May 8, 2011

SSG Is Officially On Vacation and Has 42.9kg Of Shopping To Do.

How American am I sounding?  Vacation.  Vacay.  It sounds so exotic.  I haven't officially touched down there yet.

A familiar photo I know. Sigh. It was only last week that I was living it up in Louis Vuitton's vision of Hawaii.  And now look, here I am waiting for my flight to the real Hawaii.  It's difficult, I know.

Just a quick note to say that:
  • my bag (singular) weighed in at 21.1kg, a personal best for an international flight
  • that means I have 42.9kg of shopping to do, in 10 days, I am overwhelmed already
  • the QANTAS lounge does killer cheesecake and brownies
  • I managed to score a copy of British Grazia and its souvenir Royal Wedding Special, haven't read it yet but who cares, it's British and therefore will have a more authentic, 'reporting from the front line' voice than my library of Australian magazines at home
  • I think I'm going to be asleep on the plane for the whole 9 hours.
Oh yes, the blog hopes to resume normal programming in 2 weeks' time.  I have a couple of book reviews lined up while I'm away and I'll try to check in on comments and your blogs too but the real news from SSG land will have to wait until I return to Sydney.

So, take care and good bye for a bit.  I hope you have a good week or two. 

I'm really signing off now.


  1. Dear SSG, I have just had the most enjoyable time here on Sunday morning eating my breakfast and reading lots of your past posts. So full of interesting and lovely things, I don't know where to start! Soooo impressed by your MaiTai purchases, have been plotting similar purchases - fur collar - for winter 2011/12 and you may just have kickstarted me into action! love your Target buys, partic your Chanel knitted number with the pearl brooches, wish we had a Target here, the best here would probs be Primark or Uniglo...liked your book review, and inspired by your yummy chicken and feta dish. don't know how you find the time
    to do all these things, work, work out, blog, read, go running. have a lovely holiday in Hawaii, I am now off to Sun morning cricket with the young hooligans xxx

  2. WIshing you a most spectacular holiday with your lovely husband. Thank you for being such a fabulous blogger. Love reading every word.

  3. Enjoy the sun and the shopping!

  4. Based on what I've read on your blog, I'm thinking you'll bring back more stylish clothes from your Hawaiin vacay than I did (unless they make Louis Vitton coconut bras and grass skirts, lol). Have a wonderful time. I'm not envious at all. Really. Honest. Oh ok, I'm green as the palm trees your about to encounter!

  5. Jealous and have fun ! Can't wait to get the British mags too xx

  6. Have a fantastic holiday! We're off to Bali at the end of the week so I'll see you when I'm back too :)


  7. Enjoy your time on hols... Very jealous about your UK Grazia mag too!! Can't wait for your return! XX


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