Mar 4, 2011

The Putin Party.

I'm on a bit of a blogging blitz tonight.  Possibly because it's Friday, Friday, Friday and I'm settling in for a weekend in and at work.  So I hope you're not feeling suffocated by all these words.

 Even the slightly retro looking skyline outside my bit of work (bits of which are still under reconstruction) had this groovy light to it that always reminds me of the 70s.  Not that I actually remember that much of them (due to my baby brain not drugs).

Isn't the midday sun in Sydney lovely in early autumn?  It's becoming less harsh these days and turning into that soft wintery sun that makes the relatively cold (for wimpy Southern Hemisphere residents) mornings bearable.  Which leads me to the question of when daylight saving ends for us?  It's getting a bit bleak having to wake up in the dark.

Good for a touch of leopard.

Flats - Lanvin, khakis - Gap Tokyo.  I am losing the faith in Gap Sydney.

I see great things for my beloved Lanvin leopards this winter.  I'm starting to get inspired by the new season's collections that I've been getting emails about.  It's about this time every year that I feel the need for more cool weather casual wear.  Something a little more glam than my tracky pants.  Country Road is looking rather promising.

The political and world affairs news of late hasn't exactly been uplifting.  Documentaries about what it's really like in Libya at the moment are so heart breaking.  That people are so driven to show their anger at their oppression that they camp out in the bare elements with little more than the clothes on their back (because the army relieved them of their cash and valuables) is beyond what I can imagine.  Then there's Congo and the ongoing reports of the way rape is a form of warfare and how HIV is endemic at shockingly high rates.

There has to be a fun story out there.  And I'm not ending this post until I find it.  It's Friday, I'm on a blogging roll.

Ahh.... Mr Vladimir Putin.  He's my George Clooney of Russian politics.

When you're a Russian President with an approval rating of 70% amongst your electorate, you're respected, admired and ... lusted after.

Image courtesy of
Yes, that's Vladimir Putin.  Giving the camera a look that dares the photographer to stalk him as he goes bare back (both himself and his horse) riding on holidays, goes fly fishing, does some karate and generally exuding that air of your most senior boss.  You know whom I mean.  The one who rarely needs to speak because a raised eyebrow or dry cough is all that really needs to be done to make things happen.  The one whose elegantly coiffed silvery head causes the seas to part as he (or she) sails through your office or work area.

Perhaps Ms Gillard needs to practice this one.  It would help get that carbon tax act through a little quicker.  And kill the factional party fighting about how much say the Greens really have over the direction of the ALP.  Ditto Ms Keneally.  It's going to be a very long 22 days until that election......

I know, it's Friday.  I should really have chosen one of Mr Putin's action shots for the post.  But I'm a bit scared.  Because he and the KGB are Not Amused with this.

Rai (Heaven) nightclub is one of the places in Moscow.  They have a fantastic Russian language website.  You can enter Mr Putin's name in English and the search engine knows whom you're after.  Such is the sway Mr Putin has with the youth of Moscow.  Anyway, the image above is part of the club's promotion of this weekend's Putin Party.  A major event at the club complete with star DJs doing remixes of old school tunes The President has sung in the past.  I can't read Russian, but the flyer is meant to be a mock up of a Russian ballot paper.  The President is the number one choice, complete with a lipstick kiss next to his name.  David Beckham also made the cut but apparently not George Clooney.  Apparently, the show will go on and the club denies that they have been approached by the KGB with regards to the Putin Party.

And that's enough pop politics from me, I think.

There's been lots of industrial activity at work recently. 

We heard them in the roof too!
There were fire engines and smoke this afternoon to add to the drama.  Luckily, it was just precautionary and no one was hurt.

Then, to end the day, this new bridge was officially open to staff traffic.  I wasn't sure where it was leading or where it started but it was Friday.  So I took a chance and zoomed over it, over the railway line and down into a winding road that went past the local school near the stables and finally onto a familiar road that lead to the main road and then home - eventually.

Hostess of the Humble Bungalow - as promised.  A photo of the New Hair.

It's a bit of a mussed up action shot but there you have it!  I blow dried it myself too.

Okay, I'm signing off now.


  1. New hair looks perfect!

    When I was driving home today they had a report about Libya on ABC Radio... The situation there is horrific. My heart goes out to those poor, poor people.

    Love the Lanvin flats. I'm totally mad about anything leopard at the moment, so glad Shopbop has a 'leopard accessory' devoted section. It makes my virtual shopping so much easier.

    Hope work isn't too busy for you. I'm off Sat/Sun but back for night duty Monday. Boo to that.


  2. Merowyn: thanks for that. Hope nights go okay. I listen to ABC radio all the time on the drive to and from work too.

    SSG xxx

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous!
    I have been so stuck in the blonde bob phase - for at least 10 years! It's so easy to manage blah blah blah. How I wish I had the courage to make a drastic change.

  4. Anonymous: thanks for stopping by!

    Have a great weekend.

    SSG xxx

  5. Love the shoes sweety:)

    Have great Friday,,,

  6. Your hair looks great!
    and in the previous post the LouLou shop will be a long will you be able to just browse?

  7. Dear Ms SSG, I think that when the Oligarchs chose Mr Putin they thought they would be able to control him but he soon showed them that he was his own man. He is quite the pin up in Russia principally because he appears to embody all the strong qualities of Russian masculinity and pride. However, he is a product of the Soviet system and we all remember his response to the Kursk. As our Russian driver said: "The pants may change but the arse stays the same". By the way, you rock those Lanvin flats! Lindaxxx

  8. Linda in Chile: thank your for stopping by and your insight into Mr Putin. You are helping me fill large holes in my grasp of world politics.

    SSG xxx

  9. I think Gillard could go a long way with Vlad's hair stylist alone!! Happy weekend to you, love Posie

  10. Fabulous flats! Your hair is looking great too. How are the new products going?

    TDM x

  11. Oh, I love your description of the Putin boss :D I had one of those, and I would go weak every time he passed my desk. He never spoke to me, just raised an eyebrow and smiled slightly and I always turned into a puddle! Ahh... memories. Thanks!


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