Jun 11, 2011

Azure Restaurant at The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki.

Today's Hawaii flashback is all about seafood.  Due to the weather here in Sydney, all I've been cooking is heavy comfort food.  Seafood has been somewhat lacking, unless you count my canned flavoured tuna for lunch at work.  In lieu of cooking seafood this weekend, I thought we might just look at some photos of it instead.  Enjoy and I hope we all get some of our essential fish oils beamed to use through this screen.

Azure Restaurant is an airy and modern dining space that is part of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  Its specialty is seafood which is sourced daily at the Honolulu fish auction but the menu also includes meat and pasta dishes.

The restaurant has a lovely high ceiling and the designers made good use of this by installing some interesting features like the wrought iron light fixtures and floor length canvas curtains.

We started our meal with some very moreish flat bread and a ranch flavoured dip.

Water feature wall behind the bar.

Then continued our carb loading with some excellent breads.

The butter had a special salt sprinkled on top of it.

The wicker chairs were equipped with plump cushions to make lounging more languid.

We had dinner pretty late so were really only looking at mains.

Mr SSG ordered the Ocean Risotto which was an impressive feast of seafood atop perfectly cooked rice.

It was the first time I'd eaten crushed potatoes.  These were fingerling potatoes served with Hawaiian sea salt and chives.  I'm a convert.

My main was a fish of the day cooked in the Chef's Island Special way.  It had a beautifully spicy crust and a bed of corn.

It was a lovely meal.  Simply but perfectly cooked with fresh, light flavours.  Well worth a visit if you happen to be staying at The Royal Hawaiian.

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  1. Thanks for this review. I might stay at the Royal Hawaiian, next time I go to Oahu, and it's good to know the hotel restaurant serves nice food.

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