Apr 29, 2011

Congratulations from Sydney, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!!

Preparations for the Australian Royal Wedding enthusiast started early this morning.  Today was not a public holiday for us so most of us had to go to work all day instead of watching UKTV for 10 hours straight.

That didn't stop me from getting into the spirit of things from the sun up though, with my Kiehl's Imperial Body Balm.

And a sneaky peak at Sky News' 24 hour wedding countdown coverage before I hit the road for work.

Kate was looking so relaxed and radiant when she checked in at the Goring Hotel.  I've never been but I think I need to now.

William is so much his mother's son.  Diana would be so proud as Prince Charles must be today.  I couldn't get over how happy and full of love the streets were in London.  People from all over the world and of all walks of life.

Jacket - Alannah Hill, studs - Autore, fake sparkly bits - Diva!

We couldn't all be in London but that didn't stop us from dressing up in a bit of Diva budget friendly glam.  Or doing vaguely princess like poses whilst taking photos of ourselves with our iPhones. 

After a draining day at work, the drive home in the dark and the rain was trying.  But at least we had bubbles and the CWA's scone mix to greet us at home.  And wedding disinterested male partners...

Tonights scones had to be perfect.  I read the CWA instructions twice (before starting on the Moet) and it seems that a smooth yet sticky dough is key.  The suggested a mixer with a dough hook.  I unearthed mine for the regal red kitchenaid and gave it a wipe down before youTube-ing it to find out how to use it.

It was cream all over the place for dinner tonight.

I used the sour cream to make these chicken and leek toasties from the current issue of Donna Hay.  I was too frazzled to make Coronation Chicken and the weather was tonight was just perfect for toasted sandwiches.

I loved Victoria's dress.  Not sure about the hat but perhaps it's just the angle.  Full points for the high pony tail.  The dress is from her own collection.  David was rocking Ralph Lauren.

Julia Gillard went for Australian labels Carla Zampatti, Aurelio Costarello and Anthea Crawford.  Who are always wedding favourites.  I wish she'd been more adventurous though.  Akira or Dion Lee would have been interesting.

Image courtesy of www.news.com.au

Everything went with clockwork precision.  It's amazing how much of it I remember from Charles and Diana's wedding back in 1981. So much as changed in the 30 years since then - technology, tragedies and triumphs yet the joy of a wedding and the ceremony of royal protocol still both have great appeal.

I thought Kate looked beautiful and natural.  Her dress was perfect for the location of her wedding.  It was interesting enough to make her stand out from many other brides but also classic enough for a royal bride.  The dress and veil have such graceful lines, there were not bad camera angles at all.  Very obliging of Kate to remember to always look both left and right for all the cameras.

Those photos and stamps are definitely not going to look dated.  I'm going to be at Australia Post on Monday for the wedding stamps.  A spokesperson from Aust Post was on the radio today and she expected everything to be ready for Monday.  Not to mention the AWW and Women's Day.  The wonders of modern technology. 

Sarah Burton, you did an amazing job!

Oh sigh....

Oh more sighing and a few tears.

Time for those scones.

CWA, you saved the day.  I followed the packet instructions to the letter, including the resting time and it was well worth it.  The scones were so light and had a lovely hard top crust.

I love the married couple leaving the church photos.  Such a huge relief when the vows and readings all went well.

The two of them just look like a lovely couple of newly weds.  No artifice at all.  

I don't know if I can stay up for the balcony kiss.

Righty oh, it's time for bed.  I don't know what I'll do with myself tomorrow now that the wedding's over.  There'll be no brushing out of hairspray and stray hair pins from my head or getting ready for the honeymoon or having a massive carbolicious hotel breakfast after weeks of restraint. I'm sure I'll think of something.  And I have to remember to discuss 'Excellent Knitwear Purchases From Target, in Pictures' with you tomorrow as well.

Hope you've all had a great wedding evening / day.


  1. Hahahaha love the CWA scones and that you checked how to use the dough hook first.

    She looked so gorgeous, sigh...

    I actually loved Victoria Beckham's outfit, the hat was a little too far forward for me yet she carried it off with finesse.

    Now waiting for the BALCONY KISS!!!!

  2. Just my opinion: Victoria´s outfit=terrible! But- David looked handsome!

  3. was incredible to be there in person. Loved pippa's outfit...very bold to dress her in white but she looked fantastic. Not sure about Posh's hat either...think the outfit makes her look like an air stewardess. Loved Mrs Middleton's outfit...thought William looked dashing.

    Fantastic day. :)

  4. I have to agree - I wasn't a fan of Victoria's hat. I thought it made her look to severe. But it was very her.

    There is much precedent for white adult bridesmaids - Princess Diana and Lady Sarah Chatto both had them. The Queen had them. It seems to be a modern thing to dress your royal bridesmaid in a colour.

    See my blog for my verdict on the dress. The short version: pretty but a tad disappointing...

  5. Oh I loved it all SSG.

    VB's shoes were a worry though.

  6. I LOVE this post! I did the same thing from the other side of the world- Portland, OR- so it entailed staying awake until 3 am. I was nowhere near as classy as you were w/ champagne (Diet Snapple for me!).

    Here's my post if you're interested. I had a lot of fun- chatting online w/ another unemployed friend (that's why we stayed up).


  7. Wow, I can't believe it's almost been 2 months since this all transpired! I loved the wedding, we put on a great spread of tasty delights and I pulled out my tea set. I just loved it! I love your wrap up and I totally agree with you about Posh, she looked gorgeous!

  8. I watched the wedding. I loved it too! Mr4 fell hard for Kate. Every time we see a magazine now he says 'There's my princess Mummy'. Ah.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  9. I too went all out for the wedding. I wore my tiara from my wedding, my new Julien MacDonald dress and my new(faux)pearl necklace bought on a recent shopping trip to London.
    Following a full english breakie, my daughter and I drank champagne and ate cheesecake to celebrate.

  10. We stayed in and watched even though for the first time in a bout 10 years we had no kids and were alone in Sydney. Didn't make the balcony kiss because we lame. Great post, thanks x Bern


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