Apr 6, 2011

A Spare Button Meets A Buttonless Shirt Cuff. Trenchcoat Weather Has Arrived in Sydney.

Once upon a time, there lived a large family of buttons in a fancy 2 storey cubist house. The buttons had a very mixed blood line and had come from all walks of life but at the end of the day, they were just one big happy family of round discs with holes in their middles, co habitating in that sprawling house of theirs.  After all, their needs were few.  Just a little clean and dry space to rest in until they were called in to work.

They lived down the road from a rag tag share house of spools of thread, flashy silvery needles (who never seemed to have day jobs to go to) and a couple of champagne corks.  They kept unconventional hours and could often be seen looking a little rough around the edges as they tried to keep hems up or loops of fabric attached.  Their poor grooming may have had more to do with me their landlord than themselves, if truth be known.

If only I'd done Home Economics at school.  Perhaps then there would be more to my sewing tin....

The buttons finally got to meet their neighbours early this morning, at around 6.43am.  When I noticed that the outfit I had carefully put out for work last night was missing a button.  It was touch and go for a while but fortunately, in that stash of buttons I'd collected over the years, there was one that was the right size and colour for my shirt.  I think this was the first time ever that I've used any of the spare buttons I've saved from the tags of my new clothing purchases. 

The moral of the story is this, save all your spare buttons in an easy to find place because you never know when they'll come to the rescue in a pre work wardrobe malfunction.  And champagne corks make great needle holders.  Being both frugal and recyling after weekend drinks?  That's genius.  More great ideas like this from me and this country will no longer need to debate its stance on the price of carbon.

Shirt and trousers - Country Road.  Sigh.  Back in the day when CR did solid work gear.  Read on further down in this post for more details.

Mission accomplished.  That's a fully functional right hand shirt cuff!  Button artfully sewn on by SSG!  It really does make the outfit, in my humble opinion...

In other news, I think I've come to terms with winter weather being here to stay in Sydney.

Trench - Burberry.  If only I'd waited until NYC, I would have got it at 40% off.  Don't worry, at that price I got the beige version and a quilted coat too.  Nothing beats clothes shopping in the US.

My trusty black trenchcoat was buttoned just the way I like it and its belt tied around at the back to I wouldn't lose it.

I even had a pair of my black trouser socks on.

Worn here with my favourite wool trousers from Country Road circa 2003.  Country Road has changed alot since its halcyon days of long wearing wool suiting.  It's all ruching, short tops and superlong bottoms at the moment.  I think I need to visit Jigsaw and David Lawrence in the next few weeks for a few work skirts and pants.  I know Zara is opening here soon but just the thought of battling the youngsters for a change room (or heaven forbid sharing one with them) makes me overwhelmed.  But I suppose I will have to go to Zara anyway, just so I can prove myself correct (and stop by all the other shops that have just opened in Westfield Sydney).

The traffic home tonight was obviously displeased about the weather.  The safest and least stressful option was to just head straight for home and not to even bother trying to go anywhere else.  I'm off to reheat some of my stick to your ribs pea and ham soap and have it with some of these refined carbs with benefits toaster muffins.  Or perhaps I'll have a hot cross bun and can the muffins.  Decisions, decisions.....


  1. SSG,
    I did home economics at school for years and can barely sew on a button, I'd like to think I make up for it in the cooking stakes.
    Love the Moet cork idea - I have a few of those Alannah Hill button envelopes floating around in my button kit too.
    You'll have a blast shopping in Honolulu!!!Prepare yourself and your credit card!!!
    Also, for your next Singapore trip, would you stay at the St Regis again?? I am researching Singers accom...

  2. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of this current weather. It either seems too cold or warm! I wish it would make up its mind :P

  3. (C)CG: The St Regis was lovely. I'd stay there again.

    Lorraine: I know. The weather is so exhausting.

    SSG xxx

  4. I love your little story about the buttons, it made me smile:) I put on my trench coat for the first time this year today, but I discovered that it was a bit too cold for it yet. My big woollen scarf saved me, though!

  5. I am glad I am not the only one wearing old CR work gear. Does it count as vintage if you bought it yourself, albeit 10 years ago????

  6. That is a quality post SSG. Loved it from start to finish.

  7. Hi girl...
    Love the bag:)

    Have a great day.

  8. My home economics class taught my classmates and me how to sew a skirt (well, at least that's what's in the syllabus) but never bothered with sewing a button. Hmm...

  9. I stitched up a dodgy pencil case in "Textiles" class. Can work a machine, but hand sewing? No way! All my pants are holding on with iron-on hemming tape (oh the shame)xx

  10. Another one who finds the current weather exhausting. Make up your mind already!!

    I'm another home ec failure. The only thing crafty I can do is sew on a button and do a decent blanket stitch. The first is semi useful, the second not so much. I can't hem anything for the life of me! I also like to think my love of cooking saves me.

    I bought a few tops at DL recently and they have been fantastic. Highly recommend a visit there.

    I am having a love affair with english muffins too at the moment. They are so perfectly matched with soup. Pea and ham is a favourite of mine too - pity Mr K isn't a fan. Oh well - more for me!

    K xx

  11. K: thanks for the DL endorsement. I think that will be my first stop.

    AFW: I consider ourselves to be at the cutting edge of the 'Self Vintage CR' movement.

    Anonymous: thank you for the lovely comment and for stopping by.

    I am in awe of everyone's sewing abilities. Especially those that can work a sewing machine.

    SSG xxx

  12. I have a box of buttons in my sewing kit that has been around ever since I was a little girl. When mum died I 'inherited" her sewing kit - buttons and all. There are buttons in the kit that were on clothing I had when I was 5, there are buttons from Mum's old cardigans.

    Save your buttons!!! There can be amazing memories attached to them!!

  13. LOL. Pea and Ham soap. Trying to picture myself washing in that but just can't.

    Whenever I pull off the spare buttons I always say "I should really have a box to put them in" but I never do anything about it. As a result they're all thrown willy nilly into a bedroom drawer, until I clean out said drawer and throw them all away. I will be severely pissed off at myself one day soon I suppose. I remember my Mum always had a jar for hers. Hundreds of them all in there like a "guess how many jelly beans" competition. I used to like playing with them.

    Great idea re champagne corks!!! Although my Killawara Dusk cork wouldn't look anywhere near as posh as your Moet Chandon.
    Lovely outfit SSG.
    As always ...

  14. Fabulous post SSG!

    I sew on buttons, but they are very messy looking. I can't take up hems or darn. But I can sew quilts and hand stitch applique. What's wrong with me?

    I bought myself a MOR honey nectar candle at the chemist today whilst getting yet more prescriptions filled. Its scent is full of honey goodness. Soothing to say the least.

    TDM xx

  15. I loved your button story. So cute :)

  16. Like the idea of you being the landlord of your buttons, made me laugh. Don't be afraid of Zara, it's not just for youngsters, here old trouty Mummies like me frequent it, it's nice and cheap compared to others places like Hobbs, or LK Bennett, Whistles etc. and a lot of the clothes are very classic looking. xxxx


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