Jun 3, 2011

Frugal Food Trippin' On Friday Night.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling loose (in the Triple J sense of the word), hectic (see previous) and ecclectic (as per the standard dictionary definition) tonight.  I don't know why.  Perhaps it's because it's a Friday night in winter and I'm finally coming to terms with the weather.  Perhaps it's because Mr SSG and I have spent the evening by the wireless listening to Radio Soul Wax on Triple J whilst in our PJs, waiting for the takeaway to arrive.  Or perhaps it's because I've discovered those Meyer lemons of mine really add a zing to the SSG Manor house Bellini's.

Whatever the reason, I'm just running with it.  Tonight's post is going to be loosely (there's the adverb of that word again) themed on colour, frugal and fun.  Frugal mainly because I've just opened my holiday credit card statements and I think I have no choice but to live on a shoe string budget for the next month or so.

Cheeseburger is a chain of restaurants across Hawaii and a couple of other states in the US. I love the story behind the restaurants.  The founders are a couple of girls from Southern California who had a dream of owning their own burger restaurants.  They decided to start in Hawaii and despite their lack of formal training in catering or the restaurant industry, made a success of their first restaurant in Hawaii and have now openend a total of 6 outlets.

I should have guessed that the burgers were the thing to try at this restaurant on the Beachwalk but it was 8am and we were there for breakfast.

The California vibe is evident in the chirpy greeting on the breakfast menu.

Mr SSG ordered a Bloody Mary.

He loved it but no matter how had I tried, I just couldn't make myself drink tomato juice with a celery stick and a lime segment on top.  I'm much happier just being an onlooker.

The French Toast was very fluffy and not too 'eggy'.  Different to how I've often eaten it.

The egg and toast special was around $5 but don't let the price deter you.  It was freshly cooked and those hash browns were made with finely grated potato rather than the being the frozen slabs you might expect from McDonalds.

Cheeseburger Beachwalk on Urbanspoon

I did try the healthy approach to lunch (once) whilst on holiday.  I had takeaway sushi from Sushi 2 Go on a bench along the Beachwalk.  The sushi is super fresh and the salad has this amazing dressing that is hard to describe but so moreish I found myself dropping forkfuls of salad greens into the dressing container to soak up every last drop of dressing.

Sushi on the Beachwalk sidewalk.
My memories of Hawaii are somewhat hazy now, after 2 weeks back at work so I cannot confirm or deny if all these meals happened on the same day.  I really hope they didn't.

 Kaiwa Sushi 2Go on Urbanspoon

Oreos being added to my ice cream on the marble slab.

My one and only ice cream of the trip was at Cold Stone Creamery.  Where I had the Oreo Overload Signature Creation.

A few ingredients and a bit of a mulching later, my cup of ice cream.
Words cannot describe.  The ice cream base wasn't too dense and was the perfect base for the cookies, crumbs and chocolate sauce.  I think I was silent the entire time it took to finish my ice cream.

The brownies to the right in this photo are the base of a very decadent ice cream dessert extravaganza I never got around to trying for myself.

 Cold Stone Creamery on Urbanspoon

Okay, time for a scheduled food photo break.

Hawaii is a Hello Kitty state. 
Once a week, the International Market Place holds a Farmer's Market and we were lucky enough to be in town for one of them.

There is a wide variety of fresh local produce - both fresh foods and items such as jams and cakes as well as hot meals.

I couldn't get away from the colour yellow.  The corn was very sweet and there was this lovely grilled flavour to it thanks to the way it was cooked at the stall we bought this corn cob from.

More bananas!

In the spirit of an indulgent holiday, Mr SSG and I decided to have our local bananas in a crepe.

With nutella.

They were good.  Marginally healthy too.

Before we left for Hawaii, Mr SSG developed this thing for microwave popcorn.  I'd come home on Saturday afternoons to find the kitchen smelling of his afternoon snack. 

So it went without saying that he had to give this freshly hand made version a try.

The owners of this stall built their corn popping kettle to their own design.

All natural food colourings for the popped corn.
Mr SSG and his bag  of hand popped kettle corn.

I took this photo on one of my first walks along Waikiki Beach.  Many hotels have direct beach access and have their own water sports facilities for hotel patrons.  This boat was running from the beach of a neighbouring hotel.

The colours of the rainbow look spectacular against a backdrop of ocean and clear sky.
Further inland one evening, Mr SSG and I channelled Twin Peaks and had dinner at a diner.

It was like stepping into a different era as we were lead to our little booth in the diner.

Iceberg lettuce salads are homely whichever side of the glob you're visitng from.

The all you can eat salad bar was very popular and faithfully replenished at regular intervals through the night.

We ordered old school dishes.

Mr SSG had a hamburger with pickle and pineapple on the side.

And I had a roast beef sandwich.  On white bread with mash and gravy on the side.

Pink moped, we're near the end.  That nearly rhymed.

There were lots of interesting meals to be had at the local food courts.

The corn chips here are denser and less crisp than the version we often see in Australia.  I can never tire of looking at the vibrantly orange cheese.

My Chinese Salad was jam packed with all sorts of good things, including fried won ton wrappers and good old ice berg lettuce.

You know how I love Japanese Golden Curry?  So much so that it gets made in my slow cooker at SSG Manor at least once every 3 weeks all year round?  Well, at the Ala Moana Center, is a stall that serves nothing  but Japanese curry.  You can have chicken, beef, vegetables, extra spinach, a fried pork fillet, an egg, anything in your curry.

By the end of our holiday, my burger cravings were well and truly satisfied.

There was a day I craved greens and brown rice.  I found both in the one convenient takeaway carton.

And we can now all take a deep breath and find a quiet place to lie down and reflect.

Before padding barefoot down a carpetted outdoor coridoor in search of new sights and sounds.  But perhaps not tastes for a little while.

Have a lovely evening and weekend, everyone.

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  1. Love it! What a wonderful foodie time you've had. It looks exactly as American food should look.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.


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