Apr 16, 2011

Saturated Saturday. Cavalicious, Gladesville.

There's nothing like a bit of irony on a Saturday morning.  Mr SSG gets all sorts of free things on his walk to work from his bus stop.  This week, a local radio breakfast radio show, Andrew and Claire on mix 106.5FM  was being promoted on these cute boxes of muesli.

It was only when I actually looked at the box myself that I realized why AM radio listener Mr SSG was unable to tell me the brand of cereal he was given.....

It was anything but bright this morning in Sydney.  And it was the start of the weekend.  It's been raining buckets since at least 6 am today with no clearing of the skies in sight.

Determined to make the most of the weekend regardless, we went to Cavalicious (Our Local we love so much its designation deserves to be capitalized) for coffee and Italian pastries.

Ricotta danish to the left and an almond croissant to the right.
The things I love about Cavalicious is their consistently delicious and well priced baked goods, their sourdough and their coffees.  Just about covers everything, I think.  Today's pastries were perfect.  Italian pastries are less buttery than their French counterparts but just as delicious.   I'm also a big fan of ricotta as a breakfast food.  It's a really friendly and cosy spot just a step or two away from the bus stop. There are also breakfast menu items and lunch fare as well.  They're open all through Easter, so guess where I'll be most mornings?

The gleaming display cabinet that is home to such items as That Passionfruit Cheesecake from a few weeks ago and last week's vanilla slice.

With the driving rain hanging around all morning, there was nothing else to do but push on with the housework and other chores around the Manor.

The SSG Mobile was parked strategically in the driveway to make the most of the deluge.  I've just checked and it's amazing - the dust encrusted rear window is now spotless.

Sweater - cotton on, T - Bonds, skinnies - J Brand, necklace and bracelet - T&Co.

Carly Findlay, do you still have your Cotton On sweater with the hot pink love heart on the front?  Because if you do, you're now challenged to wear yours this weekend!  That's half an outfit sorted already.

Feeling good about being so ahead of the chores at only 10am on Saturday, I hit the road in roving fashion reporter mode.

The big news.  Only 4 days to go, people.....

There were reassuring busy sounds emanating from behind the awning.  Plus serious yet Euro-chic men in black suits looking at their blackberries as they walked in and out of the door to the right in my photo....

The not so big news without the benefit of my fashion correspondent iPhone photos (so I had to trawl google images instead):

Image courtesy of www.fashionisingpictures.net

  • There's an awful lot of cut outs in the Dion Lee for Cue collection.  And I don't mean the cardboard kind.  Things that looked edgy yet practical from the front actually had rather large cut outs or vents around the sides.  I'm sure there's a fashionism to more accurately describe them.  Perhaps a sign for people like me to leave things well alone on the rack rather than risk getting stuck in a painful pose in the changerooms....
  • My pennies are well and truly saved for Honolulu in May.  My special occasion in Darwin dress search has hit a dead end in a city that has winter well and truly on its hangers.
It's going to be a cosy night in for me.  I was well rewarded for my trip to Dan Murphy's the during the week.  He really does make a girl's champagne buying dollar go that much further.  It would be financially reckless not to take advantage of his prices.

Cheers, Dan!

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  1. love your tiffany & co necklace, so pretty

  2. Yay!!!
    For mother nature cleaning your car :) :) :)

    I'm relying on you to give a concise run down of Zara when it opens - I'm praying, PRAYING to the Zara God's that it will be as good as overseas.

    Hope you have a gorgeous Sunday.

  3. I cannot wait until Zara opens! It has taken soooo long to come here!


    Monique xx


  5. What's the deal with the cut outs? I have never been a fan of them in any form.

    Your Local looks fabulous. Wish I had somewhere so nice, so close by.

    TDM xx

  6. Hi girl...
    You look really great in that sweater:)

    Have a great evening.

  7. Those pastries look divine. I miss having breakfast in Italy! It's a pity we don't have anywhere like that close to us!

    I think I must be the only person not excited about the launch of Zara. despite all of our European/US/Asian adventures over the past few years I haven't bought anything other than a scarf there in years. Nothing seems to work well on me and the clothing is a lot more expensive than it was a few years ago. I used to love it and have great stuff in my wardrobe from previous collections. I am very interested, however, in seeing how much they charge - I was disappointed but not surprised that GAP premium prices here.

  8. OMG. I missed the fashion challenge because I got home too drunk last night and too tired this morning to read your blog til now.
    Blame my failure on Rekorderlig Cider.
    Next weekend I shall pack my heart jumper and do the challenge.

    Cut outs are silly. Except on my dress from St Frock.

  9. You lucky girl to have that lovely cafè AND Zara in your neighborhood! I would totally love to have breakfast there:) At least rainy days are good for something! Hope you had a lovely Saturday evening! xxx

  10. Hey
    Thanks so much for your blog on Cavalicious Cafe. We're glad you enjoyed the cakes and coffee.
    The Gladesville area sure did need something like this.
    Hope you come in and visit us again soon!

    From the Cavalicious Team! :)

  11. Oh Cavalicious looks awesome! On my list of to-do's!


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