Mar 6, 2011

A Purple Coloured, Lady Gaga Anthemed Weekend.

I've always liked Lady Gaga for her drive, talent and incredible instinct for creating maximum impact wherever she may be.  She also seems to always have great respect for her fans and obviously pulls out all stops in her performances and photo shoots for them (me).

My all time favourite music video is her single with Beyonce, Telephone.  It was the first and only video single I've ever bought on iTunes.  Each frame is saturated with wit, sass, colour and the energy of these two very talented performers. 

I'm not usually a person who puts much thought into pop song lyrics.  I'm usually carried away with the beat, the video clip or the chorus.  However, I do want to share these lines from 'Born This Way', Lady Gaga's current single.


Lily Tomlin actually quoted Lady Gaga as she opened the Mardi Gras in Sydney last night.  I only managed to watch bits and pieces here and there but I really thought that Arena on Foxtel did a great job of being inclusive to the wide variety of people who tuned in.  There was the 'clean' (with Louis Spence and Pam Ann doing live crosses, those inverted commas are used intentionally) broadcast which cut to stories about the way a person's coming out affected their families and interviews with the families.  I don't think anyone truly appreciates just how much their families mean to and give to them until situations arise where you risk losing them.

And then there were the girls glammed up in studio B really calling the parade as the saw it, with no double entendre left undoubled.

I found this photo on a google search and it is credited to whatmariesaid's tumblr account.
I couldn't have put it (or worn it) better myself.  There will come a day when we will have equality, love for each other, acceptance and unity - regardless of religion, race or sexuality.  We just all have to keep working towards this, starting in our own backyards.

Not being as willing to suffer for fashion as Lady G, I decided to use my tea cup as a drinking vessel rather than as an oversized fashion accessory.

I haven't seen her work a sea shell inspired outfit yet so perhaps I'm ahead of the Gaga curve in using my sea shell correspondence cards this weekend.

It's been a bit bleak weatherwise this weekend in Sydney.  But vivid colour was out there on the street if you looked hard enough.  Otherwise, it could be found in the pages of Gourmet Traveller.

I'm hooked on the Traveller bit more than the Gourmet bit, to be honest.  The recipes are all so tricksy to me.  They look wonderful on the plate but I lack the finesse to recreate them at home.  The section I really enjoyed in this months' magazine was the Bali special - such magnificent beaches and landscapes paired with such delicious food from all over the world.  There was also a classified section full of fantastic houses and apartments to rent for holidays all over the world.  On a whim, I decided that one thing to add to my bucket list would be to rent an apartment in London to holiday there for a couple of months.

But back now, to the real world.  Where it has been raining but not enough to completely get rid of the dirt on my car.  It actually made the back window even more smudgy. 

So I went off to the car wash and got lost in my Kindle and the paper whilst wearing my first long weekend outfit involving a polar fleece hoody for the season.  Next, it will be goodbye spa pedicures (until Honolulu perhaps).  I think we're officially saying hello to cooler weather here in Sydney.

When going out in public dressed in flared yoga pants and a striped T shirt, it's good to know that a cool satchel like my Alexa sort of makes me look hip.

True to the purple theme, I made a Sausage and Eggplant casserole for dinner last night.  Recipe here.

Ignore the recipe's suggestion to use low fat beef sausages.

As the weather gets cooler, a hearty and robust sausage is the key to a warming autumn dinner.

I'm just off to get my ugg boots out of storage.

Have a lovely evening and don't forget to line up for your copy of New Idea tomorrow.  I think the Danish Royal Twins will be getting their own pictorial spread.  I've been hunting the magazine aisle of the supermarket for the last week hoping to find them but was actually a week too early.


  1. I too, am a Lady Gaga fan - did you see her on 60 Minutes the other day? I know she has her own "style" but I did think it was quite odd that she did an interview in nude underwear because, she didn't feel like wearing clothes...

    Anyway, love the sea shell paper - very cute, and speaking of sea-related things - can you update us on your Hawaii plans?

  2. My best friend is Gay.

    He has just started seeing someone - the first time in years. I am SO happy to see him happy, it hasn't been an easy road though. As recently as a few months ago he 'came out' at work. Some of the people were pretty nasty, to his face. It broke my heart and I know it broke his.


  3. TheStylishShoeGirl: Ah yes, Hawaii. Staying at The Royal Hawaiian and The Hilton Hawaiian Village. I'm slavishly adding restaurants to my iPhone (loving the map feature). Shops are next. But they can't be that hard to find though.

    Am also excited at the massive baggage allowance allowed. My plan is to buy a second suitcase over there if I need it. Which I probably will..

    Merowyn: Your poor friend. There are many people on his side though he may not always feel it.

    SSG xxx

  4. SSG you'll love Hawaii! I didn't want to leave. The food there was really, really good (not the crappy American fast food, but the Japanese/ Hawaiian stuff. In the main street of Waikiki there is a market that sells lots of souvenirs, jewellery etc. At night, there is an amazing open air food court that looks kind of rough, but has amazingly cheap and tasty seafood.

    I made a sausage thing like that a few weeks ago, but I used pork sausages, lentils, wine, potatoes, silverbeet, tomatoes and herbs.

  5. Handfootwoman: thanks for the tips! Can't wait.

    SSG xxx

  6. I really like your weekend posts, you always bring up such interesting topics! Great read! I'm totally with you on the gay thing, DH and I have gay friends and we know it wasn't easy for all of them to come out so credit to all the people who are strong enough to do that. Have a great Sunday!

  7. Glad you had a good Gaga inspired weekend SSG and that recipe looks amazing. Will have to jot it down immediately. X

  8. Dislike Gaga but I confess to liking Born This Way. I identify with the lyrics a lot. I retweeted your blog post :)

    And I also like sausage and bean casseroles :)

  9. Semi Expat: Thank you!

    Carly: I did read your post regarding Lady G. But this song makes all the haters lovers, I reckon.

    Very flattered that you've tweeted me!

    SSG xxx

  10. Love Gaga! Her music is so fantastic and I love that she pushes boundaries and challenges our pre-conceived notions of what pop stars are. She's just great.

    You'll love Hawaii and you'll definitely need another suitcase coming home. If you are looking for a cheap but sturdy option and don't want to spend too much, try finding yourself a Target. We've had good luck with inexpensive suitcases there in the past. Not so much luck with Walmart in the past.

    People recommend the Cheesecake factory when in the US - we ate there when we were in Omaha last year and the food was pretty good for a chain restaurant. The Salads are insanely huge, but you do feel virtuous enough to slip in a piece of cheesecake afterwards. And it's pretty good...

  11. Oh, and I have a favourite winter sausage recipe too - fat juicy snags baked in the oven over ratatouille vegetables (zucchini, capsicum, onion, eggplant, tomato passata). Heaven.

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    Saw your comment about Brazilian blowout. If your hair is thick and curly and frizzy I would highly recommend it. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions.


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