Apr 10, 2011

Rainy Day Hair.

There's a certain kind of boredom that results from being stuck indoors on a rain soaked Sunday.

It's the kind that refuses to surrender to productive rainy day activities like making another slow cooker soup, home yoga practice, deep breathing exercises (they really work when you're feeling stressed!!) or reading a book (it's well written but pretty grim and I'm not flicking through the pages as fast as I'd like yet I want to finish it).  So, at the end of my list of rainy day to-do list, there was only one more thing left to try.

The 'You Best Blow Dry Ever' guide in this month's InStyle Australia.

Preparation begins well before your hair meets your Parlux, apparently.  It's all in the shampooing.

Apparently, the Guinness rinse is not endorsed by InStyle's leading New York hairstylist.  Probably because she isn't Irish.  Or perhaps she is and wasting good Guinness in this manner would be almost blasphemous.

Rather, the advice is to shampoo twice.  Which is fine by me because that makes it a double aromatherapy session in the shower with my Aesop shampoo.  There are some weekdays where my super hot showers are the among the highlights of the day.  It's that dense cloud of steam scented by Aesop, Kiehl's or Jo Malone that makes it for me.

However, the path to glossy hair is not entirely a warm one.  The New York expert's final step in hair washing involves a cold rinse.  I'd have no problem with this if it were only my hair being snap frozen (at the hairdresser's basin for example) but unfortunately, it's not that easy in the average home bathroom.  I braced myself for an attack of the chattering teeth.  The last time I voluntarily immersed myself in cold water was at an indoor pool with arching views of the Harbour Bridge and Walsh Bay - they resultant chattery teeth were well worth it just for that view and the promise of a defrost in the sauna afterward.

Fortunately, our super powerful bathroom heater saved the day and I barely felt the blast of cold water.

Finally, we can Parlux.  Using controlled downward streams of air, not the usual upside down fluffy duck that I usually do.  Then you're meant to section your hair and dry it further before starting on what you actually want to do with your hair with either a straightening iron or a curling wand.  The blow dry is only 'the foundation' as opposed to 'the end point' which is how I tend to view my Parlux time.  I have a long way to go towards attaining salon level dedication to my hair.  With regard to the InStyle guide, I only stuck it out until my hair was mostly dry.  I didn't proceed to the additional electrical appliances suggested.  Given my incomplete effort, I'm pretty happy with how my hair turned out.

I think I'm going to be sticking to my cheat's shortcut to superstraight hair - regular sit-athons with my Korean hairdresser in the city. 

Speaking of the city.  I'm already looking forward to next weekend (not working) and the weekend after (5 day public holiday marathon).  I'm already planning my city based adventures today.

Take care and have a lovely evening! 

Here's to a great week.  May it fly by until next weekend!


  1. Hi
    I just started a new job, so lets hope the week flies by:)

    My hair routine...wash, conditioning, some additional hair repair/blow dry, and the occasional straight iron...my hair is pretty long:)

    Have a great Sunday...:)

  2. I always shampoo twice. I use so much product in my hair the first shampoo never lathers. The second round actually washes my hair.

    Am yet to try the Guinness wash but regularly do the cold water at the end. It does make my hair shinier - the theory is the cold water closes the hair shaft after all that hot water opens it for cleaning and conditioning and it makes hair silkier and shinier.

    Beyond that I don't do much styling wise. I blow dry but having ridiculous curls, anything more is a bit silly really!

    K xx

  3. I actually happen to love rainy Sundays - as long as there's not too many of them in a row, that is:) I can sleep in, spend as much time as I like drinking coffee and reading the newspapers, have time to make a delicous dinner....having all this time is such a luxury! I cut my hair short some weeks ago so my hair routine takes a lot less time now! I still treat my hair with good conditioners and masques and try not to use heated styling tools too often, and my hair now looks better than it has for a long, long time:) Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. An enjoyable post, but I missed your picture! I would have liked to see your hair before and after!

  5. I've tried the cold rinse a few times... to be honest it's made no difference for me. Yet, that could be because I do the flip-my-head-upside-down-and-BLAST dry :/ :/ :/

    Hope your weekend wasn't too crazy - it's a full moon tomorrow night!!!

  6. Dear SSG, I have not visited your blog for ages and it's my loss, lots of really great posts here. love this one, I am on nonstop mission to achieve salon hair but just get bored with the blowdrying and give up halfway through, and now I learn I am supposed to do extra stuff with other appliances...how is it possible ever to get out of the house? xx

  7. Like Blighty, I too bore easily. Not to mentioned get interrupted by loud shrieks and screams from The Farmchildren trying to attract my attention over the sound of the dryer.

    I have resorted to (dare I say it) low maintenance hair. I dry and straighten the fringe and sort of fluff the rest. It leaves it with lots of movement (which is hairdresser speak for kind of messy).

    Take care.

  8. Thanks for posting the hair tips! I tried it but I forgot the cold rinse and I'm a terrible blow-drier and I had trouble doing it in sections haha. My hair has definitely benefited from the double wash though! :D x


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