Jun 30, 2011

New Financial Year's Eve. Tea Towels For Work, Amongst Other Things From Ikea.

Today was the end of financial year 2010/2011.  Which also makes in financial new year's eve?  Do we need capitals?  Nah.  There are no public holidays or glasses of champagne involved.  We can't be frivolous with capitals these days.  Not with the shortages of everything else.

So I guess it's been a good day to reflect, take in the view and make financially prudent choices at every possible opportunity.  What a happy coincidence that today was also the weekly shop day too.

I found this lovely khaki beanie at Cotton On for $9.99.  I think it's going to be part of my weekend off to market outfit.  To go with my uggs and their cardy socks.  I can't decide between channelling Alexa Chung or Sienna Miller.  Might have to take it to Mr SSG, fashion supervisor of SSG Manor in the 5 minutes before we head out the door to Pyrmont on Saturday morning.

Then I found these tasty salads for dinner at Coles.

There were generous amounts of chicken and pancetta in the salad.

They were both pretty tasty for supermarket salad to be honest!

Real salmon pieces!
To go with Mr SSG's leftover pizza from last night.

You know how I roll at Ikea, don't you?

I got the 3 picture frames I needed.  They're the frame of choice in many a fashionable household, including Blithely Unaware's and She Wore It Well's.

And more tea towels.  I'm going to need more now that I'm taking my own tea towels to work for the sake of the environment.  I see a big future for personal tea towels.  They'll be the next big things after enviro bags and PBA free water bottles.

All hand washed and ready to go.  It was going above and beyond to even attempt taking off the bar code labels.  They are amazingly tenacious things.

And jars for the large collection of tea bags I have at work. 

Bringing Back the Wave with Andew & Claire on Mix106.5 - the bumper sticker.  On my fridge rather than on my car.  Go figure.

You know how I was talking about bringing back the wave when driving the other night?  Well, I got my official bumper sticker in the post today.  Don't ask what its doing on the fridge under my Hawaii magnets and next to a summer post card from Net A Porter.  The campaign is working!!  I got 2 waves for 2 'letting ins' tonight.  In the rain.  That's a 100% strike rate.  Amazing stuff.  Plus other drivers were passing on the love in neighbouring lanes too.

The NAP card was meant to be one of those visual cues for when I opened the fridge too often in search of champagne or the butter rather than the fruit or the yoghurt.  I haven't had the heart to disturb the card of my magnets because together they're a lingering reminder of summer on these cold, dark mornings when I have to get breakfast before hitting the wet road to work.  And I do grab the youghurt and fruit rather than the bubbles or butter for breakfast.  Promise.


  1. Hahahaahaa you noticed!!!

    They are the BEST frames, I will use no other!!!!

    Love the beanie, I'm tempted to go an nab one for myself.

    When I don't get a thank you wave it reaaaaalllly grinds my gears. It's such a quick, easy way to acknowledge and THANK people.
    Why are people so ignorant?

    Thanks for the link love honey.

  2. Love those jars from Ikea, SSG :) xx

  3. Super cute beanie. I hit Ikea myself today. Once again bought way more than I intended....

  4. It's all about those frames!! Every time I step foot into Ikea, I get at least one. Love that they can go on walls, sit on the frame or lean on the little pull out thingy!!


  5. The beanie is gorgeous and you've just reminded me that I also need to go shopping for tea towels. We seem to have a black hole for tea towels here at home. They've been slowly disappearing... I suspect MrBB uses them to wipe down his bicycle until they're unusable and then throws them out... he refuses to fess up though...

  6. I need to hit Ikea up. It's been a while.

    Those salads look really yummy, must try some!

  7. I love tea towels. I'm such an IKEA fan we well. just bought a new shelf will have to to put it up soon. This food looks delicious!


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