Apr 28, 2011

Wedding News and News In General.

I'm sure you've heard the news by now.....

The Chaser Boys have been denied access of live footage of William and Kate's wedding tomorrow by the BBC.  The 'this side of wrong' commentary and pre-recorded skits I was looking forward to as an antidote to the gush and hyperbole of commercial television (Jayne Seymour, are you really a royal authority?) is not to be.  KRudd is as amused as I.  Mr SSG has lost any reason to be watching the telly tomorrow night.

There was a silver lining though.  Somewhere under the thick grey clouds and centimetres of rain we had today.

My office peace lilly is finally starting to flower.

Today's banana probably cost as much as JHawk's outfit.  I felt decadent eating it.  A much easier task than trying to smoulder whilst wearing not much more than some fur and jewelry.

Our treasurer, Mr Swan, is reaching out to we, the taxpayers.  Our latest inflation rate is not what anyone wants.  In an attempt to break it down and keep it real, Mr Swan delivered an address yesterday about how ridiculous the price of bananas is at the moment.  Then he also talked about how potatoes and cauliflower are similarly afflicted.  Milk has gone the other way; on account of the ridiculous Coles / Woolworths price war.

I'm not sure what the real price of costume jewelry is doing relative to inflation but I couldn't resist giving Diva some business.

My very own replica of Kate's engagement ring!

I have permission to wear it on my ring finger tomorrow.  Thanks Mr SSG!

I also bought this regal looking brooch.  Much easier to wear to work than the Diva tiara.

Image courtesy of www.screen.nsw.gov.au

I know I've been linking to the SMH like a fiend today but have you started watching the current season of East West 101 on SBS yet? I found this very eloquent review in the paper today by Lorelei Vashti.  She's pretty much said everything I would have said about the series.  I'm a new convert to the series this year and I'm ashamed to be one of the many Australians who haven't been watching from the beginning. 

East West 101 is intelligent Australian crime drama.  It is well written and its themes are unique to Australia and her transitioning ethnic population.  The 'traditional' ethnic minorities like the Chinese and Vietnamese have been displaced by migrants and refugees from Afghanistan and Somalia.  Through this series, we see these new arrivals as 3 diamensional characters.  The dialogue doesn't shy away from the racial generalizations and at times overt racism that are still part of life in 2011 Australia.

Aside from the confronting plots and the uniformly brilliant acting, I could just stare at Dan Hany for hours.  Just as well Offspring is returning soon too.

Well, I'd better let you all go.  So much to do for tomorrow night, I know.  I've put some drinks in the fridge, washed the china and just need to get my last minute shopping list organized.


  1. I LOVE that you bought a lookalike ring! I was watching daytime TV when there was an ad for a Danoz-style mail order ring, but Diva is just so much more efficient! I think I will have to copy you! xx

  2. Loving the jewels! Shame the Chaser boys won't be covering it.

    TDM xxx

  3. oh wow! I would've loved one to wear tomorrow too!

    I also can't believe the price of bananas, our fruit bowl hasn't seen one for months!

  4. The fact that you bought a faux sapphire (fapphire?) made my day.

    Enjoy the wedding SSG - please post photos of your ensemble.

    Take care.

  5. I've never watched East West and really, really want to.

    Maybe I can D/L it or buy it from the ABC shoppe?! Should look into that.

  6. I will be wearing my sapphire too...
    would love a tiara but I have run out of time!

  7. Love your replica ring :) I'll be thinking of you wearing it tonight.

    I can't believe they banned Chaser's coverage :(

  8. excellent Diva work! So wedding-cited xxx


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