May 2, 2011

Listography - My Top 5 Simple Pleasures.

The theme for this week's Listography over at Kate Takes 5 is Simple Pleasures.  As the weather gets a little cooler and the year speeds by (it's May now but blink and you could well miss everything until Christmas), thinking about the simple things in life on a Monday is a pleasure in itself.

1.  Going for an afternoon walk on a Sunday.  I don't know why it's the walks on Sunday as opposed to any other day of the week but it just is.  The sun just seems to shine more softly over everything on Sunday afternoons.

2.  A cup of tea and new magazines.  Somehow a cup of coffee makes me flick through the pages more rapidly.  Is there anyone alive who doesn't like turning open the cover of a magazine they've just bought?  All this new fandangled magazines on iPad business just doesn't cut it for me.

3.  A languid soak in a hot bath.

4.  When someone else cleans, polishes and vacuums your car whilst you have a little quiet time.

5.  The privilege of being able to live my life as I please in a peaceful and politically stable country.  That I am not imprisoned by curfews or oppressive regimes.  That I do not live in fear or hunger.  I see this as such a simple thing because it's the only life I've known.  For the citizens of many other countries, this is sadly not the case.


  1. Number 5 was amazing. I couldn't agree more and think it was a nice way to end the list :D

  2. I love visiting your blog! Lovely list - thanks for joining in. I agree 100% with all of them!

  3. I was going to say new magazines. There is something so exciting about it, it has to opened at the perfect time. Sitting down with a cuppa.

  4. Amen to number 4!! And agree with Anide - great way to end the list with your number 5. Thought-provoking and sincere. Plus, I love your photographs.

  5. What a fantatsic list. All of those are perfect.

  6. #5 is very powerful; these simple things that we take for granted - thanks for sharing

  7. A great list with a powerful end note and great pics x

  8. Love the photos with your list :) agree with number 5.


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