Apr 26, 2011

The Weeknight Book Club: Bossypants by Tina Fey.

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There are moments in your life that stick in your memory for a variety of reasons.  What you were doing when you heard about Princess Diana.  What you'll be wearing and eating when you watch William, Kate and all the Australian commerical TV channels this Friday in London.  May I add what you were doing the day you started reading Tina Fey's extremely funny and insightful memoir 'Bossypants'?

Just in case my memory fails me later, I might just jot down my Tina Fey moment here on the blog.  I'd just come home from the fashionably dressed mayhem that was Zara Sydney's opening week and was settling down for a long weekend Monday night on the couch with a glass of champagne and my Kindle.

Then I clicked to the first page and couldn't stop reading or laughing.  Mr SSG kept shooting me looks because my guffaws were drowning out the AFL commentary.  Then I decided to switch beverages and made myself a cup of tea.  And kept on reading.  The guffaws continued periodically.  I'd say every second paragraph.  Sometimes twice in the same paragraph.  It's been a day since I finished that last page and I'm still cackling to myself at random moments.

I never thought I'd engage so well with Fey's writing.  Prior to reading 'Bossypants', all I knew about Tina Fey was that she did a mean Sarah Palin, was on Saturday Night Live and starred in my and Mr SSG's favourite chick flick for men too, 'Date Night'.  I had no idea about 30 Rock, her role in American political satire or the fact that Fey was actually in charge at Saturday Night Live for a number of years.

'Bossypants' is a series of anecdotes from Fey's life, starting with her childhood and moving on to her discovery of improvisation as a mode of comedy and finally on to her current day achievements.  In between, there are often hilarious discussions about topics as diverse as what really happens on a celebrity magazine shoot, finding herself as a Sarah Palin impersonator, meeting Oprah (and being told by Oprah that perhaps she was overcommitted), body weight issues, her fears for her daughter and the kinds of role models she'll have in the popular press and spending Christmas with the family.  There's also a loving but extremely funny dead pan tribute to her dad.

'Bossypants' has struck a chord in the United States.  If it's good enough for NPR then it must be good.   It's a book that just made me laugh - with Tina and at myself.  If there's one woman in  the United States who can single handedly change the minds and thoughts of the haters in society, it would be Tina Fey.  Her ability to empathize with and advocate for the gay community should not go unrecognized.  Tina's voice is blisteringly funny yet intelligent, empathetic but never condescending.

Two thumbs up from me!


  1. I really want to read this!
    Monique xx


  2. I've been hearing about lots of good things about her book too. From twenty-something young men at that! Great to see that this book crosses gender boundaries.

  3. You should watch 30 Rock SSG - its a great show - very clever humour! She did a great interview on Ellen promoting the book last week - I will be getting it soon!

  4. LOVE 30 Rock, you must watch it! I hate that Channel 7 has it on so late so I tivo it. Will buy this book on the weekend :)

  5. Tracy: yes, it's a good sign when a book crosses age groups.

    Nic: how are you? Couldn't comment on your blog. Thinking of you.

    emoshoenal: I've set our IQ thingy to record 30 Rock. Can't wait.

    Monique: let me know how you find the book.

    SSG xxx

  6. This book sounds fab - I will add it to my list!

    Now, I haven't been on the blog for a while (have been reading via Google Reader), but I now see that you've got your own URL - very nice!

  7. Thanks for the review SSG. I will be off to buy this book - now that I have whittled my on the go reading drawer down to 2 books from 5 :)


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