May 2, 2011

Waiting For History To Be Made.

We have been waiting for history to be made in so many ways this last couple of days.

For that first kiss of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Then, as they stepped back inside Buckingham Palace many of us hoped that the future would be kind to this extremely likeable and grounded young couple.  That they would fulfill their royal duties to the beset of their abilities.  That they and the media would respect each other.  That Kate really would be allowed that time to adjust to her new lives - as a wife, as a member of the Royal Family and also to life as a fashion icon whether she likes it or not.

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It made me happy and relieved to read that practically all of the respected news agencies were so gracious and respectful  in their coverage of the fashion at the wedding.  If Karl himself said there was allure, elegance and sexiness without vulgarity (that last bit was about Pippa's bridesmaid's dress) then it is so.  This was a formal wedding that stood for so much more that a fashion moment.  It was not a celebrity studded 'look at me and ask me who made my dress' red carpet event and I'm glad the media appreciated that a line exists between these.

Perhaps this is an early sign that we've all learned about the mistakes surrounding the media focus on and expectation of every aspect of Princess Diana's life that had such tragic consequences.

Then, today, we waited again.  For bittersweet news - the announcement of a much anticipated death.  For the formal statement by President Obama that Osama Bin Laden was killed by US forces in Pakistan.

There was an hour's delay before the President took to his lectern.  Final phone calls to other world leaders, just checking that Michelle and the girls were safe, perhaps a moment to have a moment with the 2 former US Presidents who paved the way for this moment.  The address was eloquent, brief and measured.

From what I have seen already from the news from the US, the whole country is united in joy and hope for the future.  That the millions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost are at least partially justified and that it was not all in vain.  There will, however, be consequences for all of us.  I'm not sure that the death of the world's most wanted man in the world solves more problems than it will create.

The world is moving forward today with both justice being done and hope for the future.  Exciting times.


  1. Is it wrong that I have unsettled feelings about Osama's death? I know he was one of the main instigators involved with the Sept 11 attack on New York, but celebrating his murder/death with street parties just seems a little tacky to me. I also fear repurcussions from his supporters on innocent people could be on the cards. I hope I'm wrong. On a brighter note, I loved the wedding. I donned a tiara and thoroughly enjoyed the event.

  2. jane: I'm a bit uneasy too. I think his death symbolizes many positive things for the US but somehow, I don't think his demise is the answer for everything that's wrong in the world. And yes, I do fear repercussions on more innocent lives.

    SSG xxx

  3. I am scared that he is now dead :( :( :( my brother is traveling to the US in July. It's probably just nerves but what about retaliation?

    On a happy note - I loved that The Kaiser himself spoke so warmly of Dutchess Catherine's dress.

  4. M: I know. We're going next week and I think security is going to be off the chart.

    SSG xxx

  5. With all the billions that have been spent and lives lost I hope we have seen the worst of it all.

    TDM xx

  6. Liked this post - we are definitely living in interesting times.


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