May 8, 2011

Surviving the Cold and Loving Departures.

Winter's officially here in Sydney.  I can't believe how cold it was this morning.  It took me the first kilometre of my run before I could even feel my face and I didn't even break into a sweat going up hills. 

To keep warm, I've avoided the traditional methods like wearing heavier clothing and using a hot water bottle.  Instead, I've been drinking a cup of tea on the hour, every hour and spending a lot of time under the bathroom heater.

I must be strange.  In more ways than one.

I'm off to the airport soon to start my favourite part of a holiday.  Checking in and waiting for the flight out to my destination.  I love departing, I love the departure area. More than arriving and definitely more than returning home. 

There's an air of anticipation as travelers bide their time until boarding.  It's a happy feeling knowing that you've worked hard to get to this point and are about to fly away for a bit of an escape, and explore and a chance to reconnect with so many aspects of your life.  That life outside of work and day to day commitments at home.  Who knows, you may even find that elusive 'all the time in the world' whilst you're lazing at your destination.

I'm usually one of those hard core planners.  I usually arrive at my destination with an itinerary, at least 2 guide books and a desire to go, go, go.  This time, it's different.  I've just downloaded my guides onto my Kindle (goodbye bulky books!!) and we're just going to wing when we land.  Going with the flow, so long as it's relaxing.  I'm excited that I'm this under prepared and researched but also a little anxious.  What if we don't see everything we should?  At the moment, the excitement is winning out over the anxiety.  I'm relishing the chance to be away in a place I've never visited and in some lovely warm weather.

Okay, better get going.  I've got to dry my hair and empty the dishwasher.  Before I do go though, may I take this opportunity to wish all the mothers, mothers to be and mothers in waiting who are reading this blog....

Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. Safe travels, SSG! Have a fabulous time xx

  2. Have a divine holiday SSG...
    and please keep those of us who are bound to work and home informed as to your travels!
    Happy Mother's Day

  3. Hi SSG, wishing you and Mr SSG a FABULOUS holiday and enjoy the warm weather!!!! xx

  4. Bon Voyage and Safe Travels!!!


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