Apr 17, 2011

I've Just Had A Sunday.

I've just had a Sunday where everything just unfolded the way it was meant to.  At a leisurely pace without too many fixed plans or any unpleasant unforeseen circumstances.  I've only just woken up from a late afternoon nap.  The weather wasn't right to do the load of washing involving the week's business shirts.  Dinner will involve reheating something I froze last week.  I think I know what I'm going to wear to work tomorrow.....

Just the way Sundays are meant to be, in my book.  But, let's go back to the very beginning....

Things started on the right note with improvised Croque Madams.  I was googling recipes this morning and apparently, the real deal involves making a cheese sauce to pour over the sandwiches halfway through their cooking time on the grill.  They also involve ham and Gruyere cheese.  Not on a laid back Sunday, they don't.  I used that excellent sourdough from Cavalicious I bought yesterday, good old Cracker Barrel extra tasty cheddar and some tomatoes.  At least I used French mustard......

The smell of frying buttered bread in the morning!!

Bettered only by a fried egg on top - to make sure the sandwich fulfils the most important criteria for Croque Madam status.  I've never eaten a fried egg on top of my toasties before.  I don't know if I can eat them any other way anymore.

I also managed to find a bargain today!  I found these 3 fabric flowers at Equip - for $10.  They have both clips and brooch pins on their undersides.  In lieu of princess pyjamas for adult women on the evening of April 29 (I think we're all getting bored of my saying 'The Royal Wedding'), I will at least be able to wear something glamorous in my hair for the evening.  I'm also considering a slick of lippie as well.  To counter balance the fact that I'll be wearing bed socks and my ugg boots with my flannel PJs on the night.

I did find some china for the tea and scones I'm planning to have for sustenence whilst several billions of us wait in front of our televisions to find out what Victoria Beckham and her baby bump will be dressed in Kate's wedding dress looks like.  I heard that there will be at least 3 dresses commissioned for Kate and the final choice will not be revealed to the public until the moment Kate begins her drive to Westminster Abbey.

I was catching up on Adam Hills and a replay of the lastest episode from his new series Gordon St Tonight last night.  That's a fair few time shifts in the one sentence.  I was having a quiet night reading on my Kindle to a sound track provided by channel [V] on Foxtel.  Which translates to Lady Gaga and Britney's latest singles being played on the hour every hour.  So I needed a break and ABC2 was the answer.  Asher Keddie was a guest (as was Kerry O'Brien ... sigh).

There is lots of excellent Asher Keddie news, actually.  Offspring is back in May!!!!  And, she'll be on telly tonight doing her best 'Ita Buttrose back in the day' when the first part of Paper Giants air on the ABC tonight.  Paper Giants tells the story of the early years of Cleo magazine.  When its reporting on issues relevant to sexually active, liberated and independent women earned it a fair bit of notoriety with the more conservative elements of Austalian society at the time. 

I've chosen a Cleo cover featuring my favourite come back princess.

It's been years since I've read Cleo.  I'm too much of a nanna to need its wise counsel on what men are really thinking / plastic surgery / sexy yet corporate fashion / sex.  However, I do appreciate its role in the education, entertainment and empowerment (the 3 E's I just thought up) of Australian women at a time when society was still coming to terms with just what gender equality actually meant for young women.  So I'll be watching tonight.

Take care, everyone and have a lovely evening.  We're back to back short working weeks for the next couple of weeks!  I hope you all have exciting or at least relaxing plans for them.


  1. Lovely post! I love cleo magazine, I now buy it on my ipad! I love Shop Till you drop best though!

    Monique xx


  2. So glad your Sunday was so lovely.

    Take care.

  3. Wah!

    There is a croque recipe on my blog lady!!!

    Can't wait for Offspring to start again, some of it's filmed at my hospital. Yaayaayayayaa

  4. Sounds like a fabulous Sunday, and those Croque Madame's look delicious! I think I need to find a sourdough bread recipe, I can't get that kind of bread in the supermarket here. I'm still not sure when the British Royal Wedding will be on here in Norway, and on the 29th I'll be on the train for most of the day returning from my Easter holidays in Greece, so hopefully there will be a rerun:) Have a lovely Sunday evening!

  5. Your croque monsieurs look delicious!
    It's Sunday morning here and I'm hoping to have a laid back day as well.

  6. Tour croque madames look lovely!

    Glad you sorted out your china situation.

    I'm not a fan of Ms Keddie. I find her annoying and a bad actress. But I think I'm the only one - everyone else seems to like her!

  7. I adored Paper Giants. The fashion the music was totally fantabulous. I was 14 when Cleo first came out but didn't get to buy it till I had left home at 17. Haven't read if for many years but loved the show on its inception.
    Can't wait for the next episode.
    Kate Bx

  8. I feel like I've really missed out now seeing the Cleo series! I used to read it religiously! :D

  9. Lorraine its on IView on the Abc.net.au site for 2 weeks so watch it over Easter.
    Kate bx

  10. hello! nice to meet you - I grew up in Perth! This post was a bit of a trip down memory lane - Cracker barrel will always remind me of my dad as it is his favourite and I remember girls at high school sneaking in copies of Cleo to hand around subtly to the rest of us at lunchtimes for a salicious read.


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