Jun 12, 2011

Brunch and Chat. Beautiful Beetroot. The Part Time Vegetarian.

Well, the rain is not letting and either is my love of the Salvador lens on my iPhone's Hipstamatic app.
The front gate as seen through the Salvador lens.

The winter car wash.
Brunch and Talks was great fun yesterday.  Miss Kitty-Cat and I were finally able to align our schedules, sync our handbag choices (Mulberry's Bayswater) and meet up for coffee, a chat and a super efficient power walk / shop.

Blazer - Ralph Lauren, sweater - Kookai, belt - GAP, jeans - Seven For All Mankind, necklaces - T& Co and Mikimoto.
It was wool blazer and jeans weather.

Amongst the many, many topics of discussion was the issue of Good Teabags. If it weren't for Miss Kitty-Cat, I would still be ignorant of the fact that T2 also sell their teas in teabag form as well as their famed loose leaf teas.  I came home with a box each of Melbourne Breakfast and Lemongrass Ginger.  So even when the two of us can't meet up in person for a chat, we can at least share cups of tea long distance.

That Melbourne Breakfast is good stuff.  It's got hints of vanilla and honey in it without  being cloying or sweet.  Perfect for a rainy day breakfast of fruit toast topped with cottage cheese, honey and cinnamon.

We tackled other big issues as well. Namely whether it was possible to have knee high opaque tights that didn't cut into your circulation just below the knee.

Ladies, these are the answer.  2 pairs per pack and 30% off in the DJ's winter sales.  You have been advised by an expert panel.


Before we knew it, we were into the early afternoon.  I was sent home not only with some very necessary purchases but this care package of home baked cookies.  Thank you so much, S!  It was indeed a lovely morning.

Oh yes, before I forget!  An update on Trouser-gate.  It's all good.  They survived the front loader despite being marked dry clean only.  Phew.  I good pair of khaki trousers is hard to find.

Jumper - Country Road, jeans - Paige Premium Denim, flats - Burberry.

Fortunately, it wasn't work trouser day today though.  In fact, neither is tomorrow....  Don't you love that?  Today is more a woolly jumper and jeans day with uggs for around the house or fun flats for leaving the house.

It turns out H, my brother and current house guest of SSG Manor is now a Part Time Vegetarian.  Meaning he's decided to limit himself to a few (single digit number, exact value unknown) days of meat eating per month.  So I decided to make soup for lunch today.

Can part time vegeterians taste the chicken in chicken stock?
This month's Donna Hay magazine has a brilliant section on short cut soups.  I like that the flavours are not your run of the mill meat, dried herbs and veg varieties.  Nothing wrong with the tried and true but it's good to be able to slurp soup outside of the box.

Anyway, in need of a splash of colour today, I decided to make the Donna's Beetroot and Horseradish soup.

Will you look at those glossy, canned whole beetroots?  They really do look like jewels.

I found my Braun food stick blender AND all its attachments!!!!!  In under 2 minutes.  A personal best.

It really is too easy.  The hardest part is probably unearthing your food processor.  In my case, I used this trusty Braun stickblender with its processing bowl.

It's a whole lot less messy to use something with a secure lid when trying to process beetroot.

Process the beets with sea salt, pepper, horse radish paste and a little chicken stock.

Then, place the puree in a saucepan with another 4 cups of chicken stock and heat through.

I can't get enough of the colour of this soup.

To serve, place a dollop of sour cream and chopped chives over the top of a bowl of the soup and ENJOY!  It's a wonderfully light soup and the horseradish adds such zing to the beetroot.  Two thumbs up from the Part Time Vegetarian too.

Well, I'll leave you all to continue your cocooning, people.  

Bye for now.


  1. I love your tiffany key - I've been looking at them for ages. which chain did you choose? (sorry I can't tell from the photo!)
    sounds like a lovely weekend to me

  2. Beets are the best!
    I am so eager for them to harvest in the garden....

    I love cashmere socks for winter....knee highs are death to my circulation.

    Keep warm SSG!

  3. Heavenly Ingredients: I got a ball chain with mine.

    Hostess: thank you, looking forward to seeing the beets from your garden soon.

    SSG xxx

  4. I too have been pondering whether to do the Tiffany key.

    I laughed out loud your PB for finding your blender. It's an olympic sport in my house. I tuck all those things in behind everything else and it becomes such a chore to use them.

    Stay warm, looks like you've got the well fed under control.

    TDM xx

  5. looks very heatlhy.. yum !!!

  6. Interesting! I've never tried a beetroot soup using tinned beetroot before! But it looks good! :D

  7. We love beetrool soup at our house, all being have polska.

    Keep warm


  8. I love the hipstamatic photos. I need to get that app.
    Also, I'm going to try your beetroot soup. It may be on the cusp of summer here but the weather is so foggy and cold, I'm cooking as though it is November.

  9. I was convinced those were glace cherries rather than beetroots when I first saw them - I love your blazer! (and I'm not normally a fan of Ralph Lauren)

  10. It was so lovely meeting you too! And I'm glad you liked the cookies - they are Mr K's favourites!

    I'm also glad you love the tea. I couldn't do without it. A house isn't a home without good tea!

    K xx

  11. I'm in love with your RL blazer. Such a classy piece! :)

  12. Chow cold was uttered a lot in our house this weekend. Love the Biker jacket!


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