Apr 12, 2011

An Evening With SSG and Her Flu. More Navy News.

I'm embracing the new rasp in my voice.  I'm loving it so much I think that now's the time to re record my voice mail message.  It's also the perfect voice for saying things like, "Hello and welcome to 'An Evening With SSG and Her Flu'."  I know it doesn't look like much on paper but I've been saying out loud as I type and it sounds absolutely fascinating whilst I look rather strange.  Just as well I'm home alone.

After work, my flu and I went on an evening walk.  The sky was beautiful, you know how the clouds sometimes turn a golden pink in areas and a blueish purple in others?  That's how it was this evening.  After being cooped up at work today, the breeze on my skin and  a walk along tree lined streets as opposed to mazes of lino floored corridors. 

My mother in law is a great fan of honey and lemon tea for colds and I took her advice and got myself a bottle of honey and a lemon to take with me to work tomorrow.  Did you know that you can now find lemons on Facebook?  They appear to have their own fan page.  I'm going to have to 'like' the page and add a comment about how well lemon juice has served the scratchy throats of generations.

If there is an upside to my having the flu, it would be my temporary apathy to carbs.  It's been days since peanut butter and honey on toast sounded like a great idea for dinner.  Sometimes, I think the bread in our kitchen feels smothered by the attention I lavish upon it.  It's good that we have time apart every so often.  It prevents our relationship from getting too toxic or co-dependent.  So, I've got my favourite fruit jelly cups on standby.  In the freezer because they needed to get cold fast.

Thank you to everyone who's been offering advice about what shoes to wear with navy.

Jacket - Country Road, T - Target, belt - GAP, jeans - Seven For All Mankind (still one of the best American denim brands), key necklace - T&Co, wrap - Oroton.

Confident with the advice that style mavens often wear navy with black, I did it again today.  It is only Tuesday and probably too early in the week for Casual Jeans Day but concessions (for comfort) have to be made when you've got the flu.

Image courtesy of www.uk.reuters.com

William and Kate are also loving navy at the moment.  This photo was from today, I think.  It was their last formal engagement before their wedding.  Despite the rain, everyone there looked completely under the spell of the soon to be married couple.  Myself included.  In case you haven't already gathered, I am capital E Excited about the wedding.  I've almost forgotten the Z word (Zara) because of it.

I'm looking after myself, don't you worry.  I had salmon and asparagus spears for dinner.  Baked in the oven in the one parcel with a bit of thyme and olive oil over the top. 

Image courtesy of abc.net.au
I'm watching The Long Goodbye now.  It's on the ABC and it's about 3 couples and their families as they face life with dementia.  If you're watching as well, I think we're both going to be needing a box of tissues to get through it.


  1. Aw you poor thing! Can't you take a sick leave from work until you feel better? I never feel like I manage to actually accomplish anything at work when I'm down with the flu. But I haven't had one in three years, which I'm sure I owe to my daily intake of Omega 3 capsules. I'm totally with your mother-in-law on the honey and lemon, if nothing else it's at least soothing for a sore throat. Get well soon! xxx

  2. Ha haha I am totally picturing your raspy newsreader voice! Willow recommends olive leaf extract. Get well soon!


  3. Get well soon....!

    Very excited about the wedding here too. I have had a practice run of the Coronation Chicken as I had to take a plate to a ladies lunch. (The concept of "taking a plate" clearly pops me in the country wife category...) The big reveal will be on my blog tomorrow, but it was super yummy.

    Glad you sorted the shoe issue out.

    Take care

  4. I hope you're feeling better SSG! A friend once said that she thought bronchitis was sexy-for the voice of course!

  5. I WISH I'd known that dementia program was on :( :( :( it would have been right up my ally for work etc.

    I think LEOPARD PRINT shoes would go toot sweet with navy!

    My uniform is navy and I wear black patent shoes :) :) :)

  6. Nothing worse than feeling poorly. I really hope you feel better soon! Rest up and I second the lemon and honey remedy. Even if it doesn't make a huge amount of difference it tastes nice and is quite soothing and comforting. Plus I hear lemons have good Vit C.

    K xx

  7. Vitamin C with zinc is good too. Get well.

    TDM xx

  8. Dear Sydney Shop Girl,
    though your flu-voice might sound quite exotic, I wish you well health very quick again!

  9. I love that jacket on you girl:)

    Have a great week...

  10. Nothing worse than the flu...I just recovered from it so feel your pain. On the plus side you look fabulous...hopefully you'll soon be taking your walks alone without Mr. Flu :)


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