Jun 19, 2011

Next Weekend Will Be All Kinds Of Awesome. New Blog Friends.

Bottle of Listerine endorsed by the Australian Dental Association, I'd like a word with you.

Electric toothbrush with pressure sensor for gentle gum brushing, you too.  Don't think you can hide from me, Colgate dental floss.....

Special offer Diet Coke and Coke Zero, I can hear you chortling from here.

I have been painfully and jaw numbingly disillusioned today.  I've been faithfully flossing, Listerene-ing and brushing (even at work) my teeth at least twice a day, every day ever since the day of The Root Canal.  I seriously cut back my intake of coke zero to one can a week at most and drink mostly plain water during the day.  I don't eat sticky lollies or chew gum anymore. 

And I still got a toothache yesterday.  Even the ricotta canoli yesterday couldn't make it go away.  Nor the hot salty water rinses.  I'll spare you the details but I was up most the night with discomfort more than pain and went to the emergency dental clinic today.  I got another cavity under the major reconstruction work on my dodgy tooth. The good news is that it was only that tooth.  The even better news is that my dentist was a gun with local giving good nerve blocks.  Because I had to go back to work straight after and then drive home, I declined his offer of the happy gas.  Turns out I didn't even need it.

Technically, it hasn't been the greatest day.  I'm just counting down the hours and telling myself that next weekend is going to be all kinds of awesome (just because I say so, I'm planning it as I type) and that draining weekends are only 1 in 5.

I just had a thought re next weekend?  Can all shopping bans be lifted for it?  

On a happier note, I'd like to take this opportunity to say hello and thank you to the bloggers I've 'met' this weekend through Allison's Weekend Rewind and general blog browsing.
I am sure I've forgotten a few people but it was so much fun reading your blogs and getting to know a little about your lives which are all so different and inspiring.  Many thanks for your comments and also to the diehard readers who've been with me from the very beginning.  I haven't quite gotten around to making comments everywhere I should but I hope to make ammends this week.

Okay, I'm off to test my new tooth at dinner. 

Have a restful evening as I indulge in some positive self talk.  Tomorrow is another day.  A few deep breaths are as good as a holiday.


  1. Good luck with the tooth. I am faithful to my dental apparatus (I'm sure I spend more on it than some spend on skin care) but I still have my dentist's number in my phone.

  2. Oh dear.. sorry to hear about your tooth and in a strange way I was relieved to hear of another hard worker on a Sunday - as I was today... Next weekend will be better - let's will it so from today !! XX

  3. sam: you are right, dental care is probably more expensive than skincare.

    Sarah: thanks for the positive thoughts :-) Let's do it.

    SSG xxx

  4. oh my goodness that's so awful about your tooth! my worst "i never want to hurt myself that way" involves anything ever happening to my teeth. i have not yet, and hope, i don't ever need a root canal but i know i do need a crown? we didn't have time to get it done before moving to sydney so it's on the list of "must-dos" when my husband's paychecks starting rolling in.

    thank you so much for the 'shout-out' and i have a new series in the works where i feature fellow bloggers on fridays, since you're a sydney sister you're near the beginning of the line! i'll contact you about it once i get my ducks in order

    have a good week, i'm enjoy this weather, bondi and cogee were lovely today

  5. Woo Hoo! Thanks for the mention. I spent last night browsing through some of your old posts and I really enjoyed them. Here's to many more blogs from both of us!

  6. Oh tooth pain, i wish you well, i have avoided such disaster in life so far. We go to the best dentist ever, i'm obsessed, our children fight over who goes first!! Anywhere called The Smile Lounge has to be lovely right??!! It is. Good luck & yes, all the evil in those delicious tins of cola goodness, stay strong. Love Posie

  7. Posie: thank you!

    Alison: it's a pleasure and thanks for reading and commenting on so many of them.

    Bug and bird: how exciting. Can't wait.

    SSG xxx

  8. Hope you are OK now. Take good care.

  9. Take care of those precious pearly whites SSG!
    I cannot tolerate tooth pain either...and really do not like having fillings or crowns even though I have the most attractive dentist ever!

    I'm off to visit the bloggers that you have mentioned...

  10. root canal's aren't fun. Had 2 in one year once and I still get weird aches like you mention you had.

  11. OMG!!! I just finished jumping up and down in front of my husband- thank you so much for the mention!! It's so kind of you and as you can see I found it because I'm already back for a visit at your blog!

    Sorry about the teeth. The dentist is the source of my greatest fears. I'm a complete needlephobe and if I need novacaine I insist on enough nitrous oxide to fell a mule. I suck it in like a junkie. Hope you feel better soon!

  12. SSG - thank you soooo much for the mention in your post today. It really means a lot to me!

    I hope your teeth are problem-free soon! I know what it's like though. Every time I visit the dentist, without a doubt, I will need to need fillings :( and I'm as diligent as you... Just can't win with the little suckers!

  13. Oh poor you, toothache has to be some of the worst pain ever! Like Katherine, I'm afraid of the dentist which, stupidly, always makes me go far too long in between visits. Hope you're feeling better:) xxx


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