Mar 10, 2011

McQueen For A Princess To Be. Our PM In the USA.

Like many people, I like remembering what I was doing and where I was when historic world events happen.  So let it be recorded in this blog that I was eating these slices of leftover pizza for dinner when Kate Middleton's wedding gown designer was announced on the SBS World News.

Sarah Burton, the current designer at the late Alexander McQueen's eponymous fashion house will be creating Kate's dress.  Daphne Guiness approves, as her column for The Telegraph explains.

Daphne Guiness
Image courtesy of
 Daphne dresses with a great deal of individuality and a flair for tasteful drama.  So her endorsement may be a hint to expect the dramatic in Westminster Abbey.
I found this photo of some of Burton's work with the McQueen label.

Image courtesy of

Now these are dresses I could watch for kilometres as they graced the aisles of an Abbey.  I have a new idea for my Royal Wedding telecast sit in.  In the absence of my being able to identify and purchase any of Kate's trademark style elements (she does wear a fair few trench coats but they don't really work on the sofa at home), I will trawl Net A Porter for some McQueen.  Or perhaps find a fake skull and crossbones scarf.  But that's not really wedding attire, is it?

Prince William will be visiting Australia and New Zealand in a few weeks to visit areas devastated by the recent floods and earthquakes.  My interest in the British Royal Family seems to be growing by the day after a long lull.  I think Prince William really is a The People's Prince in the way that his late mother was The People's Princess.  I remember watching the footage of the last time he visited Australia and thinking that regardless of where you stood as either a Monarchist or a Republican, there is no denying how good the prince is with people from all walks of life.

For the record, I was battling the M4 traffic earlier in the day when it was announced that Prince William would be visiting Australia in a few weeks time.  No great photos of that moment of my life, I'm afraid.

When Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Julia Gillard met on International Women's Day in Washington, they wore these outfits.  Madam Prime Minister (as Mrs Obama introduced Ms Gillard) gave a very emotive speech when she addressed Congress in Washington yesterday.  The trip is looking to be a great success.  I hope Julia remembers those golden tips for travel to the US from Australia - you can always buy a second suitcase when you're there or else post back any extra stuff by economy air.  I wonder what the baggage allowance is on Prime Ministerial flights. 

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And I wore this.

Dress: David Lawrence, necklaces: Coco White and Faux Fuchsia's Leo by Red Phoenix Emporium

Sorry, no shoe report because I can't find any photos of the shoes the ladies were wearing.
Oh, I am so glad it's Thursday.  It's been a long week.  I'm doing well to be able to blog about diplomatic relations.

I think a solid piece of steak is on the cards for dinner tonight. 


  1. Thankyou for a fantastic update on all things current affair. So much more palatable than TV news. Madam Prime Minister is funny!
    Daphne Guiness is everywhere lately. Can't wait to see 'the dress'.

  2. Oh please tell me Michelle Obama took our PM shopping, i doubt Julia would spend a lot of money on fashion, her taste is dreadful, but Michelle is famous for rocking a $40 chain store dress, but then, look at her figure, personality & glamour, not sure what could help our PM?? Didn't like SS Clinton's look, textures all wrong on her figure.
    Royal wedding dresses, well i might have been 6 when Princess Diana got married but i didn't like her dress then or now, i know Kate will have something classic & stylish. No awards for using the most amount of fabric girls. Love Posie

  3. Oooh I am excited SSG - think THE dress will be wonderful. Wish Prince W would come to Melbourne too. You look lovely with your FF necklace and Coco white necklace - gorgeous against the darker background of your dress. XX

  4. I like your outfit more than Julia's....

    Is she allowed to stock up on goodies in the US or do you think she has to support Australian design???

    Hope you had a great day gorgeous girl.

  5. SSG: Doctor and Prime Ministerial Packing Advisor.

  6. I plan to watch the wedding and am very excited about that event...I watched Diana's too and cried...
    Hope that steak nourished you and take some well earned rest time this weekend.


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