May 24, 2011

The Pink Palace.

The last 24 hours have been a rapid induction into winter for me.  The rain is pouring down outside (on the washing but that's a drama for another day) and I've been padding around the house in my explorer socks.  I was listening to the news this morning and it sounds like most of Australia is officially cold and wet.  How are you all bearing up?

Thank goodness we've got my first batch of Hawaii photos to ponder.

Which kind of makes up for every post office I've been to having sold out of William and Kate's Royal Wedding First Day Cover.  I do have my pair of specially minted 50 cent coins commerorating the engagement and the wedding though.

Personally, I think it was a wise decision to forgo the wedding china and hold out for the coins.  The coin set is virtually indestructible and 100% non cheesy.

I had some pretty negative preconceptions before we touched down in Hawaii.  Could an island state famed for its beaches, tropical fruit and being the official birthplace of the current US President (poor Donald Trump must have mixed feelings about Hawaii, he has a resort there but it also is the place that confirms the citizenship of The President) be anything but tacky touristy and driven by filthy lucre?  I had nightmares of sky high condos lining every inch of the coastline, of streets and streets of luridly lit up bars and the fear that the locals would be wary of yet more tourists....  Australian tourists.  The ones that don't tip great.

Hold on.  Are they Hawaii fears or trippy flashbacks to my trip to Vegas on a fresh out of uni budget?

Honolulu is not Las Vegas.  Honolulu IS NOT Las Vegas.  Honolulu is heaven on earth.  The kind of heaven I'd relocate to when my joints get all achy and when my meals all begin with a handful of tablets.  Or earlier if my financial circumstances allow.

I think the climate and those magnificent beaches have much to do with why everyone there was so genuinely contented and relaxed.  Oh, and everyone is beautiful.  It's not just the sun kissed skin but the women here have Presence.  Not in a haughty way but it is definitely there.  The island is probably one of the most culturally diverse parts of the US and a high proportion of the population have a mixed racial heritage.  There's nothing like diversity to breed tolerance, mutual respect and an ability to embrace all cultures.

The view of Waikiki Beach from the 'backyard' at The Royal Hawaiian.

The area of Honolulu where we stayed was right on Waikiki Beach and definitely not too 'touristy'.  Though tourists are well catered too.  The shopping arcades are low rise and airy with lots of walk ways and areas so just sit and take in the air.  The streets and sidewalks are immaculate and in good repair.  Also the public transport and trolleys are well priced and pick up very frequently.

Our first stop was Honolulu's famous pink palace, The Royal Hawaiian.

It's tucked away of the main street and has a curving driveway at its front.  I could almost hear the swish of the skirts of those glamorous ladies of decades past as the gracefully alighted their cars to glide up the stairs to the lobby area.

There are majestic arches throughout the original part of the hotel.

And peaceful verandahs for guests to lounge on.

As they enjoy their morning coffee.

Or tea if you happen to be Australian and inclined that way.

Whilst you eat yet another banana, because it would be a waste not to eat such sweet (and well priced) fruit on a daily basis.

By now, I think you've all come to realize that I just can't say no to a good pool area.  I spent many happy hours floating in the private pool gazing up at the pink hotel around me and the vibrantly clear blue sky above it.  In the company of such a fantastic view, it is perfectly acceptable to break with the usual poolside decorum of looking sleek and moving as little as possible.  It took a fair bit of splashing on my back to find the best view of the sky. But it was well worth the effort.  Pity I couldn't photograph it for you.

Then the setting sun and early evening light makes the hotel look even more like a movie star.

The action at the bar speeds up.

2 Blue Hawaiians.
 Mr SSG and I toasted our first evening in Hawaii with a local drink.

Nuts and goldfish crackers.

Before heading out into the night to find dinner somewhere along the beach.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I think it's mad that as I'm in the UK I'm having the exact opposite season change to you (although the rain here would do anything to hide the fact its meant to be summer lol) I'm wishing for the sunshine like in these pics every bit as much as you!

    Cute blog - following you now :)


  2. You lucky, lucky girl!! I'm so happy you had a great time & stayed in a beautiful hotel. Honolulu is one of my fave places. Such great memories for me on each of my six visits (from going with my parents as a teen, to going with my girlfriends after college, to taking my own two children - then 11 & 9 - to traveling on my own). I have stayed at your beautiful hotel, but look forward to visiting once again...hopefully this time on a romantic vacation! Welcome home. How'd you like the ABC stores for basics?

  3. It looks as though you both enjoyed The Royal Hawaiian as much as I did!!
    The Blue Hawaiians are the best, aren't they?!
    Did you stay in the original part of the hotel or the newer tower?
    Soo jealous!!! Xx

  4. Such a wonderful hotel. Oh, you are making me want to go back to Oahu. I just love it there, all round the island.

  5. I have always wanted to go there so thankyou for taking us along with you SSG! Sounds like you had a ball :) xxx

  6. I am a massive fan of goldfish. They are absolutely my crack. I bought many packets home with me from the US. They are ridiculously moreish.

    I think I may have convinced Mr Kitty to put Hawaii on our agenda for next year. Our trip to the US was frantic (as usual) this year and I don't think we'll be able to repeat it. Poor Mr K was so exhausted after two back to back conferences on financial services that he never really had time to relax. I think a week in Hawaii would be the perfect antidote to crazy conferences!!

    K x

  7. It's been more than 15 years since my last visit to Hawaii, it was actually my first overseas trip destination with my family. The royal Hawaiian hotel looks very nice, looking forward to see more photos x

  8. Oh wow looks like perfection! Gorgeous photographs....! And you wouldn't have got me out of that pool area too. Nice to dream about warmth - very brrrrrrrr here in Melbourne! XX


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