Apr 14, 2011

Happy That It's Thursday Because That Makes Tomorrow Friday.

Hello again.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts regarding me and my flu.  I think we're on the verge of breaking up.  All I've got now is a feeble cough that sounds more fake than infection related (well said, Mr SSG) and an inability to smell much. 

Isn't it amazing how much appetite and the appreciation of food hinges on your sense of smell?  I just haven't had the will to eat much in the last few days.  Things had better improve by the Easter break.  You can't waste a long weekend on dinners like cold cereal with milk or jelly cups.

Operation 'Give Your Desk At Work A Beauty Editor Makeover' is a work in progress.

I have managed to recruit 2 of my favourite mascaras to accompany my ancient MAC lipsticks and a good sized pocket mirror.  I love Loreal's Voluminous and Telescopic together and find the thin wand of the Telescopic mascara really good for getting those bottom lashes.

The line up for Splendour 2011 was announced on Triple J yesterday morning.  I was driving along the M4 as the acts started being named - Jane's Addiction, Coldplay and Kanye West amongst others.  Then I hit that curvy road near the stables that leads to the back entrance to our work carpark when it was revealed that Bliss n Eso were going to be playing as well.  Finally, I can place a name to the band that performs one of my favourite songs from the current play lists on the Js.

Down By the River!  Everytime I hear it, I act like gumboot and denim cut off wearing model slash discerning beatbox/freestlying/beatbox music fan and dance around in my seat.  Even thirtysomething nannas have to get their groove on every once in a while....

Kate Moss back in the day, the symbol of rock chic for many a thirtysomething woman....
Image courtesy of http://www.incityfashion.com.au/
So I guess it's hardly suprising to you that though I'm really excited about the line up at Splendour this year, I've come to terms with the facts that I'm both too high maintenence and old to be hoofing it up in a camp ground.  Even if I get myself some Hunter wellies.  With weather proofing inserts. So I've done the next best thing and started downloading the acts from Itunes.
Can't believe the week is nearly over (yes, really).  I'm going to browse the aisles of Dan Murphy's for bargain bottles of bubbly get a pedicure on the way home.


  1. If you want Hunter gumboots they are super cheap at Country Attire which is an English store on eBay.(free postage) Just purchase my English mother-in-law a pair at about $100.... Her last pair of Hunter gumboots lasted her 30 years... That is just over $3 a year. I may have to change my tune about expensive gumboots after my $20 Target pair didn't even last one winter! Pulled them out last week and bad things had happened to the lining and the rubber had gone all funny....

  2. Hi SSG, glad you're feeling better from the flu! I love the "Operation 'Give Your Desk At Work A Beauty Editor Makeover'" - I know mine is in dire need of a makeover! Great song by the way! And I love the candy tree poster:) I'm also past my festival years, I'd rather spend my holidays lounging under a parasol with a glass of cold chardonnay or rosè:) Have a great day!

  3. Good to hear you're starting to recover.

    This old girl has had her last Big Day Out, Splendour et al. They are always either stinking hot or freezing cold and it takes me weeks to recover. I feel like a grandmother compared to all the young uns there and don't want to embarrass myself. There was a very funny email doing the rounds a while back of an old bird getting down at a festival. I'll see if I can find it again. It's exactly how I don't want to look.

    TDM xx

  4. It's really sad but I want to go to Splendour (and it's on just down the road from me!). Unfortunately I have two teenagers who also want to go. That's a lot of $ for one family weekend away and I suspect they really don't want our company ... just the ticket.

  5. I'd actually love to go to Splendor, such a shame it's in NSW :( :( :(

  6. and saturday.. comes afterwards..

  7. thrilled to bits about Splendour too and I’m practically ancient. Kayne Cold Play Regina and James Blake not to mention old Perry and Jane's Addiction well it going to be one hell of a weekend. Sadly I must live and (pay) vicariously through my children if they are lucky enough to snaffle tickets (I seem to be good and getting festival tickets on line).
    Any hoo thought you might be interested in Mary's beautiful twins christening. What a beautiful family and I love love love Mary’s outfit especially the pearl earrings!
    Kate Bx

  8. Whoopsie for to post link!


  9. Kate B: thank you for the link and for remembering me.

    Princess Mary's outfit was a 11/10.

    SSG xxx


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