May 5, 2011

SSG's Week In Fashion. Proudly Sponsored By All The Big Names.

To coincide with Australian Fashion Week, the universe had a look at my life and decided that this week, I too needed some fashion moments.  Nothing block capital F-A-S-H-I-O-N like being front row at a show or having a handbag named after me mind you, I don't think even the universe has enough magic in her fairy wand.  Still curious?  I'd better get on with it then.

Welcome to the highlights of SSG's Fashion Week.  Proudly sponsored by Target, Diva, Red Phoenix Emporium, Mai Tai Collection, Australia Post and .....  Louis Vuitton.  All the big names, I'm sure you'll agree.  To make up for the fact that I haven't posted anything for a whole 2 days, this is going to be one of those really long posts.  But mostly pictures with short paragraphs that are more random thoughts, key words and observations than structured prose.  In the spirit of fashion journalism.

I'll start with last night.  Mr SSG and I went to the Louis Vuitton Mother's Day Event.  You know how I can't resist any invitation involving superior champagne and canapes a mid week adventure into the CBD in peak hour traffic.  How could I not attend?  Mr SSG nobly put aside his lack of interest in the store for one evening and was my plus one for the evening.

Don't ask me why, but I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to have a Coco Chanel moment.  It was Coco on a budget though and I think it worked out fine.  It was a project that drew heavily on the core principles of making your wardrobe work for you - black and white, recycle and accessorize.

The trousers were from that era in Country Road's history I will always pine for, I'm calling them vintage CR tuxedo pants.  The cardigan was from my Target haul last week and the brooches were from Diva.  The red Chanel was also from several years ago.

I resisted the temptation to identify myself as Coco Chanel at the door.

The DJ was on the ground floor.  She must be the Miuccia Prada of the turntables.  I loved her style and her play list.

To the doubters, I have this to say - LVMH stage a superior evening.

There were shoes with Winnie The Pooh coloured zebras at their heels.  I just wish there was more orange elsewhere on the floor though.

There were wedged heels under palm trees.

Everyone was friendly, there was lots to drink and a bit to eat, the music was just right and it wasn't too crowded.

Best of all, there were lots of comfortable chairs!

Yes!  A photo without a champagne glass in it.

Drawing from the company's diverse business interests, the champagne of the evening was from Veuve.  Not just any bottle though, magnums of Veuve Rose.

Mixologists (I think this is the 'fashion' term for bar tenders) were on hand to top up champgane flutes, mix cosmopolitans and to have discussions with about 'real' issues like finance (no wonder Mr SSG had such a lovely time) and irony (when I start mentioning that word, it's time to switch to water).

There was a station where the season's new 'fashion' jewelry (this seems to be a term many fashion houses use to separate the pricy from the ridiculously expensive, fashion = pricy, I think) could be tried on.

How cute are the serviettes?

Now that's the kind of jewelry counter I need at home.  Accessories included, please.

It wouldn't be a fashion event without cameras - not just the guests' but also the host's.  Staff were taking polaroids (with digital back ups) of everyone (who was anyone).

Polaroids make everything look like golden memories.

No, that wasn't the only piece of Louis Vuitton I went home with. 

I know.  An expensive belt in white.  It sounds completely contrary to investment dressing.  How often will I wear it?  Does white leather wear well?  I think it is safe to say that when Veuve Rose is on tap, the answers to these questions will be 'always' and 'hell yes!'.  I think it will work very well with the thing for my South Beach / Lilly Pulitzer section of my wardrobe.  As well as being a more easy to care for tribute to Liz Hurley than my white jeans.

We ended the night in the customary way with a stop at Maccas.

After a night of high excitement and bubbles, a Fillet O Fish is food for the brain.

It's been a hectic few days and I only realized today that I had 2 parcels waiting for me to unwrap.  There are times when Australia Post really knows how to cheer a girl up.  And it's not when I've been in the queue at 9am just waiting for the post office to open.

