Mar 17, 2011

Sometimes You Have To Turn Left To Go Right. Growing Up With Gwyneth Paltrow.

I was just gazing at the top of my new Hookturn this morning when it spoke to me.

"Sometimes You Have To Turn Left To Turn Right...."

Don't you love the honesty that can be found in on top of a humble cup of coffee? 

I'm making a sharp right turn today.  I had my last blood test.  It's negative.  I've got the all clear.  It's officially the start of the rest of my life.  Because cliches are often so true, I can honestly say it's time to move on.

There wasn't enough caffeine in the Mocachino mix and there definitely wasn't enough chocolate in the Moccona instant.  Solution?  Mix the two together.

I sat for a moment this morning, letting this sink in.  Up until now, I haven't really thought to hard about what's going to happen next.  However, with a frugal 'takeaway' coffee on board, I think I'll be up to making whatever decisions I need to face over the next few months.

I'm sure Gwyneth Paltrow has had a few left turns in her life but I don't think many of them made it to the celebrity press.  She did wander off into creating a website called GOOP and applied admirable discipline to adhering to a macrobiotic diet for while but other than Brad Pitt that, she seems to have lived her life in great clothes, being as normal as you can be in her situation and only getting better with age.

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I haven't seen many of her recent films but I am loving her appearances on Glee as Holly Holliday, the substitute teacher with the mostest.  Gwyneth really can sing and some of her lines made me laugh out loud.  Holly is the 'cool' teacher yet the script writers were clever to balance this with genuine comedy - at the expense of not only the students but also Holly.

This post is going to be a Gwyneth love fest.  We grew up together (on opposite sides of the world and with vastly different wardrobes).  When I look back on some of the defining periods of my adult life, it seems that those memories also include photos of Gwyneth leading her normal glamorous life.

We shared hairstyles with past boyfriends.

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Forgot that low cut evening gowns can be the devil.  Even if they are Calvin Klein.

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Found that keeping it real (most of the time) and surrounding yourself with family are some of the secrets to being a fulfilled and balanced adult woman.

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We learned that a killer LBD teamed with simply styled hair and makeup works better than with a hair helmut blow dry and heavy eyes and lips.

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Whose a celebrity you've 'grown up' with?  Is it just me or are the celebrities of decades past lead slightly more interesting than the current new recruits?  Or will age and maturity happen to even the most seemingly shallow 'it' person?


  1. I hope this 'next phase' of you life... is magical, enriching and empowering.

    I'm sure it will be.

  2. What a great post! I'm so glad that you feel that you can move on with your life, you deserve that now. My celebrity that I grew up with, would probably be Catherine Zeta Jones, I "met" her the first time in the TV-series "The Darling Buds of Spring" about the Larkin family, and have been following her on and off since then. Things we have in common is that we're roughly the same age, we're both brunettes and we're both married to older men, (altough mine is merely 6 years older than I). Have a great day!

  3. It is often those little phrases that make the most impact on your life.
    Hope the next phase of yours is spectacular x


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