Apr 19, 2011

Zydney Preparez For Zara. Daytime Soap Has Lost Its Froth.

By this time tomorrow, I'll be Zydney Shop (Zhop would be taking it too far) Girl.

I'm observing the count down to Good Friday with a Lindor egg a day.

Only more sleep until Zara opens at Westfield in the city.  I'm planning my assault carefully.  Is it too optimistic to think that the crowds will have settled by the end of the long weekend?  How bad can it be anyway?  It looks like the police and extra security are all lined up.  I've also come of a killer backbend and twisting standing pose class at yoga so I should be able to roll with punches if there are any and be flexible enough to nab that last dress in my size....

The price points sound rather promising actually and the photos of the stock in store here in Sydney look better than I had feared they would.  Dresses are priced at the $130 mark with winter coats around $240.  I might even find my Going To Darwin outfit if I look (and fight) hard enough.  Don't worry, I've already asked.  Mr SSG is absolutely not going to be spending his lunch hour witnessing Australian high street fashion history on my behalf.

Children of the early 90s, do you know who these gorgeous star crossed lovers are?

Image courtesy of http://www.cybercom.net/
That's right - it's Eden and Cruz from Santa Barbara. My favourite daytime soap from Year 12.  The complicated course of their love sustained me through 4 sets of school exams plus the final tertiary entrance exams (TEE but they were definitely not a cup of tea).  It was so reassuring to know that the constant barriers to their love would be there for me each holiday and swot vac break.  That little would 'really change' but that there would be plenty of wacky plot twists and revealations to make up for this.

Why am I reminiscing about the land of froth and bubble today?  It's because I was just reading this article in The Guardian.  All My Children and One Life to Live are to be axed by the American ABC.  They've been in production for a combined total of 83 years.  That's generations of us around the world that have been comforted by their over the top plots and hair when we've been home sick, recovering from night shifts, studying or looking after loved ones. 

Daytime soap taught us all about:
  • waiting.... and waiting for ..... anything really
  • to expect the very unexpected
  • that we're all related somehow, we just don't know it yet
  • reincarnation and reinvention being reasonable ways of dealing with life's difficult times
  • that we'll always come back.
And what will fill the void that daytime soap has left behind?  'Lifestyle' programs hosted by the stars of those train wreck reality TV programmes.  Can 'life' and 'style' be words used in the same sentence to describe some of the people who've graced E! and MTV?  Perhaps the programmes are a journey of learning and self discovery for them.

So goodbye, daytime soaps, we'll miss you and we'll try never to forget all that you've taught us.

I thought I'd leave you with a little montage of Eden and Cruz.  For old time's sake.


  1. Love your life lessons from the soaps...!

    Good luck at Zara - get amongst it.

  2. I'm so sorry you're losing these daytime soaps. I've never been able to see them, but of course I am familiar with the oeuvre! For a time General Hospital was on our tv and my daughter and I LOVED it! Brit soaps are great, but not quite the same. Over in France we have Plus Belle La Vie which is FANTASTIC!

    Have a brillo time emptying the shelves of your new Zara - a quick namaste should get your elbows in the requisite position! xxx

  3. I will live my Zara life vicariously through you SSG.

    Did you ever watch Passions? It has plenty of life lessons for us all. First one being you don't need to be able to act to land a spot on an American soap. Or be a good writer to become a writer on an American soap.

    TDM xx

  4. Zara will change your life. There is a lot of crap you need to wade through but the majority is great, and reasonably priced and chic and high street! Oh, the joy! Can't wait for your first zupdate x

  5. I am so excited for Zara opening!! I am going on Thursday!

    Monique xx


  6. I was a Bold girl.

    We used to pack ourselves into a cab and wag school to go home and watch Bold and eat cheese toasties or mashed potato then pack ourselves into a cab to come back to school again.

    One day the cab was pulling up and a teacher was out the back of the school.. we all ducked hahahaaha

    I hope, hope, hope Zara lives up to the expectations we all have!!!! I'll be in Sydney in August and I'll be sure to visit!!

  7. Hoping Zara will open a store in Brissy.
    Good luck with the crowds SSG. Be fearless!

  8. I love to watch old episodes of "Home And Away" - they're playing on one of the domestic channels these days! Good luck battling the opening crowds at Zara's!

  9. Dear Sidney Shop Girl,
    it is interesting that Zara comes now to Sidney - in Germany we have it for a long time. And I have to say that - if you look often and choose carefully - they have sometimes surprisingly good clothes (especially in the Zara Woman range). The jacketts are well made, with lining; and more than once I was a bit angry when I had bought a very fine, extravagant (and expensive) piece at Max Mara, when not three month later you could find a copy of it (quality of course a little bit less, but if you only need a fashionable piece that is quite ok). With every single piece you have to look for yourself: well stitched? Good wool/silk? Sometimes it is very, very trendy - and can be worn longer than I expected (e.g. a wonderful little coat - Jackie O. style, in pale framboise - I wear it "inbetween" the seasons the third year - and see nobody else with it - in such a big city as Hamburg or Berlin!)
    So enjoy and good luck!

  10. Because I used to shop at Zara a decade or so ago in Europe, I was so excited with Zara finally came to LA. The clothes were well designed and priced right. Unfortunately, the last time that I tried to buy something there the stock was low, the clothes were falling apart and the service was non existant.
    I hope that you have a better shopping experience at Zara than I did!

  11. I love Zara but its very dangerous! Lock up your credit card!

  12. I so hope Zara lives up to expectations!

    I am thinking about taking a spin around the store tomorrow...

    Now I don't work, I find myself occasionally watching the soaps. Funnily enough - 17 years on, nothing has really changed...

    K xx

  13. I'm excited about FINALLY getting to check out the new Westfield when I'm down in June!

    ... You're in for some beautiful weather when you're up in May!

  14. Britta, Belle and Vehoevious: thank you for your tips and insights.

    I will report back for Australian readers when I am brave enough to go in store.

    There's news footage online today and it looked like civilized and chic chaos, 10 items per changeroom and the police were also on hand.

    SSG xxx

  15. Have fun at Zara! And this was a very cute post idea :)


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