Mar 7, 2011

MasterFoods Came To A Head (Mine) At SSG Manor. The Danish Royal Twins - Again.

Matters (or should that be Masterfoods) came to a head at SSG Manor the other day.

Teetering perilously on the high shelf above the fridge, it was only a matter of time before my collection of spices would topple over and clock me a good one before shattering on the stone floor of the Manor kitchen.  Fortunately, there was no loss of life though the floor did smell of paprika for a few days as well as looking a little red.

Another value packed purchase from

So I decided to take action and invest in a Spice Rack.  Which makes me sound very 70s inspired.  In a  woodsy way and not psychedelic, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, the cat from next door had a look see, just in case there was anything hallucinogenic going down.  We're in a very tame neighbourhood, the SSGs are.  Everyone loves cats on our street.  Our neighbours visit every so often to enquire after the litters of kittens that seem to get born quite frequently on our street.  It's how we've gotten to meet everyone down the road.  I love it.

It was very therapeutic turning these empty bottles and labelled tops.

And my army of MasterFoods herbs and spices.

Into this tower of order and utility.

I do seem to have a non standard herb and spice collection so I had to tack on some white labels to change the names to the pre labelled lids.  I have a soft spot for non gourmet things like onion powder, garlic powder, Moroccan Spice Mix and lemon pepper.

These arrived just in time for Glee night.  Thank you, Miss Kitty-Cat - now I have Sue Sylvester's finest quips in writing, I just need an Adidas tracksuit to completely get into character.

It was a long day at work.  After the weekend at work.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  A 4pm afternoon snack of a Coke Zero (the spare was for the youngster on my team, my shout).  I haven't drunk a weekday Coke Zero since that time I got a root canal after years of daily Skinny Cokes in all its permutations.

Remember how I was anticipating this week's Woman's Day for the Danish Royal Twins coverage?

It was worth getting past the article on Suri Cruise reading Vanity Fair and paying for her heels with her own credit card.....

I got myself to Coles quick smart after work to secure my copy.  Buying Woman's Day rather than waiting to read it in a waiting room officially seals my fate as a woman rapidly leaving her 30s behind.  I didn't read the accompanying article, I just cooed over the photos.  Before flicking to the Royal Wedding competition.  There's Kate and Willliam china up for grabs.  I'm not sure if I can wait for the competition to close, might have to buy my own set for my tea and scone fest.  Since it's going to be the evening in Australia when the wedding is televised (I think), I'm going to splurge in some new Peter Alexander PJs for the night.

Night all, I'm bushed.  Going to watch Glee, have one last look at the babies and then turn in.


  1. I hope tonight doesn't turn into a Coke Zero night, I'm on night duty. Wah :( :( :(

    The spice rack looks fantastic, ours are all crammed into our cupboard too. A rack would be such a good idea me thinks!

  2. Garlic powder and granules are the bomb and so is lemon pepper. I use it on fish and chicken.

    I get the emails from Kitchenware Direct but am yet to buy from them. I'm thinking about getting a KitchenAid food processor, so will definitely be checking their prices out.

    I had a coke zero at work today too. Must be something in the Autumn air.

    Those babies are totally gorgeous.

    TDM xx

  3. Loving tonights post SSG.
    Babies, orderly spices, kittens and a gift. Purchasing new PA pj's to watch The Wedding sounds a great idea!

  4. oh no at the masterfoods smash. but i love the new jars :)
    not that it's the same, but once i tried to cook an egg, whole - in the microwave and it exploded, flinging the door open and throwing the plate on the floor. lol.

  5. Have the babies been named yet?

  6. Sue Sylvester totally make Glee! She's my favourite villain :)


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