Apr 1, 2011

Friend Friday: The Rules Of Engagement

Relax, this is not going to be a post about the epic journey that was 'SSG Goes From Me To We'.  This week's set of questions on Katy's Friend Friday challenge are about bloggers connecting with each other. They are a great set of questions that will really make many bloggers think and reflect about their role in the blogosphere.

As a disclaimer, I'm approaching these questions from the perspective of someone who blogs for enjoyment.  I have no formal education in journalism, writing, the arts or fashion & beauty.  My main intentions with my blog are to make friends, have some time to myself to write and do something very different from my hum drum day-to-day activities and have a virtually indestructible record of this period of my life.

1. Guest posts are a good way to gain new exposure. What do you think is the appropriate way to go about securing a guest spot?

By being friends with the person for whom you are guest posting.  To me, being asked to guest post is a privilege that indicates that the person asking you to write on their blog values you as a friend.

2. Leaving comments is essential to growing your blog. But how can you leave a comment without coming across as ‘Follow Me. Follow Me!’?

I try to leave comments that are pertinent to the post.  Especially, if I am a relatively new and infrequent reader of the blog.  If I am reading the blog of someone I know very well through blogging, the comments are often short.  Just a sign to let them know I'm still reading them as much as they read me.  It seems to work well for the group of bloggers I have become friends with.  Many people are really busy with full lives away from their computers so I'm not offended if short comments are left on my posts.  Or none at all.

3. We’ve all gotten a mass email at one time or another asking for blog exposure, a link exchange, etc… But the mass emails don’t work. How do you make your email stand out from the crowd?

I've never actually asked for blog exposure.  I'm a bit passive.  What I do find interesting is looking at the traffic coming onto my blog.  I also have a Google alert set up for my blog.

4. In interacting with other bloggers where do you draw the line between seeking support and begging for exposure?

My rule is to treat my blogging friends like I would my 'real world' friends.  So I've never written to anyone to outright ask them to help raise my blog's profile.  It's more important to me that people enjoy what I write and react positively to it.  I have come to deeply value the emotional support that the blog world has provided me when I've written about the ups and downs in my life.  Thank you again, everyone.  You know who you are.

5. What’s one rule of engagement error you made and how have you remedied that?

Trying to follow other bloggers in the hope that they will follow me.  Then feeling disappointed that they haven't reciprocated.  I've since realized that Google Friend Connect is not the be all and end all of someone showing they read and appreciate your blog and friendship.

Happy Friday, everyone!  It's been a heck of long week, 12 days to be exact.  Looking forward to some down time this weekend.  I have another big foodie adventure tomorrow.  Of course, I'll fill you in tomorrow.  In case you were asking.

The SSG Bellini

Bottoms up!  Or should that be Chin, Chin?


  1. Looks yum - want to pour me one?

  2. Chin, chin!!!

    These are some wise blogging words SSG. Especially the comment about leaving words that are pertinent to a post. It takes me literally hours to do my posts. The photos, editing, words, editing, thinking up the post in the first place are time consuming especially with a full time job and shift work, you'd understand that!! I appreciate comments where the person has read my words or acknowledged my photos. It makes me happy to know I've possibly inspired someone or put a smile on their face.

    Can't wait to read about your gastronomy adventure!!!!

    Have a lovely weekend. xox

  3. Good points, and I want that glass of champagne! Keep up the good blogging work :)


  4. Great answers as usual, and I really like what you say about friendship in the blogger sphere, I think that is a very good way to look at it! Have a great weekend! Cheers!

  5. In the spirit of your answer to number two, I feel I should finally say that I really like your blog and faithfully read each and every post, though rarely if ever comment. Please keep on blogging. (I especially like it when you tinker with a specific subject, just like in this post.)

  6. It seems a little disheartening at times when people choose not to follow your blog, I'd agree. I think I've come to a point, especially with my new blog, that if I am enjoying what I do and even get just one comment from someone that they, too, like it, I'm doing something right.

    Just Take a Bow

  7. I totally dig your candid answers. It's so true that it's about developing those friendships. It is a privilege. There's no free ride out there, even if it looks like there is!

    I'm with you on commenting the blogs I frequent the most. I do sometimes leave super short comments, like you said, it's a sign that I'm still checking it out.
    :) f
    The House in the Clouds

  8. Great post SSG. I always enjoy reading your blog and your enjoyment in writing it comes through. I've actually stopped reading blogs that have become too umm commercial and are obviously trying to get their stats up.

    Chin, chin or cheers big ears!

    TDM xx

  9. Always interesting hearing what you have to say SSG!

    That bellini looks delish! I had a mocktail mojito (lime, lemonade and mint) yesterday to toast out an exhausting week, but mine wasn't 12 days long... I hope you have a few days off for some good R&R...

  10. I'm with you, in all your answers. It's a funny dynamic, the blogging world. I guess people are in it for all sorts of different readers. But as I said, I'm with you! The blogging friends are amazing, and they are a line of support like no other. It's incredible to be a part of it! You enjoy those beverages tonight SSG! You deserve it xx

  11. Interesting post SSG! I completely agree with your point of no. of followers not being "the be all or end all" with regards to your audience.

    Oh and by thw way. Have a couple of glasses for me. I'm really missing my wine at the moment.


  12. WB: thank you for your kind comment. Much appreciated and you are not obliged to comment! Read away :-)

    BB: hang in there, hun. It is for the greater good.

    SSG xxx


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