Jun 9, 2011

Of Office Supplies, Value Added Fresh Produce and Super Duper Makeup Brushes.

Tell me I'm not the only one who has those crazy days at work.  The ones where you're needed in so many places simultaneously it really would have been so much easier if you were made of Blu Tack and people could just break bits of you off and stick you where you're needed.  Actually, that is not a bad idea.  With all the biotech advances in recent years.....

You can tell this is a 'crazy work day' cup of coffee because that highlighter is balanced on top of the cup instead of a sachet of Equal.  I got the 2 mixed up and just stopped short of highlighting my skinny cap.

Where was I?  Crazy days at work that leave you brain dead ... at 11.34 am.  That's where blogging becomes part of my coping strategy.  I wish that meant I just barricaded myself in my office, refusing to leave until a complete post got published - complete with 20 edited photos.  No, blogging helps in a more fundamental way.  It gives my mind a complete break from the working day while I have my cup of coffee and stare out the window for a little while, just thinking and being.

It's not only winter, it's winter with bone chilling wind gusts.
When I get 'blog brain', I suddenly find the hidden creative potential in literally everything in my line of sight.  Doesn't everyone and everything have their story to tell?  Preferably accompanied by good photos?

My remotely generated Test page.

Take my new printer.  I got it at Officeworks last week and was pretty impressed with my skill in setting it up and focussing the printer display or whatever it is you do when you print a page on the printer and put the page in the scanning screen.

Then I realized that I couldn't install the printer on my laptop because of network security issues.  I had to log a call to the IT help desk and wait it out.  Well, yesterday, my IT miracle worker set up my printer from his help desk far, far away.  It was pretty surreal watching invisible hands take control of your computer but I was at that point where even the carpet was looking trippy.

It took him half an hour (I don't feel so bad now that I couldn't work it out) and there we have it, he printed a test page.  I was so happy, I've decided to leave my Test page where it is to remember the moment by.  Computers were meant to make us a paperless society but computers are pretty much useless without printers.  Go figure.

The printer was so Fashion Forward it even came in its own customized envirobag.

The printer got me thinking about the price of pens these days.  Not those fancy liquid gel ink pens, just good old ball points.

Readers, this stash of 20 pens cost me $63.80.  That's more than my printer and a ream of top end printer paper.  I had to buy that brand because the barrels of the pens are wide enough for me to write neatly with.  I cannot write with pens that have a narrow barrel and no grip on them.  I'm trying to think of how this is not a high maintenance trait.

I was still thinking about this as I did tonight's grocery shop.  Which took longer than usual because I was at Woolies not Coles and because I was shopping for the long weekend.  My little brother H is coming down for the weekend and Mr SSG put in a late order for 'snacky things' to keep them both fed and watered for a weekend of the best sport that Foxtel is going to offer.

I went the extra mile and went to the Asian grocer to get 'real made in India' Rogan Josh paste.

Tonight's dinner was a Lamb Rogan Josh cooked in the manner of Nigella Lawson - but not from one of her actual recipes.  I love how Nigella isn't afraid to use lots of pre packaged fresh ingredients.  I know this is not frugal living but I think it worked out cheaper than a takeaway and much healthier.

Woolies is just as dear for lamb as Coles.  But they do have a wider range of cuts and good specials on organic chicken and beef.

For a pretty easy fry and simmer recipe, the lamb was delicious.  The naans were on special and got fake tanned with some olive oil and turmeric in the oven.

Sigma Beauty knows how to treat their clients.  Write to them by name and that name is always Gorgeous.

Have you tried Sigma makeup brushes yet?  I just placed my fourth order with them and can't fault them on value and quality.

The brush to the front is Sigma's highlighter brush.  Tried it out today and I had luminous cheek bones all day.

Their individual brushes are in the range of $9 - 16 USD and they have lovely soft bristles and solid handles.  They are a worthy substitute for the sometimes very expensive ranges produced by the make up houses.

I'm a lifelong student in the eye make up stakes and have a tendency of blaming my brushes whenever I end up looking like I'm recovering from extensive plastic surgery after trying to add dramatic impact to my eye looks.  However, I have found that the super fluffy brush in the middle of the photo above manages to pack a decent intensity of colour without looking too harsh.  Which can only be a good thing when you're doing your eyes at dawn on your way out the door to work.

All these work references!  I promise to stop in time for the long weekend.  What are your plans?

Before I go, thank you all for your comments on my posts.  I've been a bit slack at times in replying but I do value the time you take to respond to what I write. 

Take care and talk to you soon.


  1. I love those pens too! Random question but are you are blue or black ink person?
    Oh I want to try sigma brushes bad. Heard great things about them on youtube. Do they ship internationally?

  2. Oooooooooooh!!! I'm in the market for new brushes!! Are they made out of real hair?

    Love, love, love that the naan got a tan haahahahahaa brilliant!!!

  3. Hi SSG, Your curry dinner looked great and thanks for suggesting Sigma brushes - it is funny as I have been searching for a reliable brand, as MAC and Chanel make-up brushes are so expensive. Will definitely check them out. Have a lovely long weekend too, Fifi.

  4. Miss E: black ink and yes Sigma ship internationally.

    M: some of the brushes are animal hair and others like these are synthetic. I think there is info on this with each brush descrption on the site.

    Fifi B: hope Sigma brushes work for you too :-)

    SSG xxx

  5. I haven't bought makeup brushes in years! But I recall being obsessed with getting a complete set of the best brushes I could find and putting them in a brush roll! :P


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