Apr 21, 2011

When In Doubt, Channel Jackie and Grace. Together If You Wish.


It's a beautiful day.  The sun is shining and everyone at work is almost in holiday mode.  We've worked hard this year and it's time for a bit of a break.  I'm sure you all feel the same way, especially if your work is in the home and involves 24 hour a day management of your household and its dependents.  You are entitled to a 10 day long weekend, in that case.  Tell them SSG said 'It Is So.'.
Image courtesy of joannagoddard.blogspot.com
I'm 17 days out from my trip to Honolulu with Mr SSG.  My tickets were just issued today and the AUD is doing crazy business at around 1.06 to the greenback.  We may well have a 'patchwork' economy in Australia at the moment, as Ms Gillard so euphemistically put it, but us Aussie travellers just have to the best with what we've got when dealing with foreign currencies.

Where was I?  Jackie (K) O (not to be confused with our very own blonde radio personality).  Part of my challenge leading up to the trip is to say no to impulse purchases - whilst in Australia.  It hasn't been too hard except that Zara opened and I took advantage of the GST rebate at the airport and got myself a new bag (will do a big reveal in a post soon).

What I like most about Jackie O's style is that it is timeless and takes you from work to weekend with a few key items you probably already own but never thought to put together.

We've got Zara now, the next label we need is Banana Republic.  Got this dress in NYC.  Necklace from RPE - the Lady Melbourne.
That trusty black dress you secretly thought of as boring but flattering looks a bit more elegant with a strand of pearls and beads (and shorter hair).  It certainly made the day at work a bit more stylish than usual.

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The ever cool, calm and collected Grace Kelly and her neck scarf with a simple white shirt.

Scarf - Hermes' Ceres (off eBay), scarf ring - Mai Tai's grande in honey, T - Target, cardi - Cotton On.

Perfect when you're in a rush to get to work.  Yes, you can tie Mai Tai's snowball knot behind the wheel as you wait to get onto the M4 westbound.  Trust me on this one.

We're taking a novel approach to the 5 day foodfest that the Ea(s)ter break can sometimes turn into.  Mr SSG and I are doing a series of yoga classes this weekend.  So we're meant to be detoxing.  Which translates, in my book, to vegeterian food and sparkling wine water.  I'm making a vegan green pea soup as I type (3 cheers for slowcookers) for dinner tonight.  Have to do the shopping for the rest of the detox menu tonight, actually. 

Hope your Thursday is going splendidly.  How can it not when it's followed by 5 days off?


  1. Greetings from Singapore, SSG! The dollar is an amazing thing!
    Will be interested to see if Zara Sydney has a different range to overseas...
    Not long til your cocktail hour/s now!
    Scarf looks excellent as always!

  2. I love Jackie!!!
    Have a fabulous Easter by cyber friend.

  3. Have a fabulous Easter and 5 day break SSG. Enjoy the sparkling water (wine) as I surely will. x

  4. Enjoy your time off...love the Hermes scarf and LBD!
    Grace and Jackie are such great style icons...

  5. Always envy your style, SSG. I have been NOT stalking Zara online... May have to pay it a little visit next week! Have a good break xx

  6. I always thougth Grace Kelly is a true style icon! Hope you enjoy your long weekend x

  7. You couldn't pick better style icons to channel than Jackie and Grace. You are going to look gorgeous on your vacation.

  8. Dear Sidney Shop Girl,
    enjoy your free days!
    I love the fashion of Jackie O, so elegant and timeless. Bought quite a lot of her-style jackets - wonderful as her sunglasses. It's a grown-up fashion - that's what I like especially.

  9. Jackie, Grace and Coco, effortless elegance and style, something I aspire to .......


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