Jun 16, 2011

The Bold Use of Colour. Imposter Mi Goreng.

There's a lot to be said for the bold use of colour in work outfits.

Cardigan - Target, tank - Big W, skirt - Ralph Lauren (heavily discounted in Tokyo), scarf ring - Mai Tai Collection, scarf - Hermes.

They lift your spirits and ensure you're highly visible when you have to trudge across the car park in the semi darkness that is both morning and late afternoon at the moment.

I'm well pleased with this cardigan.  It's from that trip to Target  a few months back where I was heeding the call of Lilly Pulitzer and her love of vibrant colour in the context of preppy.  And to think I also have this cardi in green, orange and purple!  It's safe to say I won't be doing blandsville or blacksville every day this winter.

Work was all sorts of things except dull today.  I think my outfit may have set the tone for the day.

Imposter Mi Goreng 5 pack.  Note bland blue packaging.

I bear disturbing news from my local Coles.   This is not the Mi Goreng I know and love.  It's an imposter.  And not even cunningly disguised.  I've taken to eating a packet of Mi Goreng with the better part of a bunch of greens for Sunday lunch recently and my supply of the noodles was running dangerously low.  I think I'm going to be on rations until I can get to Woolworths or the Asian grocer.  So if I'm a bit strange this weekend, you'll know why.  I could be Mi Goreng deficient or grumpy from working the weekend, it can be hard to tell sometimes.

The real deal Mi Goreng with my preferred side dish.  Note enticing packaging with the promise of 5 different flavour sachets.

Coles did redeem itself though with this exciting deal on Coke Zero and Diet Coke.

I am meant to be shunning caffeine and artificial additives but some lifestyle changes are too big to happen overnight.

The love of colour stayed with me for my dinner preparations.  Does it count as cooking dinner if you make coconut rice from scratch but serve it with a portion of defrosted Nigella Lawson tomato and pea curry?  Did I hear a yes?  Good stuff.

After all the effort of froggy-lunaing the lime leaves and lemon grass, I think I earned the right to use ginger paste instead of grating the fresh variety.

The SSG Manor iPad adventures continue.  Today the household is loving TuneIn, thank you Mr SSG.  You can listen to radio stations from all around the world and with just about any special interest you can imagine.  There's even multiple NPR stations to choose from.  My next step is to find a docking station that I can put on the bedside table so I can listen to crystal clear NPR whenever I want from the comfort of bed. 

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  1. OOOooooOOooo love digital radio.
    There is a 90's hip hop program ONLY 90's hip hop. I am, of course, in my element here.

    Not many will agree with me hahaahaaaa


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