Apr 15, 2011

A Right Royal Friday.


At last!

A day of fun and feel good news.

Image courtesy of news.ninemsn.com.au
The first exciting piece of news today comes to us courtesy of Kate B who sent me a link to this blog post about the christening of the Danish Royal Twins.  It contains photos from all throughout the day.  That's right.  My most favourite unnamed members of the world's Royal families may now be known as Vincent and Josephine, after spending the first 3 months of their lives without having their names officially recognized or known.  This link from People's Daily Online offers a very eloquent summary of the history behind their names.

Image courtesy of heraldsun.com.au
Judging from the photos, it really was a very elegant day and Princess Mary's outfit was perfect for the occasion.  I also like the candid moments that were captured on film and that were approved for release to the general public through the media.  The older children Isabella and Christian probably don't remember their own christening days and they both looked fascinated by everything going on around them.

Okay, we can move on.  Now that I've gotten my weekly dose of cluck.

I've given up on Royal Wedding china.

Image courtesy of royalweddingstamps.net
Instead, I've just become a stamp collector.  Australia Post have released their stamps commemorating the wedding of William and Kate.  I ducked into my local post office today and bought the first day cover and a set of cards featuring the stamp designs.  I'll be keeping an beady little eye on the newstands for the AWW Royal Wedding issue too.

Barely a week goes by without my wandering into a supermarket or department store and finding new products that amuse me so much I need to at least investigate further, if not buy some of them.  This week's shop was no different. 

I haven't been to a Big W for a while.  I think I'll be returning again soon.  Look at all the pink themed stationery!  There's a whole range of miniature highlighter pens.  Perfect for carrying around with me at work.  They're also scented....  Not sure how that will help me now that I'm out of primary school but the nostalgia factor was enough to make me buy them.

The pens were around $4.

I couldn't leave without a box of peanut butter Lindor balls.  They're the fancy version of Reese's Pieces, the more practical version of eating bars of milk chocolate dipped in smooth peanut butter.

So that kind of sets the mood for my weekend.  A few little (and not so little) treats here and there, some thought for what I'm going to cook (and wear) for the Royal Wedding sit in, just things that make me feel good.

Have a lovely Friday evening, everyone!


  1. Oh I DIE for PB Lindt balls.


    Have a lovely weekend ladybug!

  2. oh my gosh, I didn't know you could get an entire box of Peanut Butter Lindt balls!

  3. Those peanut butter lindt balls are so delicious. I wish I hadn't discovered them!

  4. I love peanut butter balls! And they now come in boxes?? I am so screwed...

    Did you like the baby names? I love Josephine but I'm not so sure about Vincent. All I think of is Prince Vince. A bit weird... I like the inclusion of the Greenlandic names though - very sweet!

    Sad you have given up on your search for wedding china, but honestly the pickings were slim at best. Disappointing. I hope Kate puts more effort into her outfit than the china.

  5. Did you know those peanut butter balls are not available in Austria? I started making my own peanut-butter-treats. When will the CEE market be ready for peanut butter? ;-)

  6. Paula: No..... that's terrible. About the lack of peanut butter Lindor balls. Baking with peanut butter is always good though.

    SSG xxx


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