Jun 13, 2011

It's the Queen's Birthday Holiday Monday and I Dress Accordingly.

Image courtesy of www.theage.com.au
Today's public holiday in the Eastern States of Australia commemorates the Queen's Birthday.  It is also the day that Australians receiving official honours for their duty to the country are named.  I like reading about recipients of the awards each year because it reminds me of the truly special people from so many walks of life who make a difference in their own way with a minimum of fanfare and publicity save for their recognition on this day.

This year, Max Walker has been named as a Member of the Order of Australia.  I know he's not exactly an ordinary person in the sporting world but I was really surprised to read about why he was awarded on Order.  Outside of his sporting achievements and media role, Max has been quietly active as a patron of severall charities, including the Rotary Overseas Medical Aid for Children which helps bring children to Australia for essential medical care that they would otherwise not receive in their own countries.  I found Max's response to this happy news very grounding.  He speaks with humility about just getting out there and doing what you can and not setting out to get recognition for philanthropy. 

Congratulations Max and all the other Australians honoured today.

Mr SSG and I took part in one of the other great traditions of the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday - a trip to the local cinemaplex to catch a movie and escape the rain.  We have a movie date rule whereby whoever books the tickets online gets to pick the movie.  It was my shout and yes, The Hangover Part 2 it was.  Am I a traitor to my gender for choosing this over Bridesmaids?  Or are they both as bad as each other? 

I think Mr SSG said it best when he felt the film 'featured too much tackle'.  I think the first film is better, Part 2 is full of very visual jokes and is even more politically incorrect, if this is possible.  My favourite character is still Chow, the Chinese businessman who is deliciously camp and just steals every scene.  Even when he shares it with the monkey, I might add.

The audience loved it, I think we all knew what we were getting ourselves into.  However, I do feel sorry for the elderly couple who lasted 15 minutes before clutching their walking sticks and each other as they cautiously made their way down the stairs in the dark.  Though I think they missed the worst bits at least.

Biker jacket - Burberry, sweater - Country Road, belt - Hermes, skinnies - J Brand.

As a nod to Elizabeth Windsor, the lady who made today possible, I decided to go Double British Leather Biker Chick for the movies.  I wonder if Burberry and Mulberry outfit the Queen?  It goes without saying that the Duchess of Cambridge would suit both houses perfectly.
Bag - Mulberry Alexa.
Though I looked tough, the inside I'm of my handbag was pure nanna.  Except for Mr SSG's iPad.  Which he made me carry for him.  He's obsessed with ABC USA's news iPad app.  It really is magnificent, there's a globe you 'spin' to select the news story you want to view next.

My trusty Ikea thermos filled with T2's lemongrass and ginger tea.  Very refreshing with a dollop of honey.

Nestled in the deepest recesses of my satchel were a thermos of tea and a little snap lock box of snacks.

Honey flavoured Chex Mix.  Worth their weight in gold.  Why oh why is Chex Mix not sold in Australia?

I can't seem to get Chex Mix of my mind.  I'm trying to hatch a plan to source further supplies from the US.  If I can pull it off, I will definitely let you know.

Hope you've all had a restful Monday if you've had the day off too.  I'm going to have an early night after a quick dinner of instant Mi Goreng and bok choy.  My favourite quick and easy dinner at the moment.


  1. Try USA Foods - they have US foods in Aus:)


  2. Poptarlr: thank you for that. Very helpful indeed.

    SSG xxx

  3. Absolutely LOVE the biker jacket ensemble! Any Hawaii purchases there??
    How lovely that you met up with Miss Kitty Cat!
    T2 shops have such lovely interiors and packaging, so easy to buy up big!

  4. S: the belt buckle came from Hawaii. How crazy is it that it was around 30% cheaper over there than here in Australia?!?!?!

    Had a lovely time meeting Miss Kitty Cat.

    Hope we can meet one day too.

    SSG xxx

  5. Looking nice and warm! I stupidly wore ballet flats to the muddy cold Highlands... Let this be a lesson! The Hangover 2 - worth seeing?? xx

  6. (C)CG: I'd wait for DVD to be honest.

    SSG xxx

  7. that biker jacket is amazing. totally love that you took a thermos to the cinema!

  8. Now I really can't wait to see Hangover 2, I think it sounds fun! That biker jacket is awesome! I've been enjoying summer all weekend, BBQ'ing, working in the garden and getting a bit of a tan:)

  9. You're totally rocking the biker look here SSG :)

  10. Loving that Biker jacket! Mr Styling You was heard to be uttering all long weekend - "Chow cold!"

  11. I like the haute biker chick look, complete with Hermes belt!

  12. Loving the jacket ... and of course the Duchess reference :)
    I am today pondering just how cold I am going to be in Sydney tomorrow? Are we talking tights or tights under jeans cold? x

  13. RealEstateGirl: tights under jeans cold. Plus sturdy umbrella skies.

    SSG xxx

  14. Hehe good to hear that Chow is back in the sequel. He definitely is a scene stealer!

  15. The Hangover 2. Wow. How awkward for parents and children to watch it together.

    Your outfit looks amazing :)


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