Jun 17, 2011

Coming Home.

There really is no place like home.  From that moment my key turns at the front door, the cares of the day just lift off my shoulders.  Sometimes I imagine these cares have their own wings that enable them to just drift away with the prevailing winds.  Other days, those cares have jet propelled wings that propel them away faster than the speed of light. 

Then I get to ease my shoes off, land my bag somewhere in the vicinity of the sofa close to the door and pad around barefoot for a while, relishing the quiet and the solitude.  Just not having to talk or think hard or make a decision more complicated than what to do for dinner.

Many of my favourite 'at home' sounds and smells revolve around the kitchen.  I have fond memories of living with mum and dad and coming home or waking up to the smell and sound of dinner being prepared.  That 'waking up' bit makes me sound really lazy but I lived at home during a crazy period of time where all I seemed to do was go on night shift and waking up to dinner cooking (as opposed to having to find it myself) helped keep me sane.

I like making dinner from scratch.  It's a rarity during the week but ironically, it's a whole lot more satisfying than reheating a series of containers in the microwave.  Tonight, I just had to make the effort.  I didn't feel like watching TV, I was too restless to read and not on quite the right spiritual plane to hit my yoga mat.

Nothing sticks on Anolon pans.  Nothing.

The wonderful sounds and scent of onions meeting heated oil and butter soon had me feeling perkier. 

I enjoyed it so much I did it twice.  Once for the base for my butter chicken and an encore for a spicy basmati rice with peas.

The chopping, frying and stirring were very cathartic this evening.

I'm on a bit of a roll with fancy rice side dishes this week.  Tonight's spicy rice was from the current issue of Super Food Ideas.

Hope you're all having a cozy night in.

Talk to you soon.


  1. Butter Chicken recipe pleaaaaaaaaaaase lady!!!

    You're so right about coming home and not having to think, it's bliss.

  2. This post is very soothing SSG...I feel the warmth of your home here in these words and images.


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