May 26, 2011

Supermarket Snaps From Hawaii. Kate Loves Reiss and the World Loves it Excessively.

Today's post could have been about so many things.  I've finally caught up on my sleep, made my peace with the weather and centred my body to my current timezone.  I woke up full of energy this morning and my perky brain cells hungrily absorbed the latest news:
  • both Paul Keating and Peter Costello have their eye on the IMF prize as scandal envelopes its most recent past chief
  • K Rudd has enough frequent flyer miles to get him a one way ticket to the moon (is this something Julia was negotiating with QANTAS and NASA?)
  • Oprah filmed the last episode of her show with Maria Shriver as a radiant and confident guest in one of the final week episodes, I hear there were no big audience giveaways involved but many tears were shed
  • Kim Kardashian is now very sparkily engaged
  • Something dramatic could have happened on Masterchef and even if it didn't the music and dramatic commentary would have made it so. 
Lost somewhere amongst all of this is the potential plight of unprocessed detainees in Australia.  The current proposal is for them to be exchanged with processed refugees currently languishing in Malaysia.  As with the other options explored in our refugee situation, I don't think the issue at stake is the protection of the human rights of those being shuffled across the seas.

But no, today I am sticking to tradition.  Thursdays, to me, are about grocery shopping (usually at Coles) and window shopping (at Ikea or Cotton On).  So, today we're going to be all about about the price of bananas, the new storage solution ideas I got at Ikea groceries.  Can you not see the dramatic potential from where you are?  Maybe I'm just not dressing it up enough.  Colour and sparkle could help.  Not 20 carats worth of diamond sparkle, I will leave that to Kim K but enough for a winter's day in Sydney.

Skivvy - Kookai, dress - Veronika Maine, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium.

Enter my new Faux Fuchsia Orange Necklace from the Red Phoenix Emporium.

Today's supermarket snaps are from Hawaii.  For me, visiting supermarkets in foreign countries is a high priority on my sightseeing list.  I could and do spend hours in the aisles, picking things of shelves and reading the labels.  My favourite place to do this is in the US.  The range, the sheer energy of the advertising and the foreign yet familiar look to the products is a source of many hours of amusement to me.  Am I the only person reading this blog who is this easily amused?

The hotels we stayed in at Hawaii were both glamorous but for some reason had completely empty bar fridges.  Which I took to mean I had licence to fill them.  Which meant that I had legitimate reasons to be at The Food Pantry and the ubiquitous ABC Stores most days we were there.  It was a job I took to with relish.

I really liked the ABC Stores for 2 reasons.

They love Hello Kitty as much as I do.

There were enough different Hello Kitty Ts to have a different one for each day of the week.

I got asked for ID every time I bought anything alcoholic.

According to the signs,  I definitely look at least under 40.  I didn't stretch my luck by trying to buy ciggies.

I barely knew where to look the first time I walked into Food Pantry.

A full wall of Oreos and his cousins.
It didn't take me long to find the local chocolate.

Peanut butter twix!!!!

They are so delicious.  Even better than my Sydney substitute of chocolate dipped in smooth peanut butter.

This is where I was as I enjoyed that Twix.

Overlooking the infinity pool at the Sheraton Waikik.

Staying afloat on those orange beanbags was much harder than it looks.
There were coconut flavoured M&Ms.

Which I didn't like as much as the Twix.

But they were colour co-ordinated to match their packaging.

I regret not bringing home more packets of Chex Mix.  Cheddar is my favourite.

Ranch Dressing flavoured chips.

I was reunited with my favourite mascara - at such a nice price!

I even found the Kleenex doggie.  He is definitely more photo-shopped than his Australian cousin.  Or perhaps he's just had more botox and peels done.

But I didn't stop there.  There was the refrigerator and freezer aisles still to explore.

The cheese is more orange in the US for some reason.

I've always been fascinated by the concept of frozen croissant pastry that comes in a roll.  Now I've seen it but not tasted it ....

As opposed to maple syrup and pancakes.

Betty Crocker only sells its cake mixes in Australia, they also have this range of potato products.  The idea of dry packed scalloped potatoes does frighten me though.
There was everything you needed for an instant breakfast in the freezer aisle.