Did you know that Willow and Lotus now have a clothing line?  They had a very chic launch at The Tribune in Brisbane.  I was so disappointed that I couldn't just fly over for it in true globe trotting fashionista style.  I had fun last night but RPE would have been 11/10, in Brisbane fashionista parlance.

I didn't completely miss out on the excitement.  Lotus very kindly emailed me herself to let me know the moment the Dolce Vita Collection when live online.  Not that I needed any encouragement.  The only problem was what not to order.

I'm sure that postcard is inspired by Lotus in her green blouse and a necklace from the Dolce Vita collection!

My Bella shift arrived!  Parcels from the Red Phoenix Emporium are always a bright spot in the day.

I love a free sized dress.  So easy to style and wear through different seasons, through fat days and through thin.  Plus, the added bonuses of being made in a travel friendly fabric with a flattering neckline and sleeve length. This is an actual immediately after unwrapping photo - what creases?  I don't think this dress will ever need to meet an iron.

Red Phoenix Jewels meet Red Phoenix Frock.

I'm planning to layer it with a skivvy this winter.  There's a light weight range of cotton ones at Target at the moment for around $12 each.  They look as if they will wash well and most importantly for winter, dry quickly.  Get to Target and get a few before your size disappears.

Parcels from Mai Tai also make me smile.

I ordered a couple of Mai Tai's collars that are designed to be worn alone or with scarves. And a grande sized black scarf ring.

Happy Fashion Week, everyone!  Whether you're hard core committed or a casual observer, I hope you found something for your wardrobe this week.

I'm kind of sad tonight.  It's the last night I have to set my alarm for 0515 - for 15 days.  I barely had to buy any groceries at Coles and that 600 ml carton of skim (all we need until Sunday when we leave) for the fridge looks to small in the fridge.  This is crazy talk!



  1. Am in love with the new frock. Complete and utter love.

    Take care.

  2. What a glamorous evening! Good to see you keeping it real by stopping in at Maccas.

    Was eyeing off that frock at RPE but think I'm too big to carry it off. I'll continue to live vicariously through you (as I do several other lovelies) and wait for you to show us.

    TDM xx

  3. Looooooooove the belt!!!

    I think the sign of a good night is a Maccas run after. We had a bottle of Veuve last night - just because, I could live off that Nectar Of The Gods.

    That shift dress looks gorgeous, I'm going to put in an order when pay day kicks around.

  4. I do love the dress. Shame there were no LV giftbags with delicious freebies inside. ;-)

  5. Oh WOW!! While you were doing all that, I was wearing a tracksuit and uggs about the house. Fancy swapping lives just for a day? Yes?

  6. Hi girl...
    I did not catch the name of the DJ?
    Music you can recommend?

    Have a great day.

  7. Love the mix of Veuve and Maccas - in the vein of another popular blogger, you certainly know how to mix high end clobber with chain store pieces :)
    Off to check out RPE's Dolce Vita collection - might have to snap up that dress of yours also. x

  8. Coco on a budget is a must. You channelled it well. V jealous of the canapes. Nom nom XXX

  9. Great outfit SSG. I had every intention of going to that same LV Mother's day event but none of my sisters could babysit for me otherwise we may have bumped into eachother! :)

  10. Loving how they used Polaroids! Just letting you know that I've given you an award :)

  11. Sophie P: thank you :-)

    BB: next time! Sorry you missed it. Would love to meet one day.

    Su: I will have words with management about lack of gift bags....

    Rhi: thank you for the award, very kind of you.

    SSG xxx

  12. I love the RPE dress and the cardi. The event at LV looked great :) Thanks for sharing xx

  13. I love the event and the belt is so luxe.

    Thanks again for supporting our little label and can't wait to see some snaps in your new dress!

    P.S You are right, it will NEVER NEED IRONING. Ladies we are here to help :) I absolutely flat out refuse to iron so I ended up having to make my own iron-free clothes instead ha ha!



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