Apr 24, 2011

Yoga Bunny. Being Loud and Proud on Boarding.

Namaste.  I've been away with the yogis for the last few days. 

It was a difficult decision but I decided to leave my bunny ears at home in my home practice corner of the study.

Mr SSG and I just finished the last class of our yoga intensive this morning. 

Ten and a half hours of yoga in 3 days.  It was much more demanding than I had anticipated.  I fell asleep at 8.30pm yesterday, tired physically and mentally in a way that felt good rather than dreadful.  I've (temporarily) lost the desire for coffee or bubbly.

Being able to do class on consecutive days gave me great insight into my weaknesses and the mental focus of the weekend really did help me improve my posture during asana.  I've also had a burst of motivation for the coming term and am really looking forward to applying what I've learned when class starts again.

I am a bit sore but the trade off is better posture and the fact that I'm at least 6 inches taller than I was on Thursday!  And I didn't even have to torture my calves by wearing my heels.

In between yoga classes, I've been living the 'yoga retreat lite' lifestyle.  Which to me means no window shopping, trips down to my local cafe and eating healthfully most of the time (except for daily serves of my hot cross bun bread and butter pudding which contains dairy and fruit as well as brandy and chocolate).

Really loving Aesop at the moment.  So tempted to switch from Cetaphil and good old Redwin sorbolene.....

I day-spaed the bathroom with  selection of high end skin samples.  Which were selected at random from this stash.

That's the cosmetic house freebies box.  I have a second Ikea box filled with my hotel toiletries collection.  I know it's a massive stash but at least it's contained and hence sort of true to the spirit of decluttering.

It's 2 weeks until Honolulu!  There can't be anyone in the house who is ignorant of this.  Especially when the spare bed has found itself decked out like this.

Mon Monogram Keepall 55.  This size and the larger 60 are both within carry on size limits.  Have I sold you yet?

Meet my new carry on bag. It even has a fushia (sorry FF, that's the way Mr Vuitton wishes it to be spelled) racing stripe.  I also have my initials on the front.  You know, in case I have one of those existential moments at check in and forget who I am and why I'm there.  Be loud and proud when you board, I reckon.  I'm thinking that a velour tracksuit and ugg boots as 'outside the house footwear' would totally complete the look.  I promise not to change my name to Paris H on my passport....

It hasn't been entirely virtuous on the SSG Yoga Retreat.

After 2 lunches that looked like this.

Mr SSG and I needed a dinner that came from here.

Did you know that KFC's Sweet Potato chips are no longer available?  I didn't even get the chance to try them.  The girl at the counter felt my pain and gave Mr SSG and I some free potato chips to snack on whilst we waited for our order.

We are so quick to criticize today's youngsters but there are many really lovely members of the generation.

No prizes for guessing what I ordered.

A Mantime burger!  It's officially called The Double but it will always be called Mantime in my mind.  Mr SSG and I were kidding ourselves that we were doing KFC the healthy way by only ordering skinless chicken fillets rather than the regular chicken.  It's going to take alot to convince us otherwise.

I deviated from Mantime protocol by eating my burger on a china dinner plate.  With a glass of filtered water.  And an apple for dessert.  It was Good though.  Smaller than I thought it would be but as Mr SSG pointed out, chicken is expensive these days.  Unless it's the subject of a Coles v Woolworths price war.  I think I'm going to hunt out the Mantime burger in the US and have one as a compare and contrast exercise, for the blog, of course.

Julia Gillard was in Japan this weekend.  Our Prime Minister is the first foreign head of state to personally visit the devastated areas of Japan.  This photograph was taken as she toured Minami Sanriku with the town's mayor.  Once a peaceful fishing town, the area has lost half its population through the devastation of the recent tsunami.  It's been incredibly moving listening to Gillard's speeches and seeing her very human response to the destruction and loss all around her.

Hope your Easter break is going by in a languid fashion.  Hours in front of the television or curled up with a good book or two.  Isn't tomorrow going to be the best Monday ever?


  1. that KFC burger is becoming one of Sydney's most food blogged item at the moment :-)

  2. Congrats on finishing the yoga!
    As for the LV, I really don't need to be tempted any more...although that stripe would match my raspberry Vernis bag...
    I'm working on my research tomorrow (yuck, statistics) but plan on having a long, lovely shop in Tuesday.

  3. Well done with your yoga retreat - you must feel very revitalised. Hope you are having a lovely Easter - gorgeous new LV bag am v. envious!! About that and about the fact that you have Zara first in Sydney before us here in Melbourne!! Think ours is coming in June or so - they are taking AGES with the shop fit out methinks! (just get the clothes over here please never mind the interiors!!) XX

  4. The Yoga retreat sounds very relaxing and the lunch looks uber healthy...
    I am impressed that Mr. SSG practices as well.
    Pepper jumps all over me when I put my mat down and do some poses, I have to close the door now :)

    Nice LV...

  5. A yoga retreat sounds wonderful. I have a hankering to do the same. Happy Spring to you, SSG, and many more.

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