Jun 27, 2011

Contact Lens Caniptions. Cardigans For Uggs.

It wasn't just the Salvador 84 lens on my iPhone going all cross eyed over some white Lindt chocolate today, I had an Only On A Monday Morning contact lens malfunction as well.  Blinking and squinting for a full day at work was exhausting.  To the point that I think it qualified as the equivalent of my 30 minutes of brisk exercise for the day.  I had to have a couple of squares of Lindt at lunchtime to keepy my energy levels up.

And a cup of Starbucks instant coffee or Via Ready Brew as the package describes it.  This particular variety is called the French Roast but it tasted very American to me.  In my squinty eyed state as I sat back in my chair and sipped my coffee, I felt like I was in a 1950's diner somewhere wearing a poodle skirt, cat's eye glasses and a cardigan waiting for  large slice of apple pie a la mode to come my way.  Way back when, in a pre contact lens world.  Where the time I currently spend fishing around for a dropped lens on the bathroom floor or in the sink would have been put to better use trying to achieve an immaculate and gravity defying up do with my hair.

The back of the coffee box 'We believe you should never be without great coffee'.  Ain't that the truth.

Well, I'm home now wearing my glasses (not cat's eye, unfortunately) and my eyes are thanking me profusely.  So much so that they wanted my feet to share in the comfort.

My eyes got together with my fingers and found these on Ugg Boots Made In Australia.  They're just what I need for the chilly evening walk to and back from yoga (to my car but still at times, it feels  like an assault on Everest at times) or to the pool (ditto).

Needless to say, as a person who is firmly against legging as pants or jeggings on grown women, I made sure to choose a style that was clearly for out door rather than around the house use.  The Offroader style features a grip sole, a steel cap toe (the things I'll be getting up to in these uggs!!) and .... cardy socks!  To keep the uggs warm, of course.  They button down over the top of the calf section of the boots.  The Flashdance effect without the hassle of trying to get in and out of leg warmers.

Take care everyone and stay warm.  I've had a very relaxing time at yoga this evening doing variations on head stands and practicing vibratory exhalations.  I will sleep well tonight.


  1. I can most certainly relate to being against wearing leggings as bottoms in and of themselves! It's horrid! Even on the tinniest of girls, when they pull their leggings up around the waist and you see the panty lines and the private creases of their female figure, ick!

    I'm wearing my Uggs right~ stay warm~

  2. Your first pic reminds me of those paper things we used to make in primary school! with colours and numbers? ahh what are they called?

    If those Uggs came in grey, I would definitely need to get a pair!

  3. I think you should consider a career in sales. You have me convinced that I need a pair too!

    TDM xx

  4. I really do love those little Starbucks sachets. They are quite popular over here in the UK but unfortunatly, the price isn't so popular (with me, anyway).

    I love my uggs, and I'll happily admit that I've commited the cardinal sin of wearing them outdoors and *gasp* to work!

  5. miss E: I have no idea what they're called either.

    TDM: you know you want them.... I'll post a review when I get mine.

    Jade: it's not a sin in this weather to be wearing uggs to work.

    SSG xxx

  6. What a great post, loved reading it! I'm not much for Uggs, but these were kinda different and looks very warm:) I'm enjoying summer and love my 3,5 km runs three times a week - I think they do the same for me as your yoga classes do for you:)


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