Apr 27, 2011

The Streets Where I Run.

Saturday morning is 10 km run time for me.  It sets me up for the weekend, giving  me plenty of time with my thoughts as I pound the pavement and work up an appetite for a leisurely breakfast and a cup of coffee somewhere. 

Over the long weekend, I went with theme of relaxation and took a walk instead.  Which worked out well because I've been meaning to take photos along my Saturday morning circuit.

There are some beautiful public buildings and houses along the streets of my run.

Some residents have added a twist to their front verandahs.  I love these red lanterns that bob gently in the breeze.

The Royal insignia over the front arch of the post office.

A magical florist.  They have the most beautiful window displays.

And the statue up above that overlooks the street.

After the hush of the tree lined streets, the landscape becomes more nautical and the air salt sprayed.  

I canter down the pier, my feet clipping the wooden beams as I pass a guard of honour formed by the dinghys the locals use to reach their larger boats docked out further in the deeper water.

That's my private bench, bottom left.

I'm at the half way point of my run which is always a good time to take a seat on my private bench and look out at the view.  It's my thinking and reflecting time. 

If I didn't have a billion other things to do and I weren't so hungry in the morning,  I think I could sit on that bench for the better part of the morning.

Time to head back home.  Past the tree house.

Past the swing.

The trees are so beautiful at this time of the year.  Some are still topped by green leaves.

Others are crowned by autumn leaves that look like stars from a distance.  Give it a few weeks and the roads will be filled with enough  leaves for an adult women to have a few satisfying jumps through them.


  1. Looks beautiful SSG.

    I'd have to dodge bogans and car parts if I went on an early morning run round these here parts.

    TDM xx

  2. Loving this jog-photo-log.
    Morten Bay trees are one of my most favourite, we had one at school when I was in prep we found Easter bunny under it dressed in Easter bonnets. In Year 12 we had our final photo under it dressed as bumble bees. I have such fond memories attached to those trees.

  3. TDM: sometimes, I encounter youngsters rolling back home the morning after the night before.

    M: we had lunch under the Moreton Bay Figs back in Perth too!

    SSG xxx

  4. So jealous of your proximity to the harbour, how I miss Sydney :) xx

  5. Gorgeous photos... Am quite jealous that you can run 10km. I would die after about 2 I think....

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  6. Hi girl...
    I am a runner as well...but not as good as you apparently:)

    However now that summer is coming there will be absolutely be more:)

    Have a great day:)

  7. Wow - that is a super route - it must be wonderful to do that on a Saturday morning! xxx

  8. What a lovely neighbourhood you live in! Super jealous and looks fabulous for a Saturday morning!

  9. Humblest apologies for telling an unintentional lie. I've just calculated my running distance on google maps and I'm a bit under 10km. Will have to get a pedometer onto the case this weekend. And add extra distance as required.

    It honestly feels like the same distance I do on a treadmill.

    SSG xxx

  10. WOW SSG! Kudos to you for running so far into our neighbourhood! You now what? I'd actually noticed those lanterns a few weeks ago when i went to the post office.
    I think i'll die from exhaustion if i'd actually walked to the Coles @ Vic rd :P

  11. Amy: this is so exciting! A reader in the 'hood!

    SSG xxx

  12. Hi! I can not imagine taking a break during a run, I am always so concerned my back might "catch a cold" when sweating.
    The sounds at the harbour, sitting on the bench must be very soothing. Water, ships, birds ...


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