Stuffed bagels.
Maple flavoured pork sausages which are called links.

Not to mention a liquor aisle.

Magarita mix.

Alcohol infused whipped cream.  My imagination isn't good enough for this one.
The Chandon in the USA is a very different beast to its Australian sister.  Unfortunately, the US version comes of second best.  It's really rough.

I really should have brought this cereal home with me.

The Special K flavours were much the same as what we have here.

I regret not even trying pumpkin pie whilst we were there.  Still, at least I've seen pumpkin pie filling.

Wow.  That was quite a few iPhone photos I took in the supermarket.  Didn't seem that many at the time...

Are you as intrigued by Reiss as I am?  Kate wore yet another of her dazzling high street finds to meet the Obamas this week and the frenzy this created to but the sub $300 AUD dress caused the Reiss website to crash and stay crashed for several days.  Will my princess aspirations ever come to fruition?

Image couretesy of
It really is a fantastic dress.  Even after all my weeks of hardcore shopping, I'm still tempted to keep clicking on the website in the blind hope that it's operational again and that there is stock of this dress.


  1. SSG go quickly to ebay uk - all the dresses bought yesterday are now for sale (at somewhat inflated prices!) on ebay. I agree its a fantastic frock!

    Love going round the supermarket with you - I like 'foreign' stuff too - here we have 'Hurry Up' bars which are Twix but cheaper. Name makes me laugh so I have to eat them :)

  2. I, too, visit local supermarkets when overseas. Italy is fantastic.

  3. Agreed... supermarkets in other countries are so interesting - I spend HOURS in them! Peanut twix ? Mmmmmmm! XXX

  4. Okay. Can I just say this post was adorable! First of all, I love the image of perky brain cells. Next, I, too, love Ikea, Hello Kitty and the idea of being reunited with a long-lost cosmetic. And finally, my imagination isn't up to the alcohol-infused whipped cream, either. Though perhaps if I mixed it with coconut M&M's ...

  5. Bagelfuls, Digiorno Pizza & Cookies, Hot Pockets --> fun! But bad for you. Very bad. Sodium-fat-Calorie triumvirate.

  6. It is always so interesting exploring overseas supermarkets. Makes it all the more exciting! Love that the Reiss website is no longer available. Crazy! It's a nice dress but people really need to relax. I do like that she wears brands accessible to the rest of us folk.

  7. Loved this post (as I do all your others). I never thought I would come across anyone who likes exploring foreign supermarkets as much as me. Poor S had to spend almost 2 hours in a Noumea supermarket with me while I pored over everything. I too am also obsessed with all things peanut butter :) x

  8. I didn't rate the coconut M&Ms either. They tasted fake. But not being on the chocolate bandwagon at the moment, I missed out on the peanut butter twix! Disaster!!

    I adore supermarkets overseas. My favourite in the US is Wholefoods - did you make it there? Ridiculously good, and scarily expensive. I also like visiting Walmart for all the supersized things - I bought a packet of cheetos that was the size of my hotel pillow - I kid you not!!

    It's not the same thing but it's close - Ojay has a very VERY fine replica of Catherine's engagement dress: visit page three for the Midnight gathered waist skinny dress. I'm thinking of getting one for post pregnancy!

    K xx

  9. Mrs Exeter: my eyes are hurting from Ebay. Those prices are truly shocking but thank you, I will keep a steely eye out for a bargain.

    Suze: thank you for the suggestion of how the whipped cream could be used...

    Kitty: Ojay! Who would have thought. Yes, I loved Whole Foods in NYC.

    And thank you everyone for your overseas supermarket stories.

    SSG xxx

  10. Hello - me again! There's a story about the dress in today's Daily Mail which says that Reiss is going to restock the frock - perhaps before end of June! Fingers crossed you can get one then at the original price! xxx

  11. Mrs E: THANK YOU!!! I will be watching the website.

    SSG xxx

  12. I love this post of the different food. it all looks so unhealthy! But so good!

  13. oh i know that this must be something great then and i am sure everything would be so alright and awesome. buy Dried Foods online


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