Apr 8, 2011

The Confessions of An Ageing Mag Hag.

I read magazines in one of two ways. 
  1. Immediately - upon receiving the latest issue in the post or giving in to temptation at the supermarket check out and placing a copy in with my shopping.
  2. Eventually - when I see it in a waiting room, at a cafe or at the hair dressers.
Magazine preference, like many other things in life, changes with a person's age and life situation.  Lately, I've been finding myself drawn to magazines whose pages offer comfort, warmth and human connection  as opposed to cache, wild celebrity exploits and famous humans in conflict. 
I  suppose it's because my life has changed.  I got a job and moved out of home and got a mortgage.  Then I got married and got older.  And it's not necessarily because I got married and got older and it's not that the two are cause and effect but somehow, after experiencing life in a non celebrity manner, I finally decided to value my own life and nurture everything in it rather than covetting the lives of other people.

Which brings me to why I've suddenly decided that I need to get myself a subscription to The Australian Womens' Weekly.

This month's AWW with the Country Classics mini recipe book attached.  And look, my favourite twins are on the cover too!!

I've been dabbling in the Christmas issues for a few years now.  Then it was the issues with free skincare products attached to the cover and now it's the Royal Families issues with mini cookbooks on their covers.  That's almost every kind of issue in my book so a subscription will probably be the most economic approach to make my newfound affinity with the AWW official.

A Farmer's Wife gave me the heads up on this month's AWW, actually.  She told me about the Royal Wedding recipe feature including a version of Coronation Chicken.  I suspect she wasn't as thrilled about the collection of 'country classics' recipes as I because as a woman of the farming community, they are all probably already in her repertoire. 

I like reading the AWW.  I also like to think that this is because the editors have made efforts to cater to a more youthful market of the over 30s rather than my shifting into a much older magazine demographic.  I'm being naive, I suspect.  The fashion focuses on making the most of what you've got and remembering that most people have daytime lives that require most of their bodies to be covered and their feet to be shod in shoes that allow them to walk beyond the taxi rank.  There's a fair mix of beauty products that cater to trends and people who are time poor.  The articles themselves tend to focus on the triumph of the human spirit whether the subjects be celebrities or ordinary people with extraordinary stories.  It goes without saying that the recipe section is always strong.  I'm looking forward to trying a Julie Goodwin recipe this weekend, actually.  I like her no nonsense approach of delivering a good meal with simple ingredients.

The AWW is also a reliable source of all the latest on The Royal Wedding.  All sorts of Channel 9 personalities will be covering the day for us back home in Australia. 

I couldn't live without my Donna Hay subscription, so I renewed it last night.  This month's issue has donuts on the cover and this American Diner inspired menu featuring fried chicken and corn bread!  With my recent foray into Panko crumb coated chicken and my ongoing yearning for a KFC Double Burger, I am obviously in the chicken zeitgeist as dictated by Donna Hay.

All that magazine reading needed some kind of fuel.  I had toaster muffins for dinner last night.  The irony of eating them whislt reading some great recipes was not lost on me.  Thursday was a very long day at work, then a very long wait in the queue at Aldi where I bought only 2 boxes of cereal and 3 boxes of muesli bars.  It was all I could do to turn on the toaster and find the butter.

But I haven't entirely let go of my glossy magazines. 

I still read Australian InStyle.  There is an excellent guide to blow drying in this month's magazine which I may have to stick to the bathroom mirror.

Park Street is a bit mild to be honest, but that doesn't mean I can't be inspired by the editors's office desk styling tips.

My version with 3 ageing MAC lipsticks.

Take care and have a lovely evening, everyone.  Sigh.  I have to work all weekend - again.


  1. I'm the same with reading mags.

    I think I was old before my time. I always loved reading AWW, even as a wee girl. However maybe I was just deprived and I was reading whatever I could get my paws on....

  2. :( :( :( I hope the weekend's not too busy for you. I'm off tomorrow then back Sunday for 6 days.. JOY...

    I don't think I've ever bought AWW, yet like you I love the recipes in it. Sigh. Now that I've read this post I'll probably go and buy it toot sweet.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the AWW. Am making Coronation Chicken soon for a ladies lunch (feeling retro). Will let you know how it goes.


  4. So funny, i'm always into the home style types, because i have plans for a stylish home, when we build one!! Love Posie

  5. I steal my mum's AWW and Woman's Day magazines. I also enjoy Ladies Home Journal, although Allure and In Style US still feature heavily on my magazine radar.

  6. AWW is a good read. I like Marie Claire and InStyle too, although their fashion and beauty is always beyond me.

    Hope the working weekend goes quickly for you.

    TDM xx

  7. I'm like Miss Posy - old before my time because I've been reading AWW for a long time. I think I've never been able to relate to flashy, glamorous lives and being a homebody, AWW appeals to that creature comfort side of me :)

  8. Magazines are quite interesting reading material. i prefer reading magazine that touches more about family life like reader's digest.

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