be without my daily cup of joe?


  1. OMG! I LOVED hair scrunchies. I used to make my own. Let's pray they never return (right up there with bike pants and permed fringes ...)

  2. Baaaaaaaaaaaaahahaahah scrunchies!!
    I used to STACK them.
    One scrunchie isn't enough for Merowyn, apparently.

    I'd love to go to my dad's village in the Philippines when he was born, see how much or how little it has changed. Whenever he tells me stories abut growing up they fascinate me. A pet monkey for example.... I'd LOVE it!

  3. I'm impressed that you used one of your journeys to halt the embarrassment of a 13 year old you. I mean what could possibly be more important?! Love your list and fab pics as always. Thanks for joining. x

  4. Great list. I laughed at scrunchies:) I did one too.


